Evolution of Blogosphere

The two months that I’ve been underground, have seen some marked changes in the Blogosphere. And the most predominant of them being this strange shadow of silence all around.

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Many of the really good bloggers I used to follow have disappeared as suddenly as I did, and without any explanation too. A lot of the newbies apparently gave up on blogging altogether. And the bloggers who are still active have seemingly adopted a “no-reply-to-comments” policy.

I used to follow certain favorite blogs even during the time my own blog was restricted, and I used to leave comments too occasionally. But it looks like because of a few comment spammers, bloggers have either completely stopped responding to comments, or they just leave a neutral “Thank you everybody for sharing your views here” a week after they published that post, when comments have dropped down to a negligible trickle.

I wonder what happened to those one-to-one replies. I guess it’s just a natural phase in the growth cycle of the Blogosphere. Maybe it has reached maturity... or middle-age perhaps? Whatever…

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Another important change I’ve noticed is the onslaught of an increasing number of group blogs talking about non-personal stuff. Bloggers with similar wavelengths and similar interests join hands and start a community venture. Natural, I suppose... man has always been a social animal.

Also, more and more people are catching on to the “make-money-from-blogging” syndrome apparently. But this works for a very minute percentage, and requires a considerable amount of research, analysis, and investment of time. Not as much a piece-of-cake as those articles on Google Search make it seem -- “How to earn money from your blog?”, “Passive income with Google Adsense”, and blah blah blah! My content writing experience has taught me a lot… and not all of it was good.

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So anyways, coming back to blogging… whatever be the motive for blogging, and whatever might be the content of the blog posts, one thing holds true regardless: all those who blog are creating something in some way… money, friends, art, poetry… something… anything.

So what are you creating with your blog? Please feel free to leave a comment below. Yes, comments are on again… and no, I don’t have a specific comments policy at the moment.

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Want to Add Something?

Neha said...

hmmm, well, many people start blogging as it is a kind of "in" thing..reply to comments - I had the same views like yours, but there are times, when one is so busy that you do not get time to reply to each and every comment..a few people blog as it is a big stress buster for them..even in the midst of work, blogging helps them to rejuvenate.. but yeah, not replying to comments once in a while is ok..but every time doing that - I would not follow that blog!

personal blog or blogging for money - again it's a personal choice..ah you know the trade rules already..veteran here ;)

Kaddu said...

@Neha: wow! That was quick.
I wish it would show the blogger's thumbnail along with his/her comment. Guess I need to tweak something in the template. Hmmm... maybe I'll just put it in my things-to-do list for the time being...

Shilpa Garg said...

Nice observations.
Yeah, many have left blogging! And of course lots have joined in too! :)
As for comments, I guess the comments shoud be a bit meaningful than just the "Awesome", "Brilliant" etc! :P
Cheers :)

Kaddu said...

Righto Shilpa... I see a lot of new names around... guess will take some time finding my way around again...

BK Chowla, said...

Yes a lot of people have left.
To be honest,I would like to get comments but that is not what I have been blogging for.

Dazediva said...

I'm so happy you are back :)
Hmmm so why do people blog ... well for various reasons .. most of them as you stated .. its a trend, they need an outlet to let their thoughts flow, a sort of online diary, a support group for certain types of bloggers, to make money (I can happily admit I've managed to make $100 off one pay-to-blog site but its not easy)

I know this past month I feel like I have fallen into the category of disappearing bloggers but it's only 'cos work is hectic .. I am trying .. my mind is full of thoughts - just need to find time to pen them all down !!

Dazediva said...

p.s. here's a link to a similar post 'Why Do You Blog' that I wrote a few months ago ..

Kaddu said...

@Mr. Chowla - I guess appreciation through comments is just a welcome bonus.

@DazeDiva: Where's the link sweetheart? :p

Dazediva said...

oooopsss ... here it is 'Why Do You Blog'

Roshmi Sinha said...

Welcome back!!! You have been missed and I have a lot of catching up to do...


Many ppl started bloggin purely for timepass and fun.. they eventually got bored out ... The dedicated ones r far and few..

Personally , i feel that if the blog is about random things, the author gets bored etc easily and leave it.. a particular theme throughout acts as a glue/ motivation for continuation.. as in my case > the general frustration against stupidity around.. :)

Kaddu said...

@ Roshmi: You mean you have to find out if I sneaked out & got married during all this time? :p He he he...

@ Mayank: Yeah, running out of ideas is a usual reason for quitting, although I didn't quit really... I was still blogging, even though the blog was private. Your blog looks neat btw... though I just glanced thru it today... haven't yet read any of the posts. Will pay a visit again when I am free to browse a bit. Cheers! :)

garima82 said...

I told ya when you stopped, that everyone seem to turn their back at blogging... may be it was the season :P
And yeah...this post says that you were never regular to my blog and if you were then you never made a comment...as I always..ALWAYS reply...like on one-on-one basis :)
And yeah...I have set up a reminder would call you today...
and yeah, last thing...you have been tagged :D
here - http://garima82.wordpress.com/2010/07/27/father-of-all-tags/

Kaddu said...

Garima: Yeah, I hardly ever visited your blog - read it off Google Reader itself. But I think u changed the template sometime... I did chk that out. Or maybe that was before I went offline ??? Not quite sure now.
A tag... father of all tags... gulpppp! Sounds something huge! Ok give me a few days... kinda hectic schedule right now...

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

hi! i am a new blogger. and it was quite interesting to read about ur observations as u were not blogging for some time, as i understand.

One to one commenting is a must I feel, we are no celebrity to give those flying kisses to one and all, by thanking "all the ppl who commented". I would never comment for such a blogger.

Have seen a few in this one month of blogging that the ppl getting more comments, tend to behave like celebrities, I am going to write about it shortly.

and you can call me "Restless" !!


Kaddu said...

Hi Restless,
Actually there's a long story behind this evolution. When u get to spend some more time in this world, you'll come across a lot of comment-hoggers, especially on popular blogs. These people start completely irrelevant arguments in comments thread... at times even start replying to other ppl's comments as if they were the owner of that blog! A lot of simple-minded bloggers have thus changed their comment policy. Where comments were earlier open, they've now become moderated. 1-to-1 replies have been replaced by bulk replies or even no-replies in some blogs. I hope u get nice visitors to your blog though... u write on good topics. :)

Roshmi Sinha said...

Did you?? ;) ;) ;)

Kaddu said...

@Roshmi: Ha ha! Go hunt for clues ;) ;) ;)

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