Adding Colors to My Smile!

Tried the Smiley pattern on my Farm with different combinations of crops. Posting some pics below:

Blueberries and Strawberries - bad idea!

Blueberries and AloeVera - The Blueberries aren't ripe yet, and the Aloe Vera flowers look like Diwali lighting in my Farm! :D

Blueberries and AloeVera - Both ready for harvest - Looks AWESOME!

Carrots and Rice - Both ready for harvest - Looks so-so...

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sujata said...

very busy farming I see..

Motormouth. said...

Oye Lady! U seem to have fallen in love with Farm-Ville :D

Roshmi Sinha said...

Keep going and get a rich harvest... that'll get better and better ;)

Cabin-boy Dave said...

You know, I don't think I'll ever understand the joy of farming in a computer game. Call me old-school but I still prefer frying an alien's guts to anything that involves harvesting eggplants :P

Neha said...

lovely.........n he he reply to my comment for this post on FB wont to my farm is also 22x22 :))))))))))))))))))

Neha said...

oh, sorry, i expanded it to 20x20...n btw, keep rotating ur neighbours all the time while taking the least I will also show na...isme ek bhi pic me main nai hu..:(

Tangerine said...

addicted to the smile, huh?

Dhiman said...

BTW different styles of smiles are looking nice :) and your are becoming a expert farm artist :D

Kaddu said...


Yesssss! Sooooo in love with it!

Amen to that!

Duhh! U men are always so destructive! We women, on the other hand, are so creative!

Ohhhhh righhhtttt! I was also thinking that all pics are showing the same tail-ender neighbors... who don't even play this game! Gud idea! Next time I'll click on the left arrow before taking the screenshot!

Sh@s said...

Very creative.

Vinay Sharma said...

height of time-pass, i feel :P

Kaddu said...

Thanks. You didn't add me btw???

'Free'-time Pass! :D

Aparna said...

First time on your blog, came through Sujata's.
I see you are seriously into farming. I am so glad the Mafias have not taken over and destroyed it. Some of my friends are addicted to the game.

evanescentthoughts said...

hey that's so cute.. Should I also start farming? *confused* I dont want to get more addictions :( already addicted to so many things..

Shilpa Garg said...

Amazing Creativity Kadambari!! You are a Pro Farmer now!! :)

Great Going!!

Kaddu said...

Welcome to my blog yaar! U chose a really bad time to start reading me though... I'm totally ignoring my blog these days, as u can see! Hopefully, I shud get back into the writing mode soon!

Kaddu said...

Well it's addictive for sure! But yeah, it's cute. All I'll say is... "Start playing this game at ur own risk"! :D

Kaddu said...

Aahh! Wish I cud be more like u though... u seem to be able to manage ur farm as well as the blog. Whereas I seem to get caught up in single track only!
Oh well, ok... not single track exactly... 'coz I'm equally caught up in my German course as well... but at the expense of my poor blog! :(

sobhit said...

n awesum work wid d blueberries.. wot do v call dis art?? skips me rite now...

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