Salsa with Avneet & Neel @ DID Li'l Masters Season 1

DID Li'l Masters - Season 1
Episode - 21st May, 2010

The two kids in the video below make it appear so easy, but, Salsa is anything but easy!

I tried that basic step showed by Sandip Soparrkar at the end of the track... oh boy! You've got to have real strength in your calf muscles and thigh muscles! The moves are so quick... combined with the hip movement on top of everything! Phewwww! I'm thinking maybe I should include a 5-10 minute session of this basic step of Salsa in my daily exercise routine! What? You think I'm being funny? Fine then... go ahead and try it for yourself! On a secondary note... this girl Avneet is damn graceful man! Awesome spins in the beginning of the act! So nimble on her feet that she really does seem like hopping on water! Simply awesome!

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Fasting... or License To Gluttony?

One thing I never understood about Indian culture is their usage of the term "fasting".

Now as far as my knowledge of the English language goes, "fasting" pertains to "abstaining from something, usually eating, for religious/medical purposes". So shouldn't this translate as "the day we fast, we refrain from eating as much as possible"? But that's not exactly what I see around me!

Several years ago, my sister and I started keeping a fast on Thursdays. And since we come from an extremely non-religious background, we had no idea what we were allowed to eat that day. Kind relatives enlightened us that apart from the one meal of items made from "besan", we could eat "falahar" throughout the day. We figured "falahar" would stand for "fal" (fruits), but, we were so wrong! Check out some of these dishes made of potatoes that are considered as a part of "falahar" diet!

Aloo Tikki

Potato Finger Chips

Potato Chips

Potato Halwa
(Loaded with fat!)

Oh and "besan" items also included "besan ke laddu" you know... another calorie-filled recipe!

My sister and I made the "Aloo Tikki" and the "Potato Finger Chips" the very first day of our fasting, but that was about it! So much potato and oil was not even a part of our normal diet! So we were simply loathe to consume all those extra calories in the name of a fast! We decided we'd rather not fast instead, than subject our bodies to such gluttony!

Fresh fruits it was for us then, along with one meal of "besan ka cheela" and curd.

I mean the whole point of including "fasting" in religious scriptures was to provide an excuse to let our bodies rest for a day. The day we fast, we don't take any non-vegetarian food or eggs or junk food (like cakes, pastries, burgers, cola drinks) or even onion and garlic -- all food items which require a lot of effort on the part of our digestive systems. But if we switch to consuming fried stuff and sweets instead, the entire purpose of keeping a fast is lost, don't you think? Where's the rest for the body's digestive system? Where's the detoxification happening?

Huhhh! Weird really! At least my Marwari business acumen refuses to see anything of value in such a type of fasting! I'd rather use the day as an excuse to eat a lot of fruits instead, which I'm normally too lazy to go out and buy!


Just came across this comment thread on one of my old posts here... LOL! Only friends can come up with something like this!

Anonymous said...

Take a break from facebook dude.

Kaddu said...

Already did it dude! :)

Thanks for caring for my eyes! :D

Anonymous said...

Good to hear that you DID take a break from facebook. And what kind of reply is this? "Thanks for your care" would have sufficed. "THANKS FOR CARING FOR MY EYES"......Hmm - as if I dont care for anything else except your eyes? ;) (just kidding)

Kaddu said...


P.S. - Friends will remain friends!

The Dynamics of the Human Mind!

Human mind is a totally amazing phenomenon! I refer to it as a 'phenomenon' because something so dynamic cannot rightfully be given such a static label as a 'thing'! From one thought to another, it jumps so quickly it would leave lightning far behind, I guess, if a race were to be held between the two!

Picture Credit:

For instance, look at the flow of conversation today between a friend and me.

We started off discussing a book on dreams, which somehow led to a spelling lesson, followed immediately by the observation that English was a weird language - 'T-O' being 'too', but 'G-O' not being 'goo'!

And eventually, we landed head-first in the vast labyrinth of Indian Cine industry, wherein he had to refer to Google and I had to call up my sister in Delhi, to find our way out of the maze! It turned out that we both were talking about the movie "Chupke Chupke (1975)". While he was trying to remember the name of the "famous bald guy" (Om Prakash), I was busy admiring the awesome 'adaayein' of the alpha female Sharmila Tagore!

Oh but the path taken by our minds... it was simply amazing! So totally non-linear!

"Was the movie name Angoor?"
"No not Angoor."
"Khatte Angoor?"
(Khatte Angoor??? There's a movie by this name? Khatta-Meetha is familiar, but Khatte Angoor...?)

And then there was the nostalgia attack, when we noticed the release year of the movie! We both weren't even born when this movie came! In fact, his mom and dad hadn't even met each other till then! Ha ha ha ha ha! I tell you... human mind is mental... TOTALLY MENTAL! It is perhaps the biggest comedy show anybody has ever seen!

Anyways, I'm off to read that book on dreams now which he so highly recommended to me. He says he's going to wish me "Bye Bye" in respect, instead of the usual single "Bye", once I've read that book! LOL! Only a human mind could come up with a reward like that! Two "Bye"s are more respectful than one... how? Go figure yourself!


Came across this wonderful site today called "Emerging Earth Angels".

Want to save some excerpts from this site here, for future reference.

How to know if you are a part of the Ascension Plan?

  • Have you felt in recent years and months, that you were stretching far beyond what you had the capacity to endure? - Sure do feel tested beyond my limits, yes.

  • Have you had many emotional ups and downs, strange physical aches and pains, many losses in the form of friends, jobs, family, finances, and much of anything else? - All the time!

  • Have you experienced dizziness and vertigo, neck and back pain, an intolerance for lower vibrating energy, and abdominal weight gain and bloating? - Ohhhh boy!

  • Do you wonder who you are looking at in the mirror? Had a loss of identity? - Actually I don't much remember what I looked like earlier.

  • Have you been “removed” from your usual means of employment and cannot seem to find another job, even though you never had this problem in the past? - ROTFL!

  • Have you recently moved to a new geographical location? - Not yet, but the desire is growing REAL strong with every passing day! Almost DID move, but, the plan didn't work out.

  • Do you experience short periods when you are very cold and cannot seem to get warm? - LOL! No kidding! Never thought this was an Ascension symptom? Ha ha ha!

  • Have you had hot flashes and night sweats not relating to menopause (even if you are a male?) - At times, yes.

  • Do you feel you have been pushed out of your groove by lower vibrating people? - Ummm, the pushing seems to be happening a lot, but, haven't yet moved 'out' so to speak.

  • When you go out in public or to an event, do you feel as though you are “acting?” - Ooh la la! Refer to the post "The Butterfly Stops Fluttering!"

  • Is it hard to remember and identify with the childhood version of you? - LOL! Refer to the post "Identity Crisis".

  • Have you had a serious medical situation in recent years that left you feeling helpless and powerless? - Spent 3 days in the ICU back in early 2006. Although the Hypothyroidism felt worse!

  • Do you crave the company of children and when in their presence suddenly feel that everything is now “right” and you can relax as you are home? - OH YES!

  • Have you had periods where you wake up at exactly the same time every night? - Yeah, often have these sets of consecutive nights when I repeatedly wake up around 2.30-3.00 am.

  • Have you had anxiety, panic, or what feels like depression? - So, so often!

  • Do you at times have strange and disturbing nightmares that are not normal for you? - :p :p :p

  • Have you ever had experiences of forgetting what you were going to say and finding it near impossible to “find” the words you were meaning to speak? - Honestly! The mind just goes blank all of a sudden! And I'm like "Ok, that's it!" ... in mid-sentence!

  • Have you had periods of time when you continually saw repeating numbers, whether on digital clocks, license plates, or other arenas? - Not so far.

  • Do you continually mis-spell words or superimpose sentences and spelling when you attempt to write something, even though you may have been a master at grammar and spelling for most of your life? - Ha ha! 'But' becomes 'btu', 'through' becomes 'thorugh', and so on. Thankfully, Microsoft Word usually fixes these on its own!

  • Have you had times in your life where you felt “no sense of place?” - Not sure if I understand this point correctly.

  • Do you continually have short-term memory loss and at times cannot remember things that occurred only yesterday or even a moment before? - Refer to the post "Short Term Memory Loss".

  • Have you experienced periods of what felt like low blood sugar forcing you to eat every two hours whether you wanted to or not? - So often in the last 1 year! Dad is going crazy!

  • Are your emotions out of control from time to time (sudden weeping and sadness, or are you just plain over-emotional)? Do you ever feel lost and alone? - Yes, yes, YES!

  • Do you at times feel that there is nowhere left to go that remotely fits you anymore? - It used to feel that way some time back, but not anymore.

  • Have you found that the only way to stay sane is to be home in your own personal sanctuary? - Well yes, this one is true.

  • Do you have a strong sense that you are here to accomplish something, but you cannot remember what it is? Do you “miss” something, but are not sure exactly what? - Again, this used to happen till some time ago, but doesn't feel that way now.

  • Do you feel ungrounded and spinning out of control at times but not at other times? - This still happens occasionally, although not as often as earlier.

  • Do you wonder why things seem to be getting worse instead of better? - First only Asthma. Then Asthma + Thyroid...

  • Has it become difficult to be in crowds, large stores, and the like? Have you seen lights, heard voices, had ringing or buzzing in the ears, or felt unusual energy pulsing through your body? Do you have bouts of allergy symptoms or sinus problems and headaches? Have you ever felt energy pouring through the top of your head? - Never heard any voices, seen no lights & stuff, but yeah the energy pouring in happens a lot of times. And I always hated crowds; now it's grown even worse!

  • Have you quit reading spiritual and personal growth material? - Not completely quit, but, the inclination just doesn't seem to be there nowadays.

  • Is it increasingly difficult to spend substantial amounts of time around individuals who seem dis-connected, “ego” driven, or who embody many “issues”? Do you just want to flee? - Oh yes!

  • Do you wonder where in the world you have landed, feel that you do not belong here, and want to go “home”? - This too happened till some time ago; now it's like "everything is cool"! "Bring it on" type attitude!

The New Symptoms of Ascension: Have you Evolved?

  • Have you lost your desire to be a healer? - COMPLETELY.

  • Have you felt in recent months that the energy you used to embody is no longer there? - Not really paid much attention to this.

  • Do you wonder what you are now supposed to connect to and wonder how to connect as well? - Hmmm yes, you can say that. FarmVille is gone; even the blogging community is left behind. What next?

  • Do you suddenly feel that your life is “here” and not back “home” somewhere? - Ummm, yeah... whatever! Makes no difference either way!

  • Have you given up any desires to save anyone or anything and only simply desire to stay put without extending? - Yes, TOTALLY. Some people say I have become selfish... I guess selfish it is for me then!

  • Have you given up belonging to groups and continually discussing spiritual matters? - Haven't totally given up, but my heart is not in it anymore.

  • Have you discontinued meditating, “clearing,” and intentional actions involving creating, moving energy, or consulting divination sources? - No, in fact I just forced myself to start another Crystal Grid... after so many months! But the motivating force now is more guilt, at the fact that I have learnt something and not using it.

  • Have you lost the desire to bring up the energy of the planet, heal it, or the like? - Yeah whatever, she'll figure it out herself. She has anyways been around longer than me!

  • Do you no longer have the urge to make anything happen by yourself? - The urge is diminishing very fast. As I keep arguing with 'S' at times - "Why should I do anything for it? I have asked, let it come to me on its own!"

  • Are you tired of being alone when it never bothered you before, and now crave the companionship of another or others? - No, not yet. I still enjoy solitude more than company.

  • Is your own personal energy more “subtle” than it used to be? - Haven't paid much attention to things like energy etc.

  • Do you often feel invisible when you go out in public? - Not really... although I rarely go out.

  • Are your needs frequently met with ease, with no real effort on your part? Or rather, are you rarely lacking anything? - There have been a lot of occasions in the last few months, where things have been automatically taken care of for me. Not yet become a regular pattern of my life though.

  • Have you begun setting strong boundaries and find that you are not as “open” to everything and everyone as you used to be? - I suppose that explains why this blog is not public anymore. Lot of things have changed at home too.

  • Have you grown to appreciate the small things and find that you are not so interested in material possessions, getting what you want, or having to have things a certain way? - Beginning to develop that attitude I'd say. Earlier I was more focused on the "how-to-do", but now the "what-to-do" is all that I can manage to hold in my mind without getting overwhelmed!

  • Have you come to realize that everything is not about you, that the behavior of others has nothing to do with you, and thus, you no longer take things personally? - Yes, finally beginning to see that.

  • Do you put yourself first in regard to your health and happiness? - Again, only just begun to develop this 'selfish' attitude.

  • Are you now comfortable refusing to participate in things that feel very “wrong” to you? - Oh yes. Outright refusing! If people feel bad, let them be. I'm not responsible for their feelings. And I'm definitely not a doormat!

  • Is it easy for you to close the door on others, knowing that you need not be “nice” and accommodating when interacting with them was not your idea in the first place? - Same as the point above.

  • Do you feel a peace and tranquility that you had rarely experienced in the past, and do you now feel safe and protected? - Well, not all the time, but yeah, there are temporary periods of time where I do feel completely unshakable.

  • Are you ready to retire? - Not really. In case you forgot, I have already been jobless for quite some time, as mentioned in the above list!

  • Do you notice much more of what is around you, instead of what is going on within you? - I seriously doubt this. In fact, I doubt if I'm in a position to notice anything at all these days - inside or outside!

  • Do you easily and clearly see others and what they are here to contribute? Do you acknowledge them and connect to them easily when appropriate? - Can't say much about the connecting part, but yeah, I sure can see why they are here. And I sure do see a structure and logic behind everything... like a part of a bigger system.

  • Are you aware of the whole, can you interact in groups without taking over or discounting the contribution and gifts of others, and can you allow others to become involved without having a “don't tell me what to do” or controlling attitude? - Being aware of the whole part is coming around, but the interaction with others is... well blah, blah, blah! Not very social right now I guess.

  • Have you come to realize than nothing needs to be “fixed” and never did? Have you dis-continued offering your services when you were not even asked (and this includes being asked by nature and the planet herself as well)? - TOTALLY.

  • Do you find the answers within yourself now, rarely consulting any outside sources? - Well, I don't go seeking for information specifically, the Universe just takes me to the right resource on its own. Although I don't hear voices or anything from within!

  • Do you know that you are not perfect and never will be? - Oh yes, and guess what! It doesn't matter now.

  • Do you possess a great gift or ability, are frequently told about this by others, but have no idea what they are talking about? - Yeah, 'S' has often tried to explain it to me, but I can't say it's clear yet.

  • Are you comfortable watching another suffer, knowing that this is their path and that it has a higher purpose? - Well, not really comfortable. I still do feel their pain, even if for only a few moments now. But I am getting the hang of detaching myself from it.

  • Are you able to make decisions from your gut, your intuition, or rather what simply “feels” right without any rational explanation? - Not all the time, the mind is too left-brained even now! :(

  • Do you know what is yours to do, and realize that much everything else is someone else's passion or purpose, there-by staying in your own role and not taking over someone else's? - Yes. As I keep telling my Dad, I have no desire to be a "master-of-all" superwoman anymore. Just let me be in peace, doing whatever I fancy most!

  • Have you found that you spend more of your time and focus simply on one of your passions or talents, and not on a variety of interests as you may have done in the past? - Well, the range sure has become a bit limited nowadays, but I still have a few favorite pastimes that I keep alternating between.

The Beard Trap!

Disclaimer: The following is a work of fiction inspired by real personality traits observed by me in various people around me. However, any resemblance to any specific person, living or dead, is purely coincidental and unintentional.
. . . . .

“Ye lo 30 rupees bhaiya.” She told the Auto-wala as she got out; offering him three notes of 10 bucks each. And then she looked at her watch – five minutes to five.

He had asked her to meet him at five pm. She was on time. She should have been late. “Best to keep them waiting” - that’s what she’d been told. Not her style though.

She shouldn’t have agreed to meet him at all - after the fight they had last time! Was it really one year? Oh well, at least the coffee here was good! Well, definitely better than what she would have made for herself at home!

With that, she gave a shrug to no one in particular, and walked towards the glass doors of the cafeteria.

He was browsing through the New Arrivals section in the Magazine Counter of the Cafeteria.

She’s late. All girls are!
No she isn’t, I am early.
Why did I come here so early?
Why did I even ask her to meet me?
I know I’ll just goof it all up again!

He pushed one hand into his pant-pocket and toyed with his cigarette case, wondering if he ought to go out and light a smoke again.

I should have shaved. She’s always seen me clean-shaven. I wonder if she’ll like it.

He nervously stroked the small beard that he had taken to sporting since the last few months.

Oh well, what difference does it make anyway? It’s not likely that I’m going to make first-base today!

He gave a crooked boyish grin at that and turned around.

That’s when she saw him.

Moustache, beard, spectacles, the only things missing were a pot-belly and a Red Cap! He was even wearing that red sweater she’d seen him in, the first time they’d met! A chuckle threatened to escape her mouth. She tried to distract herself in the act of putting her wallet back into her handbag.

And then he saw her, standing there at the door, dressed as usual in jeans, and a jacket that was two sizes too large for her!

How many sweaters is she wearing inside that jacket today?

He still remembered how abnormally cold she used to feel during the winters, so that she’d cover herself in so many layers of clothing that she looked almost like a giant, stuffed, and extremely cuddly, teddy bear!

Two perhaps? Could even be three!

Smiling, he nodded at her and beckoned her towards the table he had “reserved” by placing his laptop bag on it!

They both walked up to the table, and then, with all the seriousness that she could muster, she said, “I see you are playing Santa for the kids in the neighborhood this season!”

“Huhh?” He looked up searchingly at her face, trying to figure out whether she was being sarcastic or mocking at him, and then he saw it – the faintest gleam of a mischievous twinkle in her eyes!

She was brilliant at hiding her feelings, but if one looked close enough, her eyes always gave her away. She was teasing him, even under the guise of sobriety. And that just made her so much more endearing to him.

He wondered why he always felt like an inexperienced teenager with her. He was over 30, and God knows he’d had more than his fair share of the “fair ones”! Yet, each time he was with her, he felt totally lost. For instance, even now, he had set his eyes upon her less than a minute ago, and he was already finding it impossible to think straight!

“You want to talk first, or shall we order some coffee?”

“What?” He dragged his mind back to where they were.

“Well, after that ride in the open auto, I’m feeling a bit cold…”

He couldn’t resist a smile at that. She still feels cold the same way!

“What? It really IS cold outside!” She was instantly defensive at the sight of that habitual amusement on his face at her apparent hypothermia. “In fact, it’s freezing! Anyone would agree with me!” And she covered her cheeks with her palms in a vain effort to warm them.

I could do that for you… and in better ways too, if only you’d let me…

He became all solemn once again. “Of course it is. Let’s order some coffee first then, shall we?”

Five minutes later, with their Cappuccinos and Chocolate Brownies in front of them, they were busy catching up on their professional lives with each other. Not exactly what he’d called her here for, but he seemed to find himself at a complete loss of words.

He looked at her as she talked, watched the words roll off her lips, as she took another sip of her coffee and then flicked her tongue out carelessly to lick a wisp of the creamy foam off her upper lip. He shifted uneasily in his chair and looked away.

She always did this to him. Just a few minutes with her, and he was already so aroused! And yet he knew that she was completely out-of-bounds.

Miss-High-&-Mighty-Touch-Me-Not! How could anyone be so exasperatingly desirable and so frustratingly unavailable at the same time?

“Is it like… very hard?”

He was suddenly shaken out of his reverie.

Surely she couldn’t have meant…
How did she…
It can’t be that obvious…

He looked at her with a confused look in his eyes.

She was looking at his face… her right hand on her chin… stroking (of course!) an imaginary BEARD!

“Phew”, he let out under his breath! “Not really, do you want to feel it?”

--- X ---

Here's more in Fiction!

The Butterfly Stops Fluttering!

So I waited for a couple of days after officially going "offline", 'coz I wanted to ensure that none of the subsequent posts on this blog are going to be picked up by any feed aggregators on the sites where this blog has been registered in the past. Now that the matter seems to have been taken care of, I'm back in action... on my own private island!

Freeing up my personal space from all that social clutter from various sources - FB, blogs, twitter etc. - may seem like an introverted move to some, but to me, it spells "F.R.E.E.D.O.M."! Suddenly, I find that I have so much spare time on my hands that I don't know what to do with it! Guess I will be able to put it to some productive use eventually!

Right now, while the feeling of freedom is there, I also experience a sense of separation along with it - as if something is amiss, or as if I might miss out on something if I'm not socially active. But hey, 10 years ago, I didn't even know internet! 10 years ago, people survived on just phone calls and snail mails... and they survived well too!

I actually like it this way... quiet... not too many distractions. It leaves my mind free to focus on more important things of life. Frankly speaking, what's the point of so much social interaction anyway? It's not like we're communicating anything of value to each other. Most of us have these sets of different masks that we put on for different people and different social settings. I don't see any point in such masks anymore.

I still am subscribed to some of my favorite blogs though. However, I have considerably pruned down on that list. Some people share good positive energy on their blogs, and it's always a pleasure to read them. Others have been "unfollowed" or will soon be, in my next screening session. Then there are those who do write well, but have chosen to submit only partial feed to the readers - they will have to go too I'm afraid! I just don't have the patience to visit anybody's blog in person anymore.

I will be writing more often here now... even though nobody else is going to be able to read what I pen down. The nuances of having a Crystal Aura... you just absorb other people's energies so readily, that you soon tend to lose your own identity in the process! The role of a social-butterfly is definitely not cut out for me!

Well... so much for today. Lots of catching up to do with the real "miss_teerious"... the one without any masks...


Gone offline.

Feels good.

A Thesis On T-shirts!

Today was a test of my writing skills! Today, I got to write the lengthiest article ever in my entire stint as a content writer! Though I personally feel that it is insane to call a 1600-word post an "article"! It was more like a "thesis" in my opinion... a 6-page long thesis on custom t-shirts!


Well, I underestimated the writer in myself! What seemed to be an impossible target by the time I reached 800 words, was crossed and even exceeded by the time I finished the assignment! I actually had to get rid of about 200 words finally, before the assignment was ready for submission! Hmmmpphh!

I suppose I really do deserve the "Superior Scribbler Award" after all. I guess I never did thank Neha for honoring me with it! Well, better late than never! Thanks Neha! :p

Anyways, the best part of this job is that you get to know so much about so many different things... without spending a single penny! As a matter of fact, I am actually getting paid to read up on this content! Ha ha ha! What irony!

At the end of this assignment, I feel like I have become a "wikipedia" on custom t-shirts! When to go for iron-ons, when to go for screen printing, what things to consider while designing the art-work, what is fibrillation, what is the effect of using under-cured ink in printing, what happens when using thin fabric for printing, vector art vs. raster graphics... blah blah blah!

So here's to custom t-shirts! I wonder if I should try making one at home myself... the "iron-on" kind... something like this perhaps ???

Guess I should go harvest my farm first... I'm already 3 hours late in doing that... courtesy "Bihar State Electricity Board"!

Struggle Against A Hormonal Imbalance

Guess it's time for another visit to the spirit-smelling pathology lab! One more blood-test! Another 250 bucks gone down the drain! Sighhhhhhhhh!

Last 2 days spent in the bathroom, with an inexplicable case of diarrhoea, topped with real bad pain/tension/"God-knows-what" in the upper arms and thighs! Also inexplicable! Not to forget the abnormally agitated mood!

Today, so conveniently (and fortunately too, I should say!) I forget to take my Hypothyroid medication in the morning... and MIRACLE! The stomach disorder completely disappeared!

Hmmmpphh! So much for learning from "past experiences"!

From 150 to 100... and 100 to 50. Now what? 25? Or straightaway 0? What dose to take? To take or not to take? That is the question.

Regulating the allopathy treatment sure is difficult when one's body seems to be responding so quickly (almost hungrily!) to the *healing* therapies!

I'm scared now to even touch my Thyroid medicines! Gulpppp!