Evolution of Blogosphere

The two months that I’ve been underground, have seen some marked changes in the Blogosphere. And the most predominant of them being this strange shadow of silence all around.

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Many of the really good bloggers I used to follow have disappeared as suddenly as I did, and without any explanation too. A lot of the newbies apparently gave up on blogging altogether. And the bloggers who are still active have seemingly adopted a “no-reply-to-comments” policy.

I used to follow certain favorite blogs even during the time my own blog was restricted, and I used to leave comments too occasionally. But it looks like because of a few comment spammers, bloggers have either completely stopped responding to comments, or they just leave a neutral “Thank you everybody for sharing your views here” a week after they published that post, when comments have dropped down to a negligible trickle.

I wonder what happened to those one-to-one replies. I guess it’s just a natural phase in the growth cycle of the Blogosphere. Maybe it has reached maturity... or middle-age perhaps? Whatever…

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Another important change I’ve noticed is the onslaught of an increasing number of group blogs talking about non-personal stuff. Bloggers with similar wavelengths and similar interests join hands and start a community venture. Natural, I suppose... man has always been a social animal.

Also, more and more people are catching on to the “make-money-from-blogging” syndrome apparently. But this works for a very minute percentage, and requires a considerable amount of research, analysis, and investment of time. Not as much a piece-of-cake as those articles on Google Search make it seem -- “How to earn money from your blog?”, “Passive income with Google Adsense”, and blah blah blah! My content writing experience has taught me a lot… and not all of it was good.

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So anyways, coming back to blogging… whatever be the motive for blogging, and whatever might be the content of the blog posts, one thing holds true regardless: all those who blog are creating something in some way… money, friends, art, poetry… something… anything.

So what are you creating with your blog? Please feel free to leave a comment below. Yes, comments are on again… and no, I don’t have a specific comments policy at the moment.

'miss_teerious' is Online again

So the blog is public again. As expected, the feed readers are able to pick up all those posts that I made in the last few months when this space was private. Really glad about that... I was in no mood to publish them again!

A slight mess here though... for some weird reason, my Google Reader shows all these (19, I think) posts in reverse order of publication. Or maybe they aren't really in any order. Yes, that's right... they aren't in any order. It gives a completely jumbled version of the feed! Huhhh! Very weird.

Well I guess it's going to seem very confusing to my "off-site" readers, 'coz many of my posts are like parts of a continuous thread of thought. Not that I can do anything about this though. The only suggestion I have is that if someone feels a bit clueless about what's going on, it would be best to visit this blog in person and read the posts in their correct sequence.

More later then...

Doors again...

I mentioned long ago here about doors closing & new ones opening. ZB's latest post on recession reminded me of my old post after so long.

“When one door closes another door opens, but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us.”
- Alexander Graham Bell –

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That's not always true though you know. Sometimes, we just keep waiting for a new door to open, so we could rush out and breathe clean air again... but the new door never shows up!

Kind of like the Leah Seth character in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight (series). The day she finds an option to run with a different pack, she takes it... even if it meant putting up with vampire stench constantly!

I'm soooooo ready for a "Jacob Black" now... I didn't even realize it till I read ZB's post!

Wordless Wednesday: Turkeys On Picnic!

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Here's more in "Wordless Wednesday"!


And yet again the similarities between Kaddu & Lizzy are proved!

I went off social networks 1.5 months ago, hibernated for a long while, and when it seemed that I might turn into a complete recluse if I stretched this hibernation any longer, I returned.

Me... a permanent social recluse? Lol! No way! Even my sister knows me better than that! He he! :p

And what a grand welcome I have received on Facebook from all my FarmVille friends! It's amazing! In just 3 days time, I managed to expand my Horse Stable 4 times and 4 of my Dairy Barns twice each. I also managed to construct a Japanese Barn and then expand it twice. And I built a Nursery Barn too! Those who play FarmVille would know how much "neighborly goodwill" it requires to accomplish all this so soon, with just about 50 active neighbors!

So anyways, I'm back only on Facebook at the moment. My Blog and Twitter are still off the radar. But they'll be open again too... very soon!

Ok gotta go now... time to harvest my lovely Morning Glories! :D

A "Hairy" Tale!

Once upon a time, I was a little girl. And I had short hair that I used to pull back from my face with this big black hair band. Hair falling repeatedly in front of the eyes is very irritating actually, especially when you are studying for an important test in school the next day!

Anyways, that was the time they showed a Pakistani serial on cable TV – some story about this new female medical intern, called ‘Zoya’ something, who also had short hair like me… and this ‘Zoya’ used to tell her friend in that show that she always wished she had long hair so she could wave it this way & that way…

I used to watch that show… and I used to wish that one day I would also have long hair, so I could wave it around in all directions...

Alas! Not all females are designed to carry off a head full of long hair with grace & elegance! At least I am not!

Every time my hair grows so long that I can start tying it into a miniscule pony tail at the back, I look at myself in the mirror, give my head a couple of jerks and feel the silken waves bouncing on my neck & shoulders. And every single time I do this, I make a mental resolution to grow my hair long -- “long” meaning really long… at least waist length.

Aahh! But just wait till summers… all that heat & the sickly humidity… & not for a minute am I able to let my hair free from the clutches & bands holding it firmly off my neck! They are in a perpetual “prison” through the entire summer season! And that’s when I start wishing I had my short hair back – my freedom!

I’m really amazed and awed by those females who dare to walk around with their long hair hanging freely around their shoulders, even in this icky Indian heat! I see them all day long from my balcony, going to the market, or to some coaching institute, or back home maybe. And I wonder how they do it.

I’ve tried it myself too several times, but within minutes, I find my hair hanging limp, clinging damply to my skin! You definitely CANNOT wave them around with grace when they’re like THAT! On the contrary, they make you even more aware of how much you are perspiring, and how ungraceful that’s probably making you look!

So anyways… it’s that time of the year again when I yearn for shorter locks that can bounce freely on my head at least, if not cascade down my shoulders! Yes Zoya, long hair is no fun at all if you’re going to keep them pinned up on your head like a hostel matron all day long! So... much to my father’s sorrow, I’ll probably go get my hair styled short (again!) one of these days. I know this will probably break his heart yet again (sighhhh), but hey he’s already used to one such heartbreak almost every year! I guess he’ll get over this one too…