You miss your loved ones when you are having the blues... but you miss them even more when you've accomplished something very special or important! Isn't it amazing?

P.S. - No, I'm not becoming a micro-blogger! This is just a one-time random post! My usual "1000-words" will soon follow! :D

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dmanji said...

Ya !!! its been sometime since you posted your 1000 liners :D

Vyazz said...

I really thought you had begin tweeting on a personal basis!!!.....been a while since I came to ur blog!!

ZB said...

yea, I am sure you r right.Though i dont relate to this, since i havent accomplished anything yet.

Waiting for you 1K posts. TC:D

Neha said...

wah wah...

waiting for 1000 words post now...ummm, can it be 500 to 600 words post please :P

The Survivor said...

Very True!!

I need people around to boast my achievements :D

Roshmi Sinha said...

Profound! I get it... you are currently in your 'philosophical phase' ;)

Kaddu said...

Coming up soon... promise! Ok, maybe not exactly 1000 words,maybe half of that... but coming up with a proper non-FarmVille post very soon! Maybe even today! :D

Kaddu said...

LOL! I'm afraid Twitter doesn't entice me too much, though I hv started updating it more frequently now! There's some kind of new thing there these days... called 'lists', which I don't get as usual!

Kaddu said...

You're nuts, as always! Haven't accomplished anything yet... ha ha ha ha!

Kaddu said...

Your wish... my command! ;) :p

Kaddu said...

So true! Soooooo true! Even my horoscope for today says the same thing... see...

"Ask for what you need, which is more pampering, indulging and feeling comforted. You definitely want to be on the receiving end."

Kaddu said...

LOL! You mean I'm in my "Dhongi Kaddu Maata" Avtaar currently? ;)
He he :p

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