2-Minute 'Maggi' Updates!

My building's transformer is not working since 26th evening. In other words, we don't have any electricity for 3 days now, in the entire apartment. The repair guys came yesterday noon, tried to fix the transformer, but couldn't. Eventually, they left, and now we need to wait for a new transformer. Being India, this could take anything from 2-days to 15-days... or even more, maybe! First it'll have to be "sanctioned"... then they'll need to wait till they get a new transformer in stock... and finally those repairmen will have to find time to actually install the thing!

Fortunately, we DO have power backup in our building, but for obvious reasons, we can't depend on it 24 X 7! For one, the generator needs time to cool down. And two, all the residents of the building will need to shell out extra money for the diesel, in direct proportion to the amount of time it is used. And none of us have money growing from our potted plants here, right!

Bottomline: I don't have regular access to the net right now... and for indefinite period of time. As a matter of fact, I don't even have regular access to a computer right now... or even the ceiling fan above! Oh and washing machines don't work on generator backup... so we're back to washing clothes the old-fashioned way! End result: Various odd sets of muscles in different parts of my body are creaking and groaning in agony, as they always do if you use them after a prolonged period of inactivity! [Aaaaahhhhh!]

Now if only I can manage to lose a couple of kilos during this mess... it'll be worth all the trouble! :p

P.S. - I have 3 more awards to collect from Sandhya, and pass on to some of my "deserving" Blogger friends... will do it as soon as I can.

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Shobhit said...

Ohhh... And I thought Patna was supposed to be having the privileges of being a state's capital...

Well, isn't it good that some states don't discriminate between places falling inside their boundaries ? :p

But apart from all that, why not look at so many positives this situation presents you with. For example...

1. It got you back to being active. Gave your muscles the much needed exercise. :D

2. It surely must have cut down your electricity bill with the computer, washing machine, television, refrigerator, fans, etc. not being used. :p (I hope you didn't spend much on the diesel though.)

3. It made you remember washing clothes the old-fashioned way. (Good for you if someday you end up on a secluded island with no electricity. :p)

4. It surely must have brought back childhood memories from Kanpur. :D

5. It provided you with the opportunity of having candle-light dinners for so many days. (Even if the dinner consists of just 'Maggi'. :p)

6. It gave you something to write about as a new post. (Not that you are anywhere short of ideas for that. :D)

You should imagine the life in historical times a few hundred years ago. Wudn't it have been exciting... ? :D (Only that those people back then didn't have the hopes of having the repair guys come and fix the transformers. And I don't think they'd have to spend extra cash on diesel too. :p)

So, you see, it's not so bad after all.... :D :p

Kaddu said...

Btw, u forgot AC in point no. 2. Not that I kept it on for too long! Diesel is expensive! :( Good news is that they got someone from the electricity dept here in the evening today... some senior person... and he said they have got the new transformer, just need to load it and send it here. So hopefully tomorrow! Keeping fingers crossed!

Motormouth. said...

That was a very very funny post :D We in Chennai have power cuts for 8hrs straight! I know the agony :P

ZB said...

This is such a poignant post....makes me cry.:(((...

I wish i could courier you some electricity in cans and bottles...but what are wishes....:(

But i am sure..it would be fun living like those good ol days..and how our ancestors lived. When i come on vacations, in kerala during monsoon, it happens all the time. Once it went for a week and we lived our nights through candles....candle light dinners sucked for the first time .. :)

Kaddu said...

We still need to catch up on gchat... I wonder when will that happen!

Kaddu said...

Oye! I marked it under the tag of 'humour' and u feel like crying! :O

He he! :p

Btw, I forgot to mention 'mosquitoes' in the post. Reason being that they were in some kind of hibernation apparently for the first 3 nights without electricity... maybe 'coz of the rains... but they were all out in their full blood-thirsty form yesterday night! :D

Wish we still had those ancient mosquito nets! I wonder how's it going to be like tonite! :D

Chicky a.k.a. Kaddu said...

Comment testing...

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