End of Chapter

This is an official announcement to all concerned that this is the last post on "miss_teerious". The blog has served its purpose well, but now it's time to move on.

The blog is not being removed from the vicinity... it will continue to be here, for there is still 3 years worth of archives here. However, it will no longer be updated. Comments are also off completely now... they will only attempt to lure me back here, which I don't want to do.

I wish to thank all those who supported this blog through its various phases. Some came and went. Some are still around. Thank you... all of you.

It's time to begin a new chapter now...


“Healthy Debate”

I come across this phrase so often on the blogosphere… “healthy debate”… mostly in the comments’ section. Also heard it a lot when I was working for Dell… we used to have weekly “team huddles” where we were supposed to indulge in this “healthy debate” to work out solutions for any current problems. I developed a particular dislike for the phrase even then.

“Healthy debate” in team meetings usually turned out to be nothing but the team members complaining and the management trying to find the best possible excuses that would invalidate their complaints. This obviously led to the team members finding more faults with the management’s actions, and then their consequence self defense. In short: a total waste of a good 45-60 minutes.

Out here in the blog world, a “healthy debate” is an equally elusive phenomenon. Blogger ‘A’ writes something based on some personal experience… highlighting a particular problem in the society/world maybe. Oh but the little bit that was supposed to be the *main agenda* of the “debate” is completely ignored! Instead, the post is taken as a direct *personal* attack and is followed by 2 main kinds of responses (generally) – 1. defense, and 2. counter-attack!

Where is the “healthy debate” in this?

More importantly, is there really any need for any “healthy debate” on such matters? A person wrote about his/her personal experience… that is enough to prove that whatever he/she wrote about DOES exist. It may not have happened with you in particular, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen with people. So why try to invalidate it? Why “debate” over it at all – healthy or otherwise?

Frankly speaking, I find this whole phrase pretty useless – “healthy debate”. Well, if both parties are just going to try and show that they are right and the other one is wrong, then what’s so healthy about this debate? Where exactly is anyone going to get to at the end of that debate?

And if you’re talking about finding a mutually acceptable solution to any problem… then it’s not a debate at all. It’s a brain-storming session. But such sessions are undertaken only by action-oriented groups/committees… task forces. Are we a “task force” that we need to indulge in such sessions? Are we really doing anything about the stuff we complain about on our blog?

There are so many “talk shows” also on the TV… 2 groups of people going on fighting with each other. It’s obvious that at the end of the day, neither is going to change his/her views. Then why waste everybody’s time?

To be very honest, there is only ONE so-called “healthy debate” that has ever happened on my blog so far… the one in which we discussed where to hold our Bloggers’ Meet in Delhi. But does it really fit under the label of “debate”?

Annual Review - 2009

The year 2009 passed by so quickly, and yet I managed to get so much accomplished in this last 1 year. Yes, I'm still way too short of certain targets I set for myself, but to be completely fair to myself, I did manage to do a lot. As they say... go with the flow, and do not be harsh upon yourself.

So, here's a small list of some of my mammoth achievements this year:

1. From a less-than-10-readers blog, 'miss_teerious' has developed a 'fan-following' of 120+.

2. Complete technological revamping of the blog-layout, even while sticking to a Classic Blogger Template.

3. Completed my Post Graduation, despite the prevalent "vote of no confidence" against me! LOL! Doesn't it feel good doing things that others think you can't do! ;-)

4. Sailed through the Sun Certified Java Programmer exam.

5. Learnt a bit of German.

6. Proved that I don't suffer from any "Social Phobia". From a 90+ Friend List on FaceBook in early September this year, I now have almost 250 "connections", with the majority of them not into Reiki or Blogging!

7. Managed to fit into the 2 pairs of jeans hanging uselessly in my closet for almost 1 year!

8. While I still haven't managed to get a complete hang of Twitter, I have, never-the-less, updated my Twitter account, given it an entirely 'Kaddu-ish' skin, and have also just penned-down my 101st "Tweet"!

There are, of course, a lot of minor achievements too, but I won't bother with them on this space. There have also been some new milestones touched along my inner journey, that started way back towards the end of 2006... but I don't wish to talk about them here right now... kinda personal stuff.

So, all in all, a very productive year. Looking forward to 2010 now... and things already look promising! :D

FaceBook does an "Orkut"!

Why? What was the need? Weren't things perfect the way they were? Why the change? I switched to FaceBook only because of the Privacy concerns with Orkut. And now they turn FaceBook into Orkut too!

Anyways, I managed to change most of the settings back to "Only Friends". But I can't get the Profile Pic to over-ride the default "Everyone" settings. I don't want "Everyone" to be able to view my Profile Pic. I want only people in my Friend List to be able to see it. So how do I get that back now?

Also, I have my Friend List grouped under School, Office, Blog, FarmVille etc. So does the new FaceBook provide any way to make a particular post visible to only a particular group of friends? Like, for example, is there any way I could set the FarmVille posts to be visible to only my FarmVille friends? It does give some setting when I post a link, but what about posts that come directly from an application?

Any help in this regard would be highly appreciated. Thanks.


This is what my old-time friend posted as her FaceBook status a couple of days ago...

(My Friend:) Advay, I asked you to eat 6 pieces of Apple and you said you did, but you only ate one piece?
But Mumma I start counting from 6...

Advay, her son, will turn 5 in the coming month.


Who Am I?

Another one of those days… I was doing some self-healing by touch-Reiki. I was feeling a bit irritated at the amount of noise outside that day. (Yeah... I stay in one of the noisiest parts of my city!) And I was wondering how people have become so used to this noise level that they don’t even notice it anymore! But those of my readers who work with Reiki know that you can’t really stay irritated for long while passing energy to yourself, right?

And so my irritation also subsided gradually as the Reiki progressed. Thoughts kept wandering in and out of my system. I never bothered to explore them in depth. I was simply floating away…

And then suddenly I saw the entire universe looming up in front of me! Black background… sprinkled with bright shining specs of light arranged in different patterns for all the different galaxies and constellations! The kind of picture we have often seen in Geography books and Wikipedia, you know! "M.A.G.N.I.F.I.C.E.N.T." is the word that came to my mind!

Let me quickly Google an image of our Universe and see if I can find something that resembles what I saw. Ok here’s one very much like it...

Well, as soon as I saw this image in my mind, it suddenly dawned on me that all those noises – of horns and honks and street-hawkers shouting to advertise their goods – if observed from up there in the Universe, would seem so totally insignificant! So insignificant in fact, that they would be swallowed in complete oblivion! Up there, you would hear only one sound… the sound of silence!

Weird, isn’t it? But it’s the truth. We spend our entire lives fretting over things that seem so important to us… and yet, if only we knew the truth, those things carry no significance at all beyond the tiny stage where we are performing our life’s play! What seem like major Tsunamis to us – upsetting our entire mental and emotional equilibrium – they aren’t even tiny ripples of disturbance for the infinite Universe! Wow!

I suddenly realized one more thing. “They” say that the same Consciousness that is in me is in everyone else. The same Consciousness is in all the plants, animals, rivers, oceans, mountains, the skies, the Sun & the Moon, and the entire Universe… the very same Consciousness that CREATED this whole Universe! Separate this Consciousness from me, and I don’t exist. I AM that Consciousness... the very same one that CREATED this whole Universe!

Can you imagine this now? I am something SO powerful that could have created such a magnificently beautiful piece of work as in that photograph above! And yet I doubt my abilities! I feel powerless… and scared! Ridiculous, right?

We all believe that we are the mortal mass of flesh and bones reflected in the mirror… whereas the truth is that we are the ones SEEING that reflection in the mirror, from behind those pretty eyes – the windows to our hearts! We associate ourselves with what we see… and yet, we are much MUCH bigger than what is seen!

It is difficult to explain this in words. We have been conditioned for too long to believe that we are what the mirror shows us. I wonder why we are brought up with such limiting beliefs and concepts!

Iguana summed it up so very well in these few lines…

Do you have any idea how powerful you really are?
Do you have any idea of how far your thoughts reach?
Do you have any idea how many lives you have already touched?
Do you have any idea of how much you have already accomplished?

Wish I could see how powerful I really am…

Happy Birthday "Little Angel"

Today is his birthday... Yuvraj Singhania... a.k.a. Krish... a.k.a. "UV"! Epitome of LIFE.

So powerful is the life force in him, that the very next day after he was born, I was inspired to create this blog. In fact, 'inspired' isn't the correct word, it was more like an inner urge, that wouldn't let me rest until I started this space of personal expression!

So... today, UV turns 3... and tomorrow, miss_teerious will.

He's not as serious as he seems to be in this pic. He's just contemplating his next move of mischief, you know. He's usually like this in fact...

... or even like this...

Yes... the last one is how you'll most likely see him! :D

Oh and he always sits on the right side of my PC whenever he visits us... 'coz that's where the mouse is, you know... and the little fella knows that's the "control center"! He he ;)