Marriage seems to be a major stress point in the Indian society... both for males as well as females.

If you are a male, single, and are not financially settled, it automatically gets translated to "Oh my God! How will you get married?" And since getting married seems to be the only worthwhile *accomplishment* for anyone in the Indian society, it means that you are DOOMED! You are a *good-for-nothing* fellow!

If you are a female, then things are equally bad. Nobody takes you seriously, even if you are running the entire house by yourself, AND managing your studies at the same time! The females in your neighborhood treat you like some no-brainer-kid... even if they might actually be younger than you in both age and experience! Why? Just because they happen to be married and you aren't! Not even the housemaids give you any respect... just because you are a "Didi" and not a "Memsaab"!

What the hell! Why is that pinch of "sindoor" so important anyway? At times I get the feeling that you could be the most successful female of the country and yet nobody will truly respect you here... if you aren't married too!

We Indians really need to set our priorities right... always focusing too much on irrelevant things! Can't understand why it's so difficult for Indians to just accept people for what they are... and not for how much they earn, or how many kids they have! "Developing country" my foot! Nothing's changed here in the last 60+ years of independence... and nothing will for at least another 200 years! Just remain focused on getting married and producing babies! And make life hell for anyone who doesn't do this!

P.S. - Exactly 1 week from today, 'miss_teerious' will celebrate her 3rd birthday. I was hoping to complete 300 posts by then, but my mind's got completely distracted with the "surprise" I'm working on! I wonder if I'll even remember to make a "birthday post" here! Do remind me guys, if it looks like I've forgotten!

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Vyazz said...

All of us know the archaic system of Indian society. I suppose there is a great deal of pressure from all of us to get "settled" whether we like it or not. Frankly I like to take things easily not scurry around like rats trying to find ur life partner or a job within a year's time.
To each of his own I guess!

Rashmi said...

Exactly my sentiments on the marriage part...we as a nation need some real drastic shift from our age old beliefs to acquire some new sensible ones...

As for the birthday post i'll put a reminder forsure :)
Rashmi :)

Kaddu said...

Yeah, I feel the same way. In fact, if I feel I'm being "pushed" into something, I automatically develop a repulsion towards it! We Indians really need to learn to give "space" to people.

Kaddu said...

So true. We have a long way to go. And I knew I could trust you to send me a reminder! :p

Neha said...

oh darn, so very true re...I am married, so I know what kind of respect I get...u said it all aptly...but trouble with me - I got married at a very early age (at 22) and been married for 5 years..still studying and and running my own not planned for a kid so far...u can imagine what kind of questions/reactions i must be getting..ppl have recommended me 100 ways to conceive..n it is so very irritating re..can't they simply understand we live in the world of easily available precautions?

oh I vented it all out here..but too frustrated cos of this stupid society and its mentality..humph

oh btw, congratulations in advance for completing three years..I won't be around when u celebrate it as i will be celebrating my 5th anniversary at Kerala :D ciao girlie...will chk it all out whn I am bck :)))

Makk said...


Good for nthing....Ratan Tata is good for he is single.


dmanji said...

Just for reference our Hon. Railway Minister is still not married yet she may become the most powerful woman in West Bengal in a years time :D .... but She was also mocked for not being married when her political career was down .... You are right people in this country are too worried about the marital status of the others .....

Kaddu said...

Oh right... after u get married, they find another point to pester you on... having a baby! Anyone would thing we were still living in the age of Adam & Eve, where your reproducing was essential for the survival of the human race! Funny really! Anyways, have super fun in Kerela! Happy Anniversary in advance! :D

Kaddu said...

Arreeeee, read carefully na... I said "male, single, and are **not** financially settled"! These are the characteristics that make you "good-for-nothing"!

Kaddu said...

Exactly! The only way to survive is to raise yourself to such a position of power that people don't even dare to question you about it! Well, at least not to your face... but then, nothing will stop ever them discussing about "what's wrong with you" behind your back!

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