Living with the Blind

Some people apparently just hate you so much that no matter what you do, they always find a reason to criticize you.

That doesn't mean that you are a bad person. It simply means that their eyes have lost all beauty... for beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.

If they seem unable to see any reason to love and appreciate you... and to thank God for your presence in their lives... then just ignore them.

They are NOT God. Their views/feelings about you are not the Universal Truth.

Not everybody appreciates the presence of trees around either... their silent gift to our lives... or the Sun that comes out for us every morning... or this air, which people so shamelessly keep polluting!

Know that this is just basic human nature -- to take everything "for granted" -- everything, including the people in their lives.

Know that you are special, despite what such people make you feel. And know that the Universe completely appreciates your presence, or you would already be dead by now!

Love and appreciate yourself... ALWAYS... regardless of what *some* people around you make you feel... for some people simply cannot see beauty.

P.S. - 'Blind' aren't those whose 'eyes' cannot see... they are the ones whose 'hearts' cannot see.

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Want to Add Something?

Neha said...

hope you all agree now that I am the best...I keep repeating that again and again...;)

jokes apart, very well written...and ahem, 2 posts back to back without any mention of the farm...hmmm...but I wont let u rest until you click one farm pic with me there...

Kaddu said...

Yes Neha... I agree... "I am the best"! :p He he he!

Yeah... farming is losing its stronghold gradually now! Like I said, I work in fits... and this "fit" is about to come to an end soon... when I'll get into some other "fit"!

From the way things are going currently, it seems like the next one is going to be a German fit!

And yeah... I am going to take another pic of my farm soon... full farm this time... so that people can get an idea of how urgently more land is required! And in this next pic, I'll definitely get a pic of u! :D

Glad to know u aren't sulking anymore! :D :p :)

Motormouth. said...

That last line DID have a punch :D Well written :) I totally agree with what you have to say. But don't you think , we fellow mortals do the same to few others? I think we have to find the balance b/w love and hate :)

Kaddu said...

Yeah majority of us do this to not only our fellow humans, but the Universe at large. We certainly DO need to find a balance in the way we treat the world around us.

evanescentthoughts said...

wow.. that was an amazing post gal!!! just loved it.. I will take a printout of this and stick it on the wall.. will help me to cheer up when I am feeling sad :)

Kaddu said...

Thanks yaar! Even I need to take a printout of this and stick it on my bedroom wall... I keep forgetting this all the time!

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