Scrumptious Kaddu!

He he! Normally people detest "Kaddus", but Sandhya seems to love them! She has given the "Scrumptious Blog Award" to this 'Kaddu'! :D

Scrumptious Blog Award

Wish the pic had a Halloween pumpkin instead of this angel though! :p

By the way, the Award also came with a tag -- but I have already done that tag last month. So just posting the link to it again -- "The ABC Tag".

And I pass on this Award and the Tag to Mukund, Tangerine and Iggy.

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Iggy said...

Thank you so much for the award :) My very first! :D

Kaddu said...

You deserved it... it's always fun reading your posts! :D

Roshmi Sinha said...

Congos... for the award! :)

ZB said...

congrats to you. And the winners.:)

preposterous girl said...

Wah wah.. Congratulations jee..
Award par award liye chale ja rahe ho.. :-)
Ab party bhi de do.. !! :D :D

Kaddu said...

Thanks! :D
There are 3 more left... there is one for you too! [wink wink] :D

Kaddu said...

Thanks! :D

Kaddu said...

Arre waah! Saara kaam main hi karoongi kya? I'm taking the awards, YOU give the party! :D

He he! Wait... There is one for you also... still to post it here! ;)

sujata said...

Congrats!! its raining awards on your blog it seems. i liked your signature after each post.Can you teach me how to do that? is that a picture you paste?

Kaddu said...

Yupp, it sure is! Earlier it was raining tags! And now awards! Ha ha ha!

The signature: I have just replied to another visitor. Chk the comments on my previous post (Zombie Chickens). If you need further help, let me know. My email id is there on my blogger profile.

Motormouth. said...

Ah!! Sweet! Looks like it's raining awards and mine is one among then :P Btw, there are 3 more awards.. read my blog! :D
Enjoy the awards!!

Kaddu said...

Lol! You are the one who's primarily responsible for this award shower on my blog. :D Yes, I saw the 3 other awards too... am still trying to figure out which one of them is more befitting to which of my blog friends. Another award post coming soon! :D
And yeah... I added u on gtalk. Let's meet up sometime. Cheers! :)

ani_aset said...

congrats hai :D

preposterous girl said...

heheeh achha mere liye bhi hai..Fir to party pakka.. :D :D

Kaddu said...

Thank you hai! :D

Kaddu said...

ha ha ha ha! award ke naam se sab paagal ho jaate hain! :D
he he! main bhi! :p

Mahesh Nayak said...

Congrats dude, you are doing good.

Kaddu said...

Thanks dude! :D

Rashmi said...

Mujhse toh koi pyaal hi nahi kalta :( koi bhi award nahi mila mujhe uuuuaaaannnnn uuuuaaaannnnn :(

Kaddu said...

Ha ha ha ha! Looks like u didn't read the earlier post on "Zombie Chickens'! I said I've received FIVE awards recently, but this one is only the 2nd that I have posted here. There are 3 still left... :D

Tangerine said...

Thank u! Thank u! Thank u!

Kaddu said...

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! :D
And welcome back too! :D

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