The Butterfly Stops Fluttering!

So I waited for a couple of days after officially going "offline", 'coz I wanted to ensure that none of the subsequent posts on this blog are going to be picked up by any feed aggregators on the sites where this blog has been registered in the past. Now that the matter seems to have been taken care of, I'm back in action... on my own private island!

Freeing up my personal space from all that social clutter from various sources - FB, blogs, twitter etc. - may seem like an introverted move to some, but to me, it spells "F.R.E.E.D.O.M."! Suddenly, I find that I have so much spare time on my hands that I don't know what to do with it! Guess I will be able to put it to some productive use eventually!

Right now, while the feeling of freedom is there, I also experience a sense of separation along with it - as if something is amiss, or as if I might miss out on something if I'm not socially active. But hey, 10 years ago, I didn't even know internet! 10 years ago, people survived on just phone calls and snail mails... and they survived well too!

I actually like it this way... quiet... not too many distractions. It leaves my mind free to focus on more important things of life. Frankly speaking, what's the point of so much social interaction anyway? It's not like we're communicating anything of value to each other. Most of us have these sets of different masks that we put on for different people and different social settings. I don't see any point in such masks anymore.

I still am subscribed to some of my favorite blogs though. However, I have considerably pruned down on that list. Some people share good positive energy on their blogs, and it's always a pleasure to read them. Others have been "unfollowed" or will soon be, in my next screening session. Then there are those who do write well, but have chosen to submit only partial feed to the readers - they will have to go too I'm afraid! I just don't have the patience to visit anybody's blog in person anymore.

I will be writing more often here now... even though nobody else is going to be able to read what I pen down. The nuances of having a Crystal Aura... you just absorb other people's energies so readily, that you soon tend to lose your own identity in the process! The role of a social-butterfly is definitely not cut out for me!

Well... so much for today. Lots of catching up to do with the real "miss_teerious"... the one without any masks...

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