Happy Birthday "Little Angel"

Today is his birthday... Yuvraj Singhania... a.k.a. Krish... a.k.a. "UV"! Epitome of LIFE.

So powerful is the life force in him, that the very next day after he was born, I was inspired to create this blog. In fact, 'inspired' isn't the correct word, it was more like an inner urge, that wouldn't let me rest until I started this space of personal expression!

So... today, UV turns 3... and tomorrow, miss_teerious will.

He's not as serious as he seems to be in this pic. He's just contemplating his next move of mischief, you know. He's usually like this in fact...

... or even like this...

Yes... the last one is how you'll most likely see him! :D

Oh and he always sits on the right side of my PC whenever he visits us... 'coz that's where the mouse is, you know... and the little fella knows that's the "control center"! He he ;)

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Want to Add Something?

Roshmi Sinha said...

Wow... a double whammy! :)

PS: He is choooooo cute!

ZB said...

He is really really cute. Wish him a GREAT 3rd birthday and also to Kaddu Aunty. May he grow up to a Bigtime blogger like his Aunt??..TC

Shilpa Garg said...

How cute the lil' angel is!!
Happy birthday to the lil' UV!!
Wishing him loads of love, smiles and happiness today and everyday!! :)

Iggy said...

Hehehe :) He is such a sweetheart!! Load of hugs and kisses coming his way!! Happy Birthday!!!!

Rashmi said...

Hi di :)
As promised here i am reminding you to write a budday post...

Happieee budday di, may you have a rocking and fun filled year ahead, Tathastu...

Btw loved this post and chhutku is sooo cute...

Much love and Hugs :)

Rajlakshmi said...

awwwwww he is sooo cute... look at him smiling... just adorable bunch of sweet pie :)

navadeep said...

happy belated birthday to ur blog kaddu...n u forgot to write a post on that day...

Kaddu said...

He's naughty as hell too!

LOL! I don't think that might ever be a possibility - he's more into physical stuff... climbing, jumping, hanging from the back of the sofa... all daredevil kinda stunts! Such a quiet activity is of no interest to him at all!

Kaddu said...

Thanks Shilpa, he truly deserves "loads of love, smiles and happiness"... 'coz that's what he's always giving back too!

Hugs & kisses might be a bit tough... you see, he doesn't let anyone catch him, not even to hug him, ever since he learned how to walk! You got to chase him first all over the house, and if he feels you've done enough exercise to earn his hug, then he'll relent momentarily, let you hold him for a while and then he's off again... slippery as an eel!

Kaddu said...

Thanks for the reminder yaar, and chhutku is ek number ka badmaash too! ;)

Oh he is... really adorable! And he knows he's totally irresistible, and he uses that knowledge to the best of his advantage! Real imp... that's what he is!

Kaddu said...

Ha ha! Didn't forget yaar... but just didn't feel like writing a post.

Corinne Rodrigues said...

Hi Kaddu - What a little pet - and what mischievous eyes he has :)
Been here after quite a while and I'm so glad I stopped by!
Take care

Kaddu said...

Oh he's just soooooo naughty... and soooo adorable... just 10 minutes with him, and it makes your day!

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