Wordless Wednesday: Cool Greens

Picture Credit: Me

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Losing Myself In Books

Picture Credit: Flickr: Jkaranka

You don't need to adjust your life according to them,
or wait for them to call you,
and they never complain about feeling ignored.

In fact, they are the best companions
for those cranky moods
that can't be avoided if you're a female.

They don't ever rush you, letting you savour
the wonders in every little detail,
at your own sweet rhythm and pace.

You don't need to look good,
or dress up for them,
for they never judge you.

They never hide any truths from you,
their secrets plain to see
if you only spend some time with them.

Adventure, thrill, passion, knowledge;
they give you all you seek,
"at your demand" being their motto!

Books... always my best friend...

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Wordless Wednesday: Blazing Waters

Picture Credit: Me

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For my Blogger Friends...

Just a quick post for all those of my Blogger friends who have allowed their full posts to show up in their RSS feeds... thank you guys! You cannot even begin to realize how much I appreciate this little gesture of kindness towards my eyes!

In these harsh times, of insanely flashy blog templates, and more and more bloggers opting to give only a small portion of their blog posts to RSS readers, your decision to not fall for number games earns a silent prayer for you every time I read your latest posts in my Google Reader.

I know that the abridged RSS feed would probably get you more traffic, as people would have to actually visit your blog to read your posts. I know that the amount of time spent on your blog by your visitors would also increase, because they won't be visiting only to leave a comment; they'll also spend time there reading your post first.

However, at the end of the day, the fact remains that over 90% of you (in my blog community, that is) are just personal bloggers. And I see no reason how better statistics on Google Analytics can be of any advantage to you. I guess you see that too. And that is why you still allow the RSS readers to show your full post.

Well, thanks. Your one decision makes life a lot simpler for me. I don't have to keep track of N different tabs and windows to follow your posts. I don't have to strain at my screen to read multi-colored text against black or some other funny background. I don't have to fiddle with the text-size settings in my browser. And I don't get a headache watching too many high-contrast objects (images, advertisements, widgets) in the same screen, for a prolonged length of time.


Goodbye Delhi!

Heading back home in a few hours.

Met a few friends whom I hadn't really expected to meet.

Couldn't meet some others I was sure of meeting.

Broke my glasses and missed the Bloggers' Meet 2!

Bought some books... old-time classics.

Achieved new milestones in my association with non-vegetarian food.

Managed not to over-eat though.

Learned that carrots don't help in reducing weight.

Visited the nearby Select City Walk Mall almost everyday.

And realized, once again, that I have no sense of direction!

Overall, enjoyed my last vacation in Delhi.

Match Making @ Dance India Dance - Season 2

Dance India Dance - Season 2
Episode - Week ending 7th March, 2010

Geeta Ma to Amar: If I had a daughter, I really wouldn't have thought twice about asking you "Amar, would you marry my daughter?"

Me to Geeta Ma: Geeta Maaaaaaa! Adopt me as your daughter na! :p

LOL! You can watch one of his performances here -

Dance India Dance 2: Kunwar Amar

Geeta Ma is naughty! They were doing HER match-making few weeks ago, and now she talks about marrying off her daughter! Very subtle, Geeta Ma! ;-) Why do they call you "Ma" by the way?

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'miss_teerious' is back... in a NEW Avtaar!

Ok so my last post here said that it was the last post on this blog. But, I am writing again. Guess I changed my mind! :D

Actually, something new has come up... TWO somethings in fact... that I must try to express. Two new projects, you can say...

As some of you already know, I am not very comfortable expressing myself verbally, and writing is the only way I'm able to manage my way around that limitation. So I must write again.

Technically speaking though, I should have created 2 *new* blogs for these things -- they are not like the stuff I usually expressed here. Rather, the underlying content/message is probably similar, but the presentation I have in mind is going to be different.

But I really like this blog a lot... and every time I visit it, I'm reminded of my nephew UV, who always greets me with a wide silly grin every time I meet him! The blog feels welcoming in the exact same way. And I feel like adding more energy to this one blog again, rather than creating a couple of siblings for it.

That's why I'm back here. I still don't feel like pouring out a regular stream of my usual 1000 words though! So you might find the posts shorter and... well different in a way.

Oh but I mentioned TWO new things right. Well, the second one is definitely going to take shape in the form of my usual lengthy posts, but there is still some time for me to start on that. Also, the second "project" will probably need only 2-3 posts per month... I think I can manage that.

Ahh, but there is bad news too I'm afraid. Comments will remain OFF. I know different people will interpret this decision in different ways, but there's nothing I can do about it. I have set aside a very limited time for blogging (Read: Personal Expression)... in which I will write my posts, as well as read my favorite bloggers. I still read you guys by the way, just that I have stopped commenting unless I really want to say something.

And for those of you who really feel like adding something constructive to any of my future posts... well, I have made myself fairly easily accessible I think. Just check the top of the sidebar on the left... the section called "Contact Me".

That covers it all I guess. I'm in the process of collecting my thoughts right now... so just keep watching this space...