YOU Can Help Make India A Better Place.

You don't need to be a social worker or a politician to improve the state of your country. You can contribute simply by being a more responsible citizen, aware of your rights and responsibilities.

ZB has listed some very practical every-day things that we all CAN do to make our country a better place to live in... things that we usually tend to ignore as being too insignificant to create a change. But the fact remains that little drops of water make a mighty ocean!

Here are the "drops of water" that you can contribute... each one of you...

We can be responsible citizens and keep our premise clean.
(That includes "not littering public places" AND "not spitting pan-masala everywhere"!)

We can take part in elections and vote for the deserving candidate.
(Using your "right to vote" is also your responsibility.)

We can help by educating our children and not show prejudice to sons over daughters.
(Sons can serve water to the guests as well as daughters can. They can also make tea!)

We can help by investing in our country and provide employment.
(Finance Indian entrepreneurs; sponsor worthy Indian students for higher education in whatever field, even sports.)

We can help by being entrepreneurs.
(Think out-of-the-box... be the 'G' of "G.O.D."... "Generate".)

We can help by being broad minded and not be part of caste-ism or class-ism.
(Get over such petty things folks. Learn from us Farmers. Out there in FarmVille, we don't even care where our Neighbors are from. All that matters is we are having fun together! Yes, you can learn so much even from a silly internet game!)

We can help by being religiously tolerant.
(Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christians... they're all the same. All ignorant mortals led by a team of so-called "religious preachers" who have their own selfish agenda to pursue!)

We can help by investing in Govt. agencies like LIC or SBI.
(Following that line of thought, maybe there should be "Swiss Banks" in India too! At least all that "black money" of the country would remain in the country that way, and could be utilized for capital development projects within the nation!)

We can help by helping our neighbors in time of need.
(We follow the West blindly in so many things... I wonder why we don't copy the good things of their system!)

We can help by not crowding hospitals or public places.
(And railway stations and trains! Is it really necessary that 6 people accompany one person to see him/her off?)

We can help by being clean and health conscious.
(Avoid smoking in front of non-smokers. Cover your mouth & nose while coughing/sneezing. Basic stuff. We were taught all this in Class 1 guys! You don't need the Government to start an initiative on this now, do you?)

We can help by knowing our culture and help preserve it (like Japanese).
(And no... culture does not mean religious dogmas and senseless practices like child marriage or dowry!)

We can help by welcoming foreign tourists and make India more tourist friendly.
(Which means that we'll need to intervene if we see a foreigner being exploited by the shopkeepers in Lajpat Nagar. We'll also need to step in if we see that a foreign female is being/about to be sexually harassed!)

We can help by not carving “I LOVE PRIYANKA CHOPRA” on public places and historical monuments.
(I'm sure none of my blog readers do this at least!)

We can help by conserving energy and resources.
(Fans, lights, ACs... all have an "Off" switch. There's something called "car-pooling". Above all, God has given us legs!)

We can help by not supporting political parties who support BANDH and HARTALS.
(And also who use our tax-money for their party campaigns!)

We can help by not encouraging beggars.
(Ask them to work... as your house-help, in your shop/office... and see how quick they run! I have seen a woman hit a baby in her arms with a big stone until the poor kid's forehead was covered in blood, and then she hurried into the waiting traffic at the Dak Bungalow Crossing here! You are encouraging such brutality if you give such people any money. Try offering to buy the medicine for them, instead of giving them the money... and see how they disappear at that too!)

We can help by questioning public authorities and wrong practices.
(Toughest. I guess this includes giving/taking bribes. But that's been termed as official "service charges" now. For example, if you want to get an Income Tax Refund, the rate is fixed at 10% of the amount involved. For some other kind of transactions, I've heard it even goes as high as 25%! Anyways, I got this SMS a couple of days ago, haven't yet had the opportunity to use it... perhaps one of you might have some use for it... "If a Central Govn. employee seeks bribe for official work, please inform SP, CBI on nine-four-three-one-eight-two-one-seven-six-three or nine-zero-zero-six-six-nine-zero-zero-six-six between 9:30 am to 6:00 pm." Let me know if it is of any use.)

Well, there's a lot more in ZB's article. He has taken one step forward in the right direction... using the resources & skills he has, viz. writing. I have added my voice to his initiative by helping it reach out to more people. YOU also have a voice... whether you choose to use that voice or not is totally up to you. You can contribute by spreading awareness about his every-day suggestions too -- sharing the link on Twitter, FaceBook, Digg, whatever platforms your are aware of, and even your own blog. More importantly, you can implement those suggestions in your life as well. As for me... I just realized even my computer has an "Off" button!

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Want to Add Something?

soin said...

we can list it all,give all bright ideas but it all comes down to one if we unwrap a cadbury how long will we carry it till we find a bin,given we dont have it every 100mts or so..small stuff like that only.but our mentality even though its changing is still not that open..but yes an effort to do so like these

ZB said...

Thanks, Exactly the points that i wanted to convey. Thanks for this.

Pooja Mahimkar said...

that was really gooood!

Motormouth. said...

I'm inspired lady!! Amazing post, and all these ideas are practically implementable, the only thing we need to do is stop fooling around. Like you said, once a handful of us start following it, the world will follow!

Roshmi Sinha said...


The Survivor said...

Interesting thoughts

Nikita said...

great post. if only we were proactive instead of our general 'chalta hai' attitude. little things go a long way, especially when the youth takes up the responsibility.
awesome initiative to remind ppl of the things they already know but forget to do

Kaddu said...

The shop where you buy the Cadbury would most probably have a dustbin! :) And even if they don't have one right now, if enough of us ask them "Where's the dustbin?" each time we buy a Cadbury from them, I'm sure they'll arrange for one very soon!

Where there is a will, there is a way. The optimist sees the doughnut, the pessimist sees the hole.

Kaddu said...

Thanks to you yaar! That was a very good list you put together. We all are so ready to always play the blame-game... we forget that it's no one's job to save the world... that if everyone would just do the job they're assigned, live their best life, the world wouldn't need any saving!

Kaddu said...

Pooja, Roshmi, TS:

So practically implementable... that's the beauty of this list! All credit goes to ZB. And yes, as u said, even a handful of us can start a great wave of change. For instance, just say "NO" to plastic bags each time you buy groceries. Eventually, the shopkeepers will have to arrange for some more eco-friendly alternative!

Kaddu said...

You know Niks, I've often mentioned to my Dad... if India had to fight for freedom now, in the present times, we'd probably not be able to carry it off. The Youth today totally lacks the drive to start & sustain an organized mass movement of such large scale! As you said... "chalta hai"! Everything is "chalta hai" for today's Indian youth! We're still looking up to 60-70 year old for leadership, when according to our scriptures, those people should have already gone on Vanaprastha Ashram by now! Unless the Youth wakes up & takes responsibility, the country cannot develop! In fact, no change is possible if the Youth doesn't get proactive! So true...

Tangerine said...

Hey! That is a great list!! Really inspiring... Good one girl!

Kaddu said...

:D Well... the list was created by ZB... so u'll hv to visit his blog to congratulate him! Or maybe not... if he has subscribed to the comments on this post, then perhaps he would have got your comment in his inbox! :D But I agree with u... the list is really inspiring... for the sheer fact that all these things are such common sense stuff!

Abhiroop Banerjee said...

and, stop staring. it is not cool.

Kaddu said...

Yes... it isn't! I can't think of ONE reason why guys would believe staring makes them look cool!

thebutterflydiaries said...


We can help by conserving water, every drop helps! Conserving water also conserves energy! Think of how much energy it took to collect, purify and pump the water to you!

Also think water scarcity and how so many fellow Indians have limited or no access to water!

thebutterflydiaries said...

Thank you for such a positive act to better our nation!

Kaddu said...

Thanks for ur inputs! Yes, conserving resources in all forms is so very important.

Abhiroop Banerjee said...

Feed nutritious Aloo Jhol to poor hungry struggling bachelors. This will help you: 1) be a generous host and live up to the traditions of hospitality that Rajasthan is renowned for. 2) feed the hungry and fight malnutrition 3) Help the socially and economically disadvantaged 4) remove entrenched prejudices against bullying maru didis.

Chicky a.k.a. Kaddu said...

@OB: Ahem.

Abhiroop Banerjee said...


Chicky said...


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