Animator Vs. Animation - Alan Becker

When we were working on the December issue of Kadzilla's Lounge (my online magazine), Shobhit sent me some Microsoft Office files (Word and Excel) that had some really cool flash animations embedded in them. We wanted to use one of those animations as our Lateral Thinking puzzle for the next issue.

I couldn't figure out how to extract those flash files from the original MS-Office documents, but I managed to locate other .SWF versions of those animations.

We used the puzzle on the magazine. (It turned out to be quite a toughie. We got only one answer on that post... not one CORRECT answer... just ONE ANSWER! Coincidentally, it happened to be correct too!)

And I am sharing another one here with you guys... because it is just too cool to not share!

It's created by Alan Becker, and it's called "Animator Vs. Animation".

Animator Vs. Animation - Alan Becker

Every time I play it, it leaves me watching the screen with so much concentration and absorption that I don't even realize my mouth is hanging wide open! So much happens so fast... and it's so hard to keep up with all the action...!

What? You don't believe me?

Ok! Here's the flash animation... you can watch it for yourself.

Oh by the way, if you ever wish to embed a flash (.SWF) file in a blogger post, you can use this code:

<object height="H" width="W"> <param value="SOURCE SWF URL" name="movie"> <embed src="SOURCE SWF URL" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" height="H" width="W"></embed> </object>

One important thing: When I embedded the flash file in that Lateral Puzzle post last month, we later discovered it wouldn't show up in the published post, even though it was working fine in the post preview of blogger.

After much research on Google, I discovered that the file I was embedding was actually hosted on Google sites, and apparently, blogger no longer supports files hosted on Google sites.

So I eventually downloaded that flash file to my own computer first, and then uploaded it on the third-party hosting I use for my files. It started working after that.

. . .

Here's more in Videos!

Living A Dream -- Yours Or Someone Else's

This post has been sitting in my "to-blog" list for several days now. It was actually inspired by Garima's recent poem "Frozen Wings". I suggest you read her poem first, even if you have already read it before, because this post is like a further extension to her beautiful lines of verse.

Garima's poem is all about our dormant inner strength that, if recognized and utilized, can help us become the master of our own fate. But, for most of us, this never happens. We never DO realize our own potential. And we never even try converting many of our "seemingly unrealistic" dreams into a reality.

But the thing is... "reality" is so relative. Is the reality of Lata Mangeshkar same as that of Sachin Tendulkar? One is a legend in the world of singers, and the other is the God of cricket! Fifty Test centuries is a reality for Sachin, but not for Lata Mangeshkar. And I'm sure the world of the seven 'surs' is equally alien for Sachin too! Just as it probably is for Mark Zuckerberg. But then Mark's world is also NOT a reality for every 26-year old on the planet!

I am a predominantly male mind in a totally female body. I HATE shopping! Yes, with capital letters! In fact, you can make it bold too! And the term "window shopping" is non-existent in my dictionary! Just as the fashion world makes absolutely no sense to me -- clothes, makeup, accessories, high heels, the whole gamut! In other words, a world that is so "real" for at least 80% of the entire female population of the planet, holds practically no meaning for me! Sure... if doing these things was an absolute necessity for my survival, I would learn them and do them too, but that wouldn't be me, right? It would just be a sort of "role-play"?

So then, on what basis do we determine a generic reality for everyone? How do we ascertain that "thought ABC" is just a dream while "XYZ" is real?

And when we "jump out" of our dreams, back into reality, how can we be really sure that it is indeed OUR reality that we've come back to? What if we've just "conditioned" ourselves into believing someone else's reality as our own? What if we've just grown accustomed to "fitting in" with the rest of the world?

What if the reality is that we are living someone else's dream... a "dream" with mass acceptance... a "dream" portrayed as "real" by our media?

What if in our REAL reality, we had wings so powerful we could reach the stars? Wings... powerful, yet frozen! If only we knew... if only we dared to use our "frozen wings", we could all make ourselves the Kings! So aptly said, Garry...

So why do we confine ourselves within a "reality" that may not hold any meaning for us really, except for being a mere "role-play"?

NaBloPoMo: What Does It Mean?

National Blog Posting Month (or NaBloPoMo, in short) was started as an adaptation of the yearly event - National Novel Writing Month (or NaNoWriMo), in which the participants write a complete novel within the month of November.

This novel writing project was started to encourage people to write. More specifically, it was especially meant for those 'perfectionists' who usually end up not doing a thing if they can't do it perfect!

The NaNoWriMo project encouraged writers to simply write whatever came to their mind, without caring about how good/bad their writing was, or whether anyone liked it or not.

NaBloPoMo then happened to give the writers a freedom to write about anything and not just a novel, i.e. even shorter daily blog posts. All participants of NaBloPoMo are required to write 30 posts in 30 days, or, in other words, one post daily, for a whole month.

Initially, the NaBloPoMo was also started as a November project, just like the NaNoWriMo, but then it started happening every month of the year, instead of just November. The NaNoWriMo still takes place in November every year though.

You can read more about this project and also check out my NaBloPoMo profile at their official website.

Update: NaBloPoMo was taken over by the BlogHer community eventually, and their separate website doesn't exist any more. So I have removed the link to my user profile there. Also, I have renamed the daily-blogging series here to KBL-T30 (Kaddu Blogging League: Thirty-Thirty).

Beautiful Artwork

I have made some temporary changes to my blog template. Have taken off the summary posts code and have also changed the number of posts being displayed on the main page. Just testing something here... trying to eliminate/verify a probable cause for a certain behavior being shown by posts published here from early August onwards.

For this testing work, I need to publish a post with multiple images. So sharing some random pictures I collected during the time I used to play PuzzleBee Jigsaw Puzzles on Facebook.

Once I figure out what I'm looking for, I'll revert to the previous layout settings. Thanks for putting up with all my experiments!

Review 'miss_teerious'

My baby is now 4 years old, and has been through many changes and grown a lot. I decided it's time to solicit some reviews finally.

Despite the fact that 'miss_teerious' still uses one of the classic blogger templates, a lot of extra functionalities have been added to it. Keeping in mind that this is a personal blog, feedback on the following areas will be highly appreciated:

1. Design and color scheme
2. Ease of navigation
3. Speed of loading
4. Content (Including language, style of writing, and presentation)
5. Overall experience

I also request you to mention any further scope for improvements that you might feel. (Besides moving over to Wordpress, that is! He he!)

Well, so you can get started right away. Just click on this image below.

Review miss_teerious on

You will get a page that looks like this:

- Click on the "Write a Review" button (circled in red above).

- It will ask you to login. You can either Connect with your Facebook account, OR click on "Register for an account" to create a FREE account on the site.

- Won't take more than a minute, after which you can pen down your thoughts about 'miss_teerious'... :)

If you want to read what other people think about 'miss_teerious', please click on the button below.

Happy 4th Birthday!

miss_teerious turns 4 today...

KBL Nov 2010: The End of Random Ramblings!

Finally, the last post of NaBloPoMo November 2010! And I've managed to complete it successfully twice now! Another 30 posts in 30 days! So how do I feel now? Like this... :D

By the way, this time I've managed to sneak in two recipes, a couple of posts related to the blogging world, FarmVille, Vampires and Werewolves (again!) and the pride of the nation - Indian Railways!

(Speaking of Indian Railways, my dad's train finally got canceled! Now he's coming home by flight tomorrow! Thankfully, the "Singhania girls" had the foresight to expect such a predicament, and had arranged for a contingent plan the day Dad reached Delhi!)

So anyway, coming back to this round of NaBloPoMo... strangely, it was easier for me this time in some ways, but difficult in some other ways.

It was easier in the sense that I didn't feel that kind of pressure this time -- that I was 'forcing' myself to do something that my sub conscious mind was rebelling against. It was more like a normal 'routine' thing this time... pretty much like brushing your teeth. You may not like to wet your hands and face early in the morning in winters, but still you just get up and 'get done with it'. It was kind of like that for me this time. So maybe, "committing" is becoming easier to accept now for my "system".

On the other hand, not having a structured theme like last time made it a little difficult to actually decide what to write about every day! As it is, I'm not a "daily diary" kind of a person! Add to it the fact that I'm predominantly an introvert (yeah! I know, you'll find that hard to believe, but it's true!)... and I don't feel comfortable sharing too much of my personal life on a 'personal' blog that is read by more than 100 people!

In short, what I'm trying to say is that, in future, I would prefer to do theme-based NaBloPoMo's @ miss_teerious!

And I want to sincerely thank all my readers who have patiently read through all my posts in November, as well as in September! Honestly, while it takes a lot of determination and strength of will to pen-down 30 coherent posts in 30 days, it requires considerable effort on the part of the readers too, to stay abreast with a blog that's updated so frequently! So hats off to you guys! Would try to make the posts more worthy of your time in the next round.

Here's a list of all 30 posts published this month, under...

"2010 Nov KBL: Random Ramblings"

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Day 30 - The End of Random Ramblings!

P.S. This post also marks the 4th century for this blog... "miss_teerious" is now 400 posts old! :D

This is my 30th (last) post for NaBloPoMo November 2010.

Link to the previous post: Shadows of Dreams

Shadows of Dreams

It's really weird how much effect a dream can have over our general mood that day. And especially a dream in the morning, when you're just about to wake up. What's even more disturbing is the fact that you are so easily susceptible to emotional affliction caused by external sources. Learnt in Physics that a lower center of gravity leads to higher equilibrium. So I wonder how this applies to the emotional body.

Normally people gorge on high-calorie food when they get the blues, don't they? But I have had to force myself to eat. I even missed one cup of tea today! Can you believe that? Forget tea, I still have the 2 bars of chocolate sitting in my refrigerator, and I felt no desire to touch them either! So does it mean that I have passed beyond the stage of recovery now?

Oh man! What the heck! I can't really concentrate on this post anymore... there's a good action movie on the TV right now, and I couldn't care less how awful my dream was, or how awful it made me feel, or blah blah blah!

But one thing I will mention in the end... I didn't touch those 2 bars of Cadbury's Dairy Milk! I managed to restrain the emotional turbulence within the emotional body, and did not allow it to seep through into the physical body too! Yayyyyyy! :D

This is my 29th post for NaBloPoMo November 2010.

Link to the previous post: Tricolored Macaroni-On-The-Fly

Tricolored Macaroni-On-The-Fly

My regular blog readers know how much I hate cooking usually. I'm always on the lookout for recipes that can be cooked within minutes. And this is one such instant recipe for cooking macaroni, that I tried sometime last month.

Usually, people cook macaroni with white sauce. That was my original plan too, but at the very last minute, I found out that I didn't have any cornflour to make the sauce! I thought I would make it in Chinese style instead, with all the Chinese sauces. But guess what! I didn't have any soya sauce and chilli sauce either that day! So I decided to improvise.


1 finely chopped large onion
1 finely chopped carrot
1 finely chopped large capsicum
7-8 french beans finely chopped
2 tbsp butter
150 gm macaroni
1 cup milk
1 tsp oil
salt and pepper to taste


  • Boil the macaroni with half tbsp salt and 1 tsp oil. Drain when boiled.

  • Heat the butter in a fry pan, add the chopped onions and saute till golden pink.

  • Add the remaining vegetables and salt to taste, mix well, cover, and allow to cook for a few minutes, stirring occasionally.

  • When the vegetables are cooked tender, add the milk, stirring continuously, and bring to boil. (Be careful so it doesn't curdle.)

  • Add the boiled macaroni.

  • Add more salt if required, and pepper.

  • Serve hot.

The mistake I did was that I added less than half a cup of milk. I wasn't really sure what would happen -- whether it would curdle instantly, or if it would taste soggy. But, later when we tasted the dish, it felt a bit dry in the mouth. That was when I realized that a little more milk could have given it the creamy texture of the white sauce, without its extra calories.

Anyway, I made this dish in like less than half an hour (which included the veggie chopping). And it has very little calories as compared to usual macaroni dishes. I didn't use any cheese either, as you can see. Moreover, it looks kind of healthy too... colorful and fresh... doesn't it?

Well, I've got two more recipes to share with you all... and those two are loaded with calories! [grins] So be prepared!

In the meanwhile, here's more in Recipes!

This is my 28th post for NaBloPoMo November 2010.

Link to the previous post: Color Blindness

Color Blindness

Men are supposed to be limited in terms of sensitivity to colors, while women usually work in the 65536-colors scheme. But, in my house, it turned out to be just the opposite with Dad and me!

The other day, I was helping Dad with his packing for the Delhi trip. He pulled out a few trousers from his wardrobe and asked me to choose. Two of them were in gray -- one seemed to have a very light tint of maroon in it, and the other one had just the teeniest bit of green. But they both looked very gray to me.

Dad, apparently, doesn't follow the correct side of the above chart either. When I referred to those trousers as "gray", he simply couldn't understand what I was referring to. For him, they were "green" and "maroon" instead. I looked at them in all the different lights available to me... they remained "gray".

Weird. I hadn't expected this from Dad. I mean I've known about my own "color blindness" (or "color limited-ness" rather) for many years. I have even blogged about it here before (The 8 Random Facts [8RF] Game), but, that other incident had happened with my sister. I never imagined Dad to have a color spectrum like my sister too! Like I said... weird...

This is my 27th post for NaBloPoMo November 2010.

Link to the previous post: The Night That Became A Nightmare!

The Night That Became A Nightmare!

India has changed a lot in the last 10 years -- our social structures, professional life (including pay checks!), recreational activities, food, clothes, technology, everything almost! Yet, one thing remains unchanged, and that is our dear old Indian Railways!

I remember when I was a kid, and we used to come over to Patna during our school vacations, the trains were often late in those days too. And since we didn't have the facility to check the train running status on the internet back then, we usually had to just "wait it out" on the platform! Oh yeah, their telephone enquiry number was there, but it used to be so busy usually that people could hardly ever get through!

On the station, the loudspeakers of the Indian Railway department would announce about the expected delay - "Kanpur se Patna jaane waali gadi no. so-&-so apne nirdharit samay se 15 minute late chal rahi hai." Half an hour later, there would still be no sign of the train, and another static voice would suddenly break out - "Kanpur se Patna jaane waali gadi no. so-&-so kuch der aur vilambit ho gayi hai, aur ab XYZ time pe platform number so-&-so par aayegi." And in this manner, they would keep making these announcements every 30-45 minutes, and finally the train would arrive 6 hours after its scheduled arrival time!

In this regard, Indian Railways haven't changed at all in the last decade. Though I fail to understand why they would need to announce the delay in such "installments" even at the station where that train originates from!

The train Dad took yesterday, to Delhi, starts from Patna. The previous day's train, from Delhi, apparently came late, and was sent to the yard for cleaning etc. Now obviously they ought to have a fairly accurate idea of how much time they'll need to prepare that train for its next trip, because they do this every day! So how can they "miscalculate" the time required before the train can make its next journey?

The original delay on the Indian Railway site showed as 9 hours. So we woke up at 1:30 in the middle of the night, Dad got ready, I made tea, and then I don't know what made me do this, but I turned on my computer and decided to check the status of the train again. There really was no need to do this, because the train would have been sitting in the yard all this time, but oh! It showed a further delay of 3 hours! And this latest status had been updated by the department at about quarter to 1 in the night! Of course they couldn't have figured this out by 10-11 pm, as to how much time they'll need to make it ready for the tracks again!

It's almost like I have been cooking "daal" almost daily for the last so many years, and everyday it takes me about 10 minutes, but suddenly one day, the "daal" decides to start "acting up", and I have to delay lunch at the very last minute, because it needs an extra 3 minutes to cook that day! The same "daal" that I've been cooking for years! Amazing!

Well anyways, none of us could go back to sleep after that -- with all that tea inside us! And so the honks of the odd late-comer cars in the neighborhood became shriller, the heavy goods trucks (they frequent our area a lot) became noisier too, and even the street dogs suddenly seemed to be barking louder! Also, let us not forget the restless dreams -- of missing trains and dropping luggage bags etc.!

To cut a long story short - the night became a complete nightmare, thanks to our glorious Indian Railways!

This is my 26th post for NaBloPoMo November 2010.

Link to the previous post: Graveyard Shift!

Graveyard Shift!

Trust Indian Railways! Dad was supposed to leave in the evening today, but the train got delayed by 9 hours! So now, he'll be leaving Patna at around quarter to 3 in the night! Which means that we both have to wake up at about 1:30 in the middle of the night! The perfect timing for our graveyard shift in the Dell BPO!

On top of that, the peaceful "overnight journey" becomes a tiring "day journey"! Talk about boredom! The icing over the cake is that "late trains" usually tend to get more delayed on the way! So now there's no saying when he will finally reach Delhi tomorrow! Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Anyways, everything is a bit of a turmoil right now. Well, not everything... it's just my brain actually, that is kinda messed up. I don't really enjoy waking up in the middle of the night to catch a train. In all probability, I'll be so stressed out, that I'll keep waking up every 10 minutes or so, to check the time! And oh, I just remembered... Dad has a lower berth! Poor him!

Well, I guess I'll sign off now. See you all tomorrow. Good night!

This is my 25th post for NaBloPoMo November 2010.

Link to the previous post: Leadership and Loneliness

Leadership and Loneliness

It is really amazing what good leadership can do. 206 seats out of 243... almost 85% majority! I doubt such a mandate has ever before been seen in independent India!

It just goes to prove that while leaders need an opportunity to lead the people, at the same time, the people also need good leaders equally, so that they can follow them. I hope this time we get to see some even more fast-paced development in the state.

Also, I wonder when we'll get to see such a strong leader again at the center level, who would be able to unite the whole of India in this fashion.

Apart from that, Dad is leaving for Delhi tomorrow. Sighhhhhh. It's going to be 5 lonely days! Planning to take a break from regular cooking. Thinking of living on just lauki ki sabji, chapati and mixed vegetable soup during this time. But I'll have to go veggie shopping tomorrow evening if I really do plan to stick to this menu. Hmmm.

Will also have to remember to keep the windows and balcony doors closed, lest those monkeys invite themselves in! Those monkeys have a very bad habit... they pay no attention to a female trying to shoo them away!

This is my 24th post for NaBloPoMo November 2010.

Link to the previous post: More Ramblings

More Ramblings

FarmVille has become a bit overwhelming lately, with all the Mystery Seedlings and stuff. As such, I'm trying to avoid it as far as possible. I have this habit... whenever I feel I'm beginning to get too "drawn" into something, I automatically start distancing myself from it. This instinctive tendency ensures that I will never be able to get addicted to anything. So it's good I guess.

And the third read of the first part of the Twilight series is over. Had an interesting conversation on Facebook today, regarding the series... well, regarding vampires actually! [Grins] The highlights of the conversation were:

  • Vampires are not dead; they are "the undead" (more or less immortal)

  • Vampires don't have blood running through their veins, but they do have venom instead, and hence, can have an erection (i.e. the male ones) and can even father kids (if they manage to leave a woman alive for that long of course!)

  • While the vampires of most horror movies rest in coffins during the day time, the vampires of Stephanie Meyer's world are not bounded by such restrictions! Hehehe!

I suppose we humans are not really satisfied with the world of humans, plants and animals. That is why we keep creating such fantasy characters. First it was the wizards, house-elves and goblins of J. K. Rowling. Then my mental world expanded a bit further to include hobbits, wood-elves and orcs. And finally, I found some room for the vampires and werewolves too! I wonder, if I were to write a fictional series ever, in this genre, it would probably include all these and a few more perhaps, all eventually being able to figure out a way to live together, "happily ever after"! What! If I can believe in Gods like Hanuman and Ganesha, why would my mind have any trouble accepting werewolves and vampires!

Anyways... the Bihar election results are supposed to come out tomorrow. People have been kind of excited about the voting, though the department itself has goofed up majorly. A lot of people found that their names had been "deleted" from the voting list. The day we had the voting in my area, I asked one of my domestic aids whether she was going to cast her vote or not. She said she wasn't 18 yet, which literally shocked me, 'coz this female has recently given birth to her third kid! Well, that's India... breed like rats, and then "race" like rats too!

That's all for today folks! Have a good night! :D

This is my 23rd post for NaBloPoMo November 2010.

Link to the previous post: Self Preservation

Self Preservation

Self preservation is undoubtedly the most primitive instinct of everything that's living in this Universe -- be it humans, plants, animals, or even our planet itself! And at times, it is this very instinct of self preservation that decides our course of actions for us.

Earlier today, I was going through some of my posts in the previous NaBloPoMo series, and I came across this one - "Live Life: Follow Your Heart". Inspired by this post, I started to do something, following my heart of course, but then stopped. My mind took control again.

The thing is that the heart brain is purely intuitive, with no rationale to support its claims, whereas the mind directs on the basis of precedents of that particular situation, stored in its memory bank. Our mind derives its strength from the familiarity of the given situation. The greater the number of previous "case studies" of that situation, available in its memory bank, the stronger is the mind's governance in that situation.

And the mind will always choose the course of self preservation for you! For example, the heart might make you risk your life for a loved one, but such a decision will never originate from the mind. It will never allow you to risk endangering yourself or hurting yourself. It automatically shies away from such courses of action, even if that means you get an "average" life instead of a "memorable" one.

So, while I do believe my heart, I, nevertheless, ended up following my mind today instead. The mind presented a supporting backup of so many past "case histories" related to the situation, all going against the heart, that it finally just boiled down to that one primitive instinct of self preservation. I know the heart is right (it always is), but apparently, my mind is deciding my further course of action now in this matter. Well... that's life I guess...

This is my 22nd post for NaBloPoMo November 2010.

Link to the previous post: Women...


Yesterday, I finally made that much procrastinated "trip" to the tailor! Phewww! What a nightmare it was! One thing I realized yesterday was that women can be so pushy at times! And also extremely irritatingly dumb too!

Please don't take this personally... all my female readers... you probably don't fall in this category anyway. But I simply cannot understand why women want their dresses custom embroidered by the tailors when there are already so many shops selling beautifully embroidered suit pieces and saaris! I, for one, would prefer selecting from the "finished" works any day... pieces that I can scrutinize with my own eyes before spending my money, for their color combinations, their patterns and the quality of material used. Is there ever any guarantee that the tailor would eventually deliver the embroidery that you ordered? And how do you know what it would look like on the actual fabric, when you've seen it only in a catalogue? Beats me!

I also fail to understand how women can so easily turn completely oblivious to the fact that they are holding up the constantly growing line of other customers behind them! I mean one hour to order one dress! Well, hellooooo!

And here's the biggest example of their possible thick-headedness! The tailor told very clearly to one customer that a certain embroidery pattern could not be delivered by November 30th, as he was already behind schedule on the existing orders and most of his staff was still on leave due to Chhath and Id. Even after repeated haggling by that customer, he declined the order saying he would not be able to deliver it before 20th December. And the very next customer (who witnessed this exchange in full detail) spends an hour deliberating on the designs with her mother, finally selecting the same design that had already been refused to the earlier customer, AND demanding that it be delivered to her by 2nd December! Hahhhh!

And the icing on the cake.... you're spending 3000 bucks on a dress you would probably wear only once in your entire life... and then you start haggling with the tailor for 100 bucks! You won't believe this, but for over 15 minutes, that family continued to ignore the waiting customers behind them! In fact, they didn't even leave the shop when the tailor steadfastly refused to give further discount! Finally the tailor had pity on the rest of us, deducted the additional 100 bucks in their bill, and bade them farewell!

Oh but that was not the end of my nightmare! After this annoying family left, another drama began at that place! Apparently, most of the females waiting for their turn didn't have any idea of the concept of "queues"! Ufff! They can be so pushy and screechy! I can't stand crowds and this kind of pushing and shoving anyway. And after waiting patiently for my turn for 1.5 hours, if any of the recent-arrivals were going to be tended to first, then I'd just about had it!

I realized it had taken me 5 months to build up enough courage to dare this "trip" to the tailor, and that if I left without giving my order, the whole thing would be postponed for God knows how many more months! Nevertheless, I made up my mind to just quietly leave if the customers were not tended to on "first come first serve" basis! To hell with new clothes!

Thankfully, God intervened through the tailor. He started taking the order of the most pushy "recent-arrival", but then suddenly stopped. Looked at her, and then at me, and bluntly asked us who was here first. I said "me". So he flipped to the next page in his order book, and started taking my order instead!

The way he handled all those females was really amazing! The first customer, who kept insisting that he delivered the complete dress with embroidery by November 30th, and then the one who 'bheja-fried' him for over an hour, and finally these latest pushy ones! He wasn't rude to a single one of them, didn't lose his patience for even a single moment, kept smiling throughout, and even managed to comprehend what exactly these females wanted to order! I mean, let's face it... most were just blabbering nonstop! Phewwww. Tough job being a ladies tailor!

I gave my order (which consisted of 5 kurtas) in about 6-7 minutes, rushed out of the shop, and took a long deep breath! Now you understand why this "trip" had been pending for 5 months? In fact, I hate this orgy so much that there are 2 bars of Dairy Milk Chocolate sitting in my fridge right now... they've been there for days actually... but I have absolutely no desire to gorge on them! The idea that I might easily find ready-made clothes in my size, when I lose a few kilos, is a really strong motivating factor for me!

This is my 21st post for NaBloPoMo November 2010.

Link to the previous post: Cracked!


Don't feel like writing today. So just sharing these weird pictures instead.

That's half of my breakfast... many months ago though. The boiled egg in its cracked jacket looked prettier in real than in this photograph. Probably some macro settings or something went wrong... I'm not really a photographer... I just "point and shoot"! :p

Also, since my Dad was getting impatient, I didn't have time to find a suitable background to take the shot! Men really are cranky when they're hungry! Bella sure had that one "theory" right!

This is my twentieth post for NaBloPoMo November 2010.

Link to the previous post: Vampires and Werewolves

Vampires and Werewolves

Ok so I changed my mind, and I guess Garry would be pleased to know about this... Edward also isn't that bad after all. Of course, Jacob is definitely the more cheerful and sunnier option, but I suppose you can say he's a tad immature and hasty. Besides, Edward too has some rare 'sparkling' moments, when you get to see his playful side. Mostly though, he's kind of dull and too serious. But I guess that's to be expected from a guy who belongs to that ancient era.

Right, so before you all come to the conclusion that I have completely lost my mind, based on the blabbering above, let me clear it up. I finally decided to start on the Twilight series again. Third time already? Well you know... some books are to be tasted, some to be swallowed, and some to be chewed and digested. And the Twilight series happens to fall in the last category.

The one thing that stood out to me, when I read the series for the first time, was the way Stephanie Meyers has created her characters -- they're all so alive and real that you feel you've known them personally all your life. And the series deserves a third reading just for that. I mean you've just got to make an effort to get to know those people (and those vampires... and yes the werewolves too) more closely!

So anyways, coming back to Edward... he's kind of okay too. In fact, if I were in Bella Swan's shoes, and had to choose between him and Jacob for my life partner, I'd probably take Edward too. Not because of the looks though... I personally think Jacob looks a lot better than Edward any day! But I kind of like Edward's overall sincerity and maturity.

So okay... he's not as much fun as Jacob, but he sure is protective about those he loves. And he kind of balances Bella's clumsiness and her often irrational behavior. Besides, Bella is such a stubborn head, Jacob probably would have never been able to handle her! She'd have him dancing around her little finger in no time at all! A mentally strong girl like her would obviously need an equally strong partner too.

One thing I really didn't like about Edward though was his tendency to give up so easily. At least in the first half of the series. He comes across as a bit too much of a pessimist. And the way he just left Bella, simply because he couldn't deal with his own fears about hurting her, that was really... well it was so bad that I can't even find words suitable enough to describe it!

But I liked that method he came up with later on, about working out compromises. I prefer to call them 'negotiations' though... 'compromises' sounds so much like a 'lose-win' situation instead of a 'win-win' situation. And yes, he really did get over all his fears eventually, and went on to become the perfect partner, for Bella, with complete confidence in himself. And in a way, that added a touch of reality to this otherwise "fantasy world"! I mean aren't we all constantly working on our destructive patterns and habits, trying to change for the better?

Well, so much for today, but you can expect future posts on this series too. Like I said, I've just started on it for the third time today. So it's going to take a few days to complete it.

This is my nineteenth post for NaBloPoMo November 2010.

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