Catching Up...

Ok fellows... life is becoming more-and-more hectic day-by-day. Planning a New Year surprise gift for you all... so keep watching this space. :)

Taking a break from Farming after harvesting the current crop on my Farm today evening. So be prepared to find unploughed land if you drop in for a visit!

Been catching up with my Blogging Community lately... have finished going through almost all the blogs... just 4 left now -- Shilpa's, Nikita's, Sumit's and Parv's second blog. Though I must confess, I've left just 2 comments so far! :p

I have another tag-to-do from ZB and a couple of awards to collect from Avada:

1. Blog Buddy Award

2. I Love Your Blog Award

Thanks Avada! :)

Have a few pending posts lined up too... so let's get down to work now! :D

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Want to Add Something?

Neha said...

you are taking a break from farmville? and I left it long's become too boring now...koi aur better game hai kya fb pe? and oh yeah, waiting for the pending posts :P

Kaddu said...

The other games... I found them even more boring! :D

There's still a bit left to do in FarmVille though... the Villa hasn't unlocked yet... also a few blue ribbons left. Will hv to do all that later now though...

Dhiman said...

I too have been off radar for sometime and maybe will be off still for some more time .... but may pop up to comment once in a while maybe :D ....

Mukund said...

I have not yet played farmville... need to try it out.. have been hearing about it a lot... and ohhh I love surprises.. :)

SLt. Parv Kaushik said...

man u retiring from farm ville??? i think zynga ppl will be dissapointd!! it was soo nice of you to mention my blog!!

keep blogging!

DiDo said...

taking a break frm farmville??? i dont believe it... I just cant get enuff of tht game.. its got me addicted ...!!

Harini said...

Heheh.. waiting to c what is the big surprise ;).

evanescentthoughts said...

Since I am still in the initial levels, I like farmville.. you have a pretty farm girl..good to have you back in blogosphere

Kaddu said...

Ok... hope you keep popping up after very short gaps! :p

Kaddu said...

Mafia Wars khelne waalon ko Farming pasand nahin aayegi! :p

Stay tuned for the "SURPRISE"! :D

Kaddu said...

Not retiring rey... just taking a short break... go and visit my Farm now... u'll get the biggest shock of ur life! :D :D :D

Kaddu said...

Well buying a Villa is all that's left for me to do now... unless of course they give us more land or introduce some other useless stuff like topiaries! He he! ;)

Kaddu said...

:D :D :D

Kaddu said...

He he... go have a look at my Farm now... it's a total disaster! :p :p

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