Doors again...

I mentioned long ago here about doors closing & new ones opening. ZB's latest post on recession reminded me of my old post after so long.

“When one door closes another door opens, but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us.”
- Alexander Graham Bell –

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That's not always true though you know. Sometimes, we just keep waiting for a new door to open, so we could rush out and breathe clean air again... but the new door never shows up!

Kind of like the Leah Seth character in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight (series). The day she finds an option to run with a different pack, she takes it... even if it meant putting up with vampire stench constantly!

I'm soooooo ready for a "Jacob Black" now... I didn't even realize it till I read ZB's post!

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ZB said...

you read the twilight would try with the first is it?

I feel, in life, a door always opens when one door is shut, but we should learn to locate the door.I think our problem is that we fail to see a door....but i guess thats life....if it were perfectly scripted like movies then what fun there is!Life is a comedy of errors and its better that way.........i guess life is nothing but passage of day we all would be dead, and success, failure etc would hold no significance.....I got a topic for next post.....:)

Kaddu said...

ZB, I got the entire series as gift for Reiki, and I finished off all the 4 novels in 6 days. :D

I have a mixed review for it... the first 2 novels were kinda too mushy for my liking... sort of like an extended Mills & Boon. But the story picked up pace from the 3rd novel onwards. In fact, I just re-read the 3rd & 4th novels!

I cudn't empathize much with the main couple of the story, though the girl (Bella) did eventually turn out to be a winner at the end. But this Jacob Black character (the odd angle in the love triangle) was just suuuuper cool! I totally loved how his mind worked. The series is worth a read just for this one guy alone!

Loved Meyer's style of writing btw... very engrossing. The character portrayals were excellent... I cud visualize them as real persons. She's a good story teller, at least for me.

Kaddu said...

Oh I forgot to reply to the rest of ur comment... :p

Regarding failure to locate the door or there being no door... read the 4th novel. Then u'll understand what I meant. :D

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