Diwali 2009 - Photographs

Diwali, for me, is usually a time of painful nostalgia... reminding me of all the long gone happy family times that can never come back now. This year was no different. I was in all mood to cut-short most of the festivities. But then something gave in.

As I stood in my balcony, passing bits of cello tape to my Dad, so he could hang the electric lights outside, the persistent feeling of loss was suddenly overtaken by that of togetherness. Diwali is a time for family bonding... and while I could not recreate the old memories anymore, I definitely could create new ones, if I wanted to. I decided that I did.

As it is, Diwali is the only time in the entire year that we indulge in any form of "idol-worship"! My Dad and I, we are both totally NOT into daily ritualistic Puja. So I figured since I wasn't going to do this again for one whole year, I might as well enjoy it to all my heart's content right now! :D

The best part of Diwali for me is the chance to explore my creative potential -- dressing the Ganesh-Laxmi pratimas in different styles each year, decorating their aasans differently, arranging the diyas and lights in various patterns... so much more!

We started with the "Diya Puja" - worshiping the light in our lives. Then the standard set of 21 silver coins - for prosperity. And finally Ganesh and Laxmi. It was fun!

So finally... slightly belated I know... but wish you all a very Prosperous Deepawali! :D

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♥ÐÅyÐяєÅмє®♥ said...

happy diwali to u

Roshmi Sinha said...

Thanks for sharing those lovely pics!

Wish you a very happy, safe and prosperous Diwali... !!! May the festival of lights bring lots of happiness and colour into your life and a New Year blessed with prosperity!

Anutations said...

Aah, I can so relate to the passing on bits of cello tape to put on the lights... We 'wasted' lots of tape in the process, 'coz it never stuck to the wall.. Had to eventually get that thing to remain by using wires from last year's circuit.. Lol! :)

Man, I can NEVER dress up idols.. though I quite religiously do puja everyday.. Dressing 'em up? Not my cup of tea.. :)

Wish u a belated Happy Diwali too!(We, in North India, don't actually say 'belated' for Diwali wishes till mid November, like you would know Kaddu!) :D

Kaddu said...

Same to u! :)

Wow! So many gud wishes! Thanks yaar! And er... when u hv already written such nice things, there really is no point in me repeating the same stuff... right? So I'll simply say "same to you" too! :p

Kaddu said...

LOL! Yeah... it's an entire Diwali month for us... from 15 days before the grand day to 15 days after it! ;) :p

We didn't waste any cello tape 'coz we had to stick the wire to the metal railing of our balcony! :D

And lastly, what's with the 'B'? Any particular reason for naming ur blogger profile as 'B'?

Pooja Mahimkar said...

hey happy diwali to you too... and even i love diwlai so muchhh.....and i totally agree when you say it sortof makes us nostalgic.. so true!

avdi said...

It surely is a special time.

Neha said...

wil chk the pics tomo on ur fb account...hope u ve had a nice Diwali...mine was too hectic...shaadi ke baad aisi hi diwali hoti hai..

Nikita said...

oh well....happy diwali to you! n tough as it seems at times...it's just good to retain something of the festive flavor in our lives...brings back the smiles :)

Anutations said...

B stands for Bhargavi(Ayyee emmm aa pakka soouuutth yiindiiiaan). Anu(is what I am known at home) is my alter ego, which is why sometimes on your commments page, you'll find stuff like "B says... " that ends with "Cheers,Anu". Split personlity, my dear :P Call me whatever, I the don't minds! :D(But my other split-personality might object!) Lol.


Anutations said...

Did I just post the same comment twice? :D Lol. Please dont publish the 1st one then :P


Anu :)

DiDo said...

Thank u ...same to u.. The pic iss beautiful :) .. hope u had a blasttt

timethief said...

May the lights of this Diwal remind us to be more mindful of the light in our lives this coming year. May they also remind us of the sacred duty we have to lighten the burdens of others in our lives and be a lamp unto their feet.


P.S. I am at Blogged too so let's be friends there as well. :)

Kaddu said...

Thanks girl! :D

Yeah! :D All that smoke of the crackers... and the sudden bhadaam-bhadooms! He he! :p Everything is special!

Kaddu said...

Did u wear Sari on Diwali? :D

Thanks yaar! And same to u! :D
I remember I have to send u an email, right? :p Ok let me see if I can manage to get it all together in the next couple of days.

Kaddu said...

B/Anu (Whoever it is who's reading this right now... ROTFL!):
Loved the '?' at the end of ur comment! Ha ha ha! =))

Kaddu said...

Naah... I got just one of those comments.

Kaddu said...

Thanks DidO. Do chk out the rest of the pics too... the link at the end of the post is accessible to everybody. Yes, I had a blassttt! A quite one though! :D

Kaddu said...

Thanks for leaving your footsteps behind pal! Yes... that's why I still have this "lighthouse" as my blog template! To serve as a constant reminder! :)
Got u on blogged... though I'm very irregular there. I'm still a die-hard fan of Google Reader. :p

ZB said...

happy belated wishes...by the look of it i am sure u had a blast...TC:)

Neha said...

kaddu, how did u guess? i wore sari on dhanteras as well as Diwali...ewwww i hate it :P

Kaddu said...

Thanks! Yes... had fun! :D

Aise hi... just had a feeling u must hv worn a sari... :p
Aise occasions pe to chalti hai... no?

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