Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Blogging Ethics!

If you decide to comment on someone's blog-post, make sure you read it in FULL first! If it's too long for your patience, just skip it. Better not to say anything at all than say something stupid!

And don't argue just for the sake of arguing. Try to understand what the blogger has said in his/her post, and keep your comments within the relevant context of the post!

Don't make the blogger repeat what he/she has already written in the post. If you do that, you are just portraying yourself as too dumb! Pay attention to the details.

If the blogger has raised a genuine issue prevalent in the society, accept it with grace. Denial of something that exists doesn't obliterate its existence!

Don't attempt to steer the conversation towards a completely different direction.That is not funny at all. Neither does it reflect any intelligence on your part!

If someone expresses their views about something on their blog, that doesn't mean they are IMPOSING those views upon you. If you feel that way, it's totally your distorted perception!

. . .

My last post attracted a loooooooooong comment from some blogger I've never interacted with before. He specifically requested not to publish his comment! So I didn't. And because I make it a point to reply to all comments out of courtesy (even if I don't publish someone's comment for any reason, I still let him/her know the reason), I looked up this fellow's email id on his blogger profile and replied to his comment by email.

Since then, this guy has sent me 3 more emails... all extremely long ones, and full of rude and abusive comments... each one more abusive than the last one... despite the fact that he is almost 10 years younger than me!

Even after I made clear to him that I do not wish to have any further communication with him, he sent me another such "abusive mail"! And when I simply ignored it, he pinged me from this "Yahoo pingbox" installed here on my blog! And started throwing abusive remarks directed towards my parents! Thankfully, Yahoo gives us the option of blocking someone! And I used that option against him eventually!

I normally make every possible effort to protect the privacy of my blog readers. Anything that you guys share with me at a personal level, I don't disclose it to anyone else without permission. I have had lots of private conversations on this Yahoo Pingbox with so many of you. The information you share with me remains with me!

But in this guy's case, I have to make an exception here... 'coz he's officially "stalking" me now. Sending personally abusive emails (even after I have explicitly asked him not to contact me again!) and messages on chat abusing any of my parents... that's big-time stalking! This is not funny at all! So whoever you are Mr. "The M"... please be very careful. Anything you say can be and will be held against you if I decide to file legal proceedings against you. And you are not invincible just because you happen to be on the internet! All your moves on the web can be tracked easily.

So try not to overstep the ethical boundaries of blogging and communicating on the internet!

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Sugandha Gupta said...

ahhh thts the spirit ... such a jerk who so ever s/he is ... m glad tht u wrote this post... huh

Sumit said...

That's outrageous!! But why is this idiotic M targeting you?

Hopeless Romantic said...

Seems like blogging rules phenomenon is catch on, pat on the back for amit :D

OK, i think you don't need to do anything drastic here, simply expose his blog and his email id in a post on your blog. If you feel you have not done anything wrong and he doesn't have anything in mails which can make you potentially embarrassed later on, you should not think twice before exposing this stalker. Rest depends on you!

Stay safe,

Shilpa Garg said...

Hey! This post is so very apt and relevant and true and very much needed...the blogging ethics I mean.
I am amazed at people's comments at each other's blog...some are downright rude...
And some are downright funny...funny in the sense that there are such glorious praises and flowery words and motivational phrases to posts which are Cut-Copy-Paste from Forward Emails!!
I mean, there has to be a limit!!

Siddhesh 'Ravan' Kabe said...

Oh my...must be some jobless guy trying to show himself how cool he is... take care..and Mr. M. legal cases can trace each and every person who comments dude.
Even if you are from a cyber cafe...its very very easy.

Siddhesh 'Ravan' Kabe said...

Eh...and I hope the argument part is not for me...:D heh heh heh...

Nikita said... i hate it myself when ppl make senseless, thoughtless comments. but you are bound to ruffle some feathers when you write a post as strongly worded as your last. personally, i chose not to comment on it cuz i did not agree and yet there was no point for argument cuz it was clearly ur personal view on the matter! argument for the sake of argument is a huge turn-off

Kaddu said...

Yeah... starting on personal comments directed towards my parents was too immature. Rest everything can easily be taken in one's stride!

Kaddu said...

Perhaps he just wanted someone to listen to his grievances??? I honestly don't know dude! Why did that Mr. Anonymous target Nikita's post on male bashing?

Besides, it's the first time I've seen this ID in blogosphere, and I replied only out of courtesy. Had I even the slightest clue about what I was letting myself in for, I would never bothered to reply to his comment!

Strange thing is that Nikita made absolutely clear what kind of guys she was talking about. I made it absolutely clear too! And the remark "Men are Dogs" was clearly meant in a lighter tone, as anyone who clicks through that link can see! That post is just a very common SMS joke that used to do the rounds earlier!

So accusing me of generalization... when I have ended my post with the statement that there are more good guys than such jerks! Even dedicated my post to such good men! Well, I for one can't make any sense out of it u know! It's too illogical for me to grasp, unless of course guys haven't read anything of the post beyond that line!

Kaddu said...

Haaah! I'm not giving him a link from here dude! And I don't expose email IDs in public either. Neither can I disclose on my blog as to what exactly he said. That would weaken my case if I he gets nastier and I have to seek professional help. So just be wary of "The M".

Kaddu said...

Totally agreed! Besides, healthy debates are always welcome, as long as you give logical reasons for your points. But talking like the ex CM of Bihar ????

Kaddu said...

:D Well you did irritate me slightly, but I could make out u were doing it on purpose. You never crossed your limits though. :)

Kaddu said...

Exactly! And I mentioned very clearly in my post at several occasions that it's just a personal rant... that I'm just letting off steam here, 'coz that's the only way I'm able to do it... thru writing! And I gave the option that people can choose to completely ignore the post if they want to!

Actually, Shobhit was the only person who raised a valid objection in the entire discussion - that I should not compare such adorable and faithful creatures as dogs and bitches with such guys and girls!

As the Mind Meanders said...


Ignore him... I guess your post made him see a mirror... I don't even think this fool is worth blog space...

And you should have put his full name up here...

Kaddu said...

Well, he blogs as "The M"... so that's what I mentioned here. So that you guys can watch out for him. Most bloggers like to keep their real name private, so I didn't disclose his real name.

ZB said...

awwwwwww, thats seriously bad. I would just say just ignore such people, and doent even care to send an email or reply in the future.
Take care, sorry to hear that...TC:)

Dhiman said...

This is gross indeed ! Arguments do happen but one should not cross boundaries very right I think like suggested earlier ...expose his blog url and his email id so others too can be aware of such the person("The M" can change his signature so url will be helpful)....
and internet is filled with such people who have graduated from Yahoo Chatroom ...I remember the kind of abusing that used to go on there... Good that you posted about him...

preposterousgirl said...

Oh such good-for-nothing jerks are out there... How can someone abuse anyone for their personal opinion..
kaddu.. I think you should reveal his identity here.. Aargh. I hate such people..
Kudos to u that u've put these ethics for this MR.M.. :|
Mr. M... ,
If u r good for nothing then please stay wherever u r.. Trying to stalk someone will take u nowhere and neither does it shows any kind of
Anyways ur cowardice was visible from the point u mentioned not to publish ur post..
If u have some opinin y not stand by it..

SLt. Parv Kaushik said...

this was a sad case to hear from you... it hurt me soo much to listen to your woes... i feel anger toward this sick guy... i think u shld go ahead and file a case against him... if you dnt hell continue stalking ppl over the net

pawan said...

Incidentally, all the Donts's you mentioned above to be kept in mind while commenting on a post have been breached by me in the last comment I posted on your blog.

As I told you earlier, I didn't want to argue or didn't wanted to prove that girls are bad asses. I wrote that comment out of pure emotion even though I knew it didn't fit there. But it could serve as a small continuation for your post though. I read the whole post through, and if I ever comment on a blog post, it means that I have read the post completely.

This "The M" guy looks like a fag and its best to ignore him!

A good post though, but it made me feel guilty for the whole day, as I breached all the rules!


Indian Pundit said...

Hey Kaddu

Oh my God.......

Very sorry to hear about your experience.

Jerks are everywhere.....u stay safe.


Indian Pundit said...

I read your last post.

What u wrote is ABSOLUTELY TRUE.

i know many such men...oh-sorry "guys"......

its very very sad but true.......

We are living in the Age Of Decadence!!


Kaddu said...

Yes, that's what I'm going to do. IGNORE!

Kaddu said...

I'm not sending any free traffic his way buddy! Not AFTER the emails I've recd!

Kaddu said...

Actually, he DID send me 2 more comments yesterday... but my internet was not working at that time. The 2nd comment told me specifically to have the balls to publish his comments! But like I said, I have no wishes to send any free traffic his way!

Kaddu said...

That's ok dude... we all learn as we experience different things in life. Yes, it wasn't a very good time to bombard me with grudges against females, considering my emotional state at the time... as is very obvious from my blog post! But it's ok... lesson learnt! :)

Kaddu said...

Someone once said: "people are not bad... they just go through some bad times." :)

Naina said...

hey :) you got me right.. I am the pink orchid.. now blogging in the name of rane.. thank you for not forgetting me.. i deleted my previous blogs.. but i am back with 'soul of a woman'..hope to see you there.. :)

Kaddu said...

Oh! Ok let me check it out then.

♥ÐÅyÐяєÅмє®♥ said...

Don't get pissed off...this is part of blogging... just ignore his abuses...

Kaddu said...


Mahesh Sindbandge said...

everyone is on roll to teach bloggers , rules and all :P

like amith of hopeless romantic did recently :)

Kaddu said...

Yeah. Although mine were general blogging rules, while his were specific to him, as he very clearly stated in his post. Next is also going to be along similar lines btw.

Motormouth. said...

Hey lady! Chill, there are lots of freaks around.. Spam his mail. Ignore him :D Next time you receive a mail, send him a nice blooper.. I think he's just plain 'stupid', 'despo' and everything else with no life at all.. Chuck it.. :)
Every basket has a rotten apple.. Don't let the rotten one, take the freshness of the others !

Kaddu said...

LOL! Chilled! :D

Dazediva said...

Are you serious ? what a douchebag !

Honestly it seems that despite the fact that the concept of blogging is about 'freedom of expression' .. some people are just not able to deal with what others might have to say ...

You're totally right in saying that just cos someone is blogging about something doesn't mean they are imposing their views on you ... You have a choice .. either read the whole post or skip the post if the topic is something that you don't agree with or feel for ... Doesn't mean you lash out at someone just 'cos they don't have the same views as you ...

Although Kads, you do realise this means you have hit a nerve with the punk who has to prove to you that he must have the last say LOL aaahhh being popular does have downsides :P now block the dude already from everywhere lol

Kaddu said...

Just saw Shahid Kapoor being interview by the Samay channel in TV... the interviewer was asking him why he played this 'anti-hero' look in 'Kaminey', considering the fact that he always played a "chocolate-boy" earlier.

So I guess it's just common human mentality... I mean Shahid is free to play whatever roles appeal to him. It's his own choice. And similarly, we, as the audience, are free to watch the trailers, and then decide if we want to watch the full movie or not. Simple. Nobody imposes anything on anyone.

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