Back to School!

Learning a new language is super fun! Makes you feel like a 6-year old once again!

The immense pride you feel when you are finally able to get a firm grasp on big words like “ausgezeichnet” (which means ‘excellent’ by the way) and “Reisebüroangestellte” (which means ‘Travel Agency Employee’)… and when you are finally able to crack the mystery regarding when to use “kommen” and when to use “komme”, or the difference between “busfahrer” and “busfahrerin” or “Sekretär” and “Sekretärin”… it is enough to give you a *high* stronger than the strongest of drinks can possibly give you!

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And when your clumsy attempts at making *new* 5-word sentences (‘new’ meaning ‘which aren’t already there in your “kursbuch” or the handouts given to you in class’!) happen to be successful (Ok, *sort of successful*… because you mixed up ‘for’ and ‘from’, and used “aus” where you really wanted to use “für”!)… and when you remember to say “danke” (‘thank you’) to the teacher when she tells you that your introduction about yourself, in Deutsch, was just “wunderbar” (‘wonderful’)… all of it makes you feel like you are some kind of super-mortal! That you are simply the ‘coolest person alive on this planet’! That you are ‘the bessssssttttttt’! :D

So that you stand in front of the full-length mirror at home… look at your reflection with shameless pride… and blow a loud “muuuuuaaaaahhhhh” towards you… with the silliest possible grin plastered on your face that seems to have become stuck there for like eternity now! :D

Even the euphoria of being in love doesn’t come anywhere close to this feeling! He he he! I’m still displaying my silly grin unashamedly! :D

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preposterous girl said...

Hey kaddu..
had ho gayi ab to..Yaad bhi hai when u last came to my blog.. :( Agreed nothing much to comment on tags but still I managed to write 1-2 posts in between those tags..
I have thought of a punishment for u if u r not going to visit my blog soon or come up with real solid reason..

And that is I'll tag u.. >;( :|

Dhiman said...

Learning different language is always a fun... Good that you started learning German.... Is it easy or tough ?

Arslan said...

silly grin back. :D

I'll probably have a chance to use Deutsche soon!! :P (not that I know any of it)

Motormouth. said...

This was a really nice one!! :)
Learning new things is a part and parcel of life, and doing it well, its the best thing ever!!
Happy German Learning :D

Mahesh Nayak said...

U learning russian? great !! :)

navadeep said...

That was a beautiful post...and why exactly are u learning german?is it a requirement? Guten nacht kaddu... ;)

Shas said...

'wunderbar' gal!!

Hope you keep grinning from ear to ear.. all the time. Best of luck!

SLt. Parv Kaushik said...

i simply loved this one!!!! this is fantastic!! i had the same feeling when i was learning french!! wowww!! nice one kaddu!!

Kaddu said...

He he! I hope ab koi shikayat baki nahin hogi tumhari! ;)

No more tags plz... not till November! In fact I still have that 100 things tag from you in my pending-tags-to-do folder!

Kaddu said...

Well... it is definitely tougher than English! Kinda like Sanskrit you know... lots of different variations of the verb depending on the subject - whether singular or plural and whether in 1st person, 2nd person or 3rd person. Also, thr's a lot of stress of gender. So lots of fine details to remember, but it's nevertheless fun! :D

Kaddu said...

Are you going to visit Germany soon? Or are you having any visitors from there?

Kaddu said...

Thanks Sandhya! Yes, and they are even going to show us some German movies after a month or so! It'll be cool! :D

Kaddu said...

Dude! Russian? You are overworked for sure! Take a break buddy... come on chat sometime! Been like ages since we caught up!

Kaddu said...

Guten Morgen, Navadeep! Wie geht es dir? :D

Naah, no requirement. Always wanted to learn some foreign language... more than one if possible! And German is the only one being taught currently in Patna. Fortunately, it happens to be a good institute! So I'm cool! :D

Kaddu said...

Danke Shas! :D
Yupp the grin is still on! :D

Kaddu said...

Oh you have learnt French! That's cool yaar! It really feels great, doesn't it, when you can speak so many different languages! :D French is also on my list... along with Spanish! :p

ani_aset said...

aaah the joy of learning a new language
muito lindo :D

preposterous girl said...

Hehehe Haan Mogambo khush hui.. lol I replied to ur coment on my blog.. :)
haan yaar.. is baar tag kuchh jyada hi ho gaye hain.. :( Dont do that 100 wala tag.. Its perfectly fine sweetie.. :)

navadeep said...

es gehts mir gut kaddu... hmmm thats good... i can understand how u must be feeling about it...

Shanu said...

Hey..Man is ur blog addictive or wat! I read thru nearly all ur posts labelled love and i can so relate to ur writings.

Love the way you write...the passion the emotions just flow thru :)

Keep bloggin!

Sumit said...

Wunderbar! Guten tag, Fraulein Kaddu. :)

avdi said...

From where? max muller? German is fun.

Kaddu said...

"muito lindo"? What language is that? My German-English dictionary doesn't recognize either of those words ???

Kaddu said...

Naah... will do it. But have kept it for those occasions when you just can't seem to shake off a tenacious "writer's block"!

Kaddu said...

LOL! Where did u copy that from? :D

Kaddu said...

Ha ha! Straight to 'love'! :D
Thanks for those lovely words of appreciation yaar! I hope you get addicted to it! ;) :p

Kaddu said...

Danke, Herr Sumit! Guten tag! :D

Kaddu said...

I'm doing it from "German Language Center" here in Patna, which is affiliated to Max Mueller. The course structure, books etc are the same -- only the certificate will not be of MMB.

navadeep said...

we were taught german in our a foreign language...but now i remember almost nothing... :(

Kaddu said...

Ohh! We also had German language course in our school... but it was optional, so never bothered to enroll myself for it! Stupid really, 'coz I would have learnt it for free that time, whereas now I'm paying over 9K for just a 3-month course! Sighhhhhhhh! The choices we make in life...

Roshmi Sinha said...

Learning different language is always a fun. I had learnt french while @ college... but have forgotton most of it now... thanks to lack of 'practice' :(

Kaddu said...

:D My sister wants to learn French now. LOL! She's picking up a few German sentences from me, to throw her weight around, you know! ;)

Mahesh Nayak said...

Goofed up, didnt I? Yeah, its been a long long while since I caught up with ya. Was trying to mail ya inbetween but couldnt. I guess I will be free after this week ends. Then I will be having lots of catching up to do. I will be catching up with you later next week.

Kaddu said...

Oh good! Let's definitely catch up on Yahoo next week then. Send me an email if you don't see me on yahoo. I don't login too often there these days.

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