Struggle Against A Hormonal Imbalance

Guess it's time for another visit to the spirit-smelling pathology lab! One more blood-test! Another 250 bucks gone down the drain! Sighhhhhhhhh!

Last 2 days spent in the bathroom, with an inexplicable case of diarrhoea, topped with real bad pain/tension/"God-knows-what" in the upper arms and thighs! Also inexplicable! Not to forget the abnormally agitated mood!

Today, so conveniently (and fortunately too, I should say!) I forget to take my Hypothyroid medication in the morning... and MIRACLE! The stomach disorder completely disappeared!

Hmmmpphh! So much for learning from "past experiences"!

From 150 to 100... and 100 to 50. Now what? 25? Or straightaway 0? What dose to take? To take or not to take? That is the question.

Regulating the allopathy treatment sure is difficult when one's body seems to be responding so quickly (almost hungrily!) to the *healing* therapies!

I'm scared now to even touch my Thyroid medicines! Gulpppp!

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