Avoiding the Scum of Blogging

After the events of the last couple of days, I’d like to make certain things clear to everyone.

I started this blog in December 2006, to write about MY life, MY experiences, MY feelings, MY beliefs and MY perceptions about things that happen around me. In short, I write whatever *I* want to write about. (Well, I am not really getting paid for this, am I… that I should write about what others want to read!) In short, this has ALWAYS been MY personal blog. And I’m not going to change it just because over 90 people are reading it now, as compared to around 9 back in March this year!

I don’t force anyone to read my blog or comment on it. This is an open blog. I have not sent an *invite* to any body to read my posts. You read it out of your own choice and for your own reasons.

So if I want to talk about Lord Krishna here, I will. If someday I have a fight with Lord Krishna, I will write about that too. If I want to share something funny here, I will. And if I want to record a beautiful/insightful incident that happened in my life, I’ll pen it down here as well. If something frustrates me any time, I’ll vent THAT out here too. Like I said, this is MY PERSONAL blog. Period.

However, any comments you make on my blog are directly addressed to me. I HAVE to read them, whether I want to or not. So if I EXPLICITLY mention in my post that now is not a good time to rant about your personal grudges in your comments to me, then DO try and show some respect for my need for some space. When I’m in the mood (and IF I’m in the mood!) for it, I will read your rants on your own blog. IMPOSING YOURSELF on someone via comments is not nice. I don’t ever give you guys this kind of treatment on your posts, do I? So I hope you can also be a little nice to me. After all, I write happy posts here more than 80% of the time... posts that give you a reason to smile! And I think I can also do with some smiles thrown my way... especially when I'm sad or hurt.

Oh and everybody has his/her own unique style of writing. I don’t write fiction. Neither do I write poetry. I write all real-life stuff… the good anecdotes from life, as well as the bad ones… all from my personal experiences. And I always write in an equally strong and blunt tone… regardless of whether I’m criticizing something or praising something. So please don’t expect *selective passion* in my writings.

Apart from style, I also have MY OWN language of writing… the one I’m most comfortable expressing myself in. I talk in terms of Chakras, Karma, energy, past-lives… the whole metaphysical gamut. If you don’t understand all these things, please don’t comment simply to point out that I’m an Alien! (I already know that!) Even I don’t understand poetry, so I refrain from commenting on it. I can’t relate to foul language too (posts filled with the F word!), so I don’t comment on them either. If I grew up using ‘sita-fal’ for ‘pumpkin’ and my friend learnt that ‘sita-fal’ meant ‘custard apple’, it doesn’t mean either of us is wrong. We just speak different languages.

Also, phrases in the middle of a sentence, in a different text color than the rest of the sentence, by default, stand for hyperlinks. Highlights are either bold or italicized or in caps… in the SAME color. Please don’t start an argument simply because you couldn’t differentiate between a hyperlink and a highlight.

Lastly, I realize that troublemakers will always show up. Some people just like to stir up unnecessary arguments. Therefore, I have made some changes to my comments policy.

Till now, I published and replied to each and every comment I received, unless they were spam or had any personal information. But from now on, any comments that are irrelevant to the context of the post will not be replied to. And any comments intended to stir up senseless arguments here will neither be published, nor replied to. Sorry guys, but I simply don’t have the time for that sort of scum-of-blogging.

No, I’m not disabling comments – there are a lot of intelligent bloggers too out there, who often have useful add-ons to share on a post, and it’s always a delight reading their take on something.

No, I’m not taking the Yahoo Pingbox off either – it lets my readers interact with me on a real-time basis if required. In fact, the entire “Bloggers Meet @ Delhi” was conceived on this widget!

And no, I’m not taking this *personal* blog off the *public* domain either! A lot of strangers have actually benefited from certain insights posted here. And for such chance visitors, this blog will remain on public domain.

The new comment policy comes into effect from today – August 14th, 2009, 12:00 noon (IST).

If any of you feels hurt by this post, then please keep in mind that the post has not been directed towards anyone personally. And if it feels like a personal attack, it’s just a matter of individual perspective.

Have a clean blogging (creamy blogging?) experience
Cheers! :)

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Want to Add Something?

Shilpa Garg said...

Hey! I like it and second it!! Your blog is whatever you want it to be...so you set the rules! That's a good strategy.
Wishing you loads of Cream of Blogging!
Cheers :)

Siddhesh 'Ravan' Kabe said...

Hmmm...all the points mentioned above are already the unwritten laws in the blogging code-book, i mean any blog is always a personal blog and the author is the sole Generator Organizer and Destroyer (G.O.D.) of the blog. Strange some idiot forgot that point.
I am pretty sure Kaddu the person did it just to annoy you, nothing else.

This is in general addition to your points--->
We all have different perspective, we should have, infact thats why we have a blog. C'mon, if you wish to abuse the author or owner of the blog, do it..no worries, but do it in your own name. Not some anonymous or alias, do not show how coward you are. Isn't it??
well lets home some Valya turns into Valmiki today...

Kaddu...waiting for your post after the scums...:)
Keep Smiling and stay away from Pigs(no pun intended),

Naina said...

let me tell you, you have done a marvelous job by pointing out all this and going all out to explain what this blog is to you and what it should be to others..very well put and points well received..

happy blogging to you too :)


Neelabh said...

Boy!! Have you setup a blog factory!! Why dont you simply delete or ignore comments you dont want to be there. Why to publish a 100000 word blog?? If you are reacting to any comment, the purpose of the commentator is getting satisfied. If there is no reaction then its your win. Peace.. Cheers!!!

Sumit said...

What you say does make sense, Kaddu. I'm sorry about the fact that some jerks like the one you encountered exist, and even sorrier that most of them happen to be males.

However, I hope your new policy will not make it tougher for 'miss_teerious ke fans' like me to comment.

Azad said...

Dear Kaddu,
I started reading your blog because:-
a) You write well!
b) You are from Patna!! ;p

These incidents happen with almost every ardent blogger. Scum comes, scum goes..! But what does one do when scum comes his way??
Either you can mess yourself with the crap or you can step aside and let it pass.
I would just suggest you not to over-react. To sum up; I read on some chick's shirt,
"The more you fight with the pig, the more muddy you get... and the pig loves it both ways!"


Sugandha Gupta said...

Happy Indi Day :)

Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan hehe :)


Kaddu said...

Thanks yaar! I guess we need to adapt ourselves to stay with times. The old policies were fine with 9 readers, but with 90, some changes were in order.

Kaddu said...

Please don't dig it all up again. I guess we all can just move forward now.

Kaddu said...

Thanks and same to u! :)

Kaddu said...

That's what my new comment policy states, doesn't it! You back to blogging officially though? Or gonna disappear off the grid again?

Kaddu said...

Of course not yaar! You are among those bloggers because of whom comments have not been disabled here. :)

Kaddu said...

And now I have officially announced that scum will be passed. :D

Kaddu said...

Same to u! :) We are celebrating it here up on the terrace of our building... everyone in the apartment... complete with jalebis and samosas! ;)

Motormouth. said...

I agree! Totally and wholeheartedly :) It's a personal choice, and I don't think we should allow people to dictate terms. I would like to add another point to this- Never wash your dirty linen in public. Even if your blog is a reflection of the real self, never get too open. You never know,, which scum might take advantage of it :)!

Kaddu said...

Yupp, giving out personal info on the net is never advisable in today's times.

pawan said...

Good decision to keep your blog clean.
Hope this brings more cheer and lessens blogging's scum.

And I back what Sumit said, hope this doesn't effect your blog's ardent followers!

Happy Independence Day!

ZB said...

you know, anger and hurt always brings the best out of us.

This is a post i very well relate to. Your feelings are genuine and universal. Dont feel as an alien. we are human and we get hurt or frustrated when someone purposefully does it to us. And writing about it, or ranting is a good release. Cheer up now and keep blogging the exact way you were doing before. Cheers, TC:))

In a group, there would always be few spoilers. Dont take them seriously.

Happy Independence day to you.

pra said...

You are right.I agree with you totally!!

Kaddu said...

:D I have a crystal aura remember... so everything thrown at me will be highly magnified and returned right back! Which means that all those who are nice to me, I'll be even nicer to them! :D :p He he!

Kaddu said...

Thanks yaar! U r a real gem of a person. Sachchi!

Kaddu said...

Thanks. Your first visit? :-/

preposterous girl said...

Ouch... What happenned to the people out there yaar..Don't they have anything better than using the F-word or just figuring out whats a highlighted thing and whats a hyperlink... :|
BTW on a lighter note.. This post seems like u r scolding us..
Sholly ma'am..Aisa aage se nahi hoga.. :( Shachchi..

P.S. Now pull my cheeks.. :-)

Kaddu said...

Hai na! That's "Kaddu Maata's" "kaal-bhairavi" roop... which shows its face very rarely... and when she's been really pushed to the extreme of all extremes! Rest of the times though, she's as sweet as an angel can be! :D

LOL! Like ZB said above na... anger and hurt bring out the best in us. Due to the entire chain of events here, this blog took one more step towards maturity. And Shilpa was inspired to write that post on different types of comments, that got selected by blogadda as their Spicy Saturday pick!

Therefore, all's well that ends well! Cheers to all of u! Drink lots of water, exercise, smile and don't forget to breathe deeply! :D

Abhiroop Banerjee said...

We have to be RELEVANT?!! I'm doomed.

Kaddu said...

Duhhh! Like you ever post any irrelevant comments!

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