Child Abuse

As most of you already know, Nikita Gupta started another blog sometime ago, called - "A Little Psycho-Babble".

Want to share a link to her latest post on the after-effects of Child Sexual Abuse... "CSA: Psychological Dynamics".

She's planning to write more on this subject in her new blog. Also, her Masters dissertation topic, "on victims of incestuous rape and sexual abuse", got approved finally, after much haggling with her professors apparently!

So she needs more research material on this... case studies, feedback, good references and your personal views on it. If you feel you may have anything to share, please drop her a comment. You can also email her if you wish to remain anonymous... her email ID is given in her Blogger profile.

And no... before any of you mention it... she's NOT paying me for this publicity! :)) I'm doing this out of my own accord... because for once, somebody is actually putting blogging to some productive use! :D

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Want to Add Something?

Nikita said...

Kaddu! Thanks for sharing the post and helping out with asking people for references and opinions. I could use all the help I can get! Thanks a ton, really. :)

Dhiman said...

I know you are not being paid for this publicity :D.... but its good that you are trying make it reach a wider audience ....

Kaddu said...

It's the least I can do...

Yeah... just trying to put in my little bit... for a good cause...

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