The Dynamics of the Human Mind!

Human mind is a totally amazing phenomenon! I refer to it as a 'phenomenon' because something so dynamic cannot rightfully be given such a static label as a 'thing'! From one thought to another, it jumps so quickly it would leave lightning far behind, I guess, if a race were to be held between the two!

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For instance, look at the flow of conversation today between a friend and me.

We started off discussing a book on dreams, which somehow led to a spelling lesson, followed immediately by the observation that English was a weird language - 'T-O' being 'too', but 'G-O' not being 'goo'!

And eventually, we landed head-first in the vast labyrinth of Indian Cine industry, wherein he had to refer to Google and I had to call up my sister in Delhi, to find our way out of the maze! It turned out that we both were talking about the movie "Chupke Chupke (1975)". While he was trying to remember the name of the "famous bald guy" (Om Prakash), I was busy admiring the awesome 'adaayein' of the alpha female Sharmila Tagore!

Oh but the path taken by our minds... it was simply amazing! So totally non-linear!

"Was the movie name Angoor?"
"No not Angoor."
"Khatte Angoor?"
(Khatte Angoor??? There's a movie by this name? Khatta-Meetha is familiar, but Khatte Angoor...?)

And then there was the nostalgia attack, when we noticed the release year of the movie! We both weren't even born when this movie came! In fact, his mom and dad hadn't even met each other till then! Ha ha ha ha ha! I tell you... human mind is mental... TOTALLY MENTAL! It is perhaps the biggest comedy show anybody has ever seen!

Anyways, I'm off to read that book on dreams now which he so highly recommended to me. He says he's going to wish me "Bye Bye" in respect, instead of the usual single "Bye", once I've read that book! LOL! Only a human mind could come up with a reward like that! Two "Bye"s are more respectful than one... how? Go figure yourself!

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Shreesh said...

hahahahaha loved it! so now i can give you a call to ask you some of my recent dreams? It has been quite a cranky "non leniear stuff i have been seeing these days in my dreams.

Kaddu said...

@ Shreesh - I haven't yet read that book.

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