Updates on Our Bloggers' Meet

I have reached Delhi today and have already spoken to as many of you who mailed me their phone numbers. This is the final plan for our meet tomorrow...

We meet at CP - McDonalds Inner Circle, instead of the original venue - McDs Janpath, 'coz both will be equally crowded. So we can use either of them ONLY as an initial meeting point, and after that we move to some place else, that can accommodate so many of us for a couple of hours! Inner Circle would be more convenient for people coming by Metro.

Everybody gathers outside McDs Inner circle between 4.00-4.30 pm. We leave McDs at sharp 4.30 pm, together, to whichever place we decide to go eventually. So all of you are requested to be there on time, i.e. before 4.30 pm.

So far, following people have confirmed for tomorrow...

1. Yours truly (obviously!)
2. Nikita (99% confirmed - will know for sure by today evening)
3. Parv
4. Mukund (He and Parv will come together from Noida, and will pick me from South Ex McD on their way, so that all 3 of us will reach CP together)
5. Ajay Saklani

I have spoken to PG... she'll let me know her confirmed plan by tomorrow afternoon. She might have some classes though.

I haven't yet been able to speak to Manish Misra - his phone is going unanswered right now.

Excel Matic, Gautam, SiD and Kim - I don't have your phone numbers guys. Sending you an email soon. Kim, I don't even have your email ID. So I don't know how to inform you.

Anyone else reading this post... who blogs... or reads blogs... and will be in Delhi tomorrow evening... please feel free to join us. You can mail me your contact details, so we can coordinate. OR feel free to seek us out directly tomorrow evening, before 4.30 pm, outside McDs Inner Circle, CP.

Once we are all together, we might try to find some place in a CCD or Barista there, or some restaurant, or there is this place called "Indian Coffee House". Central Park has also been suggested, but, it will be too hot to sit out in the open. So let's see...

Hope to meet you all tomorrow! Take care...

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Want to Add Something?

Roshmi Sinha said...

Great! Have fun!

SLt. Parv Kaushik said...

hey.... nice seeing the whole blue print of the plan laid out here!! see u tomorrow then! hope it is fun!

Rashmi said...

WOW!!! When is such a meet going to happen in bombay :( common kaddu not done yaar, mujhe bhi milna hai sabse.

Kaddu said...

Thanks girl!

Kaddu said...

Yeah c u in a lil while! :D

Kaddu said...

Arre baba... u take the initiative & organize one na... just ask ur blog readers if any of them are in Mumbai & whether they'd like to meet up some plc. Join indiblogger if u hvnt done so already & post abt the meet over thr. No big deal! Give it a try... u'll be able to do it easily!

SLt. Parv Kaushik said...

Cool yaar had a lot of fun!! it was a lot of fun to be thr with people!!!

Excel Matic said...

Hey guys..did u all meet?? I reached CP but could not identify any group there...did I miss it???

Excel Matic

Excel Matic said...

Another thing...

Kaddu, I recd ur email which was marked to ~10 people..when I kinda replied back to confirm my presence, the mail was getting bounced from all IDs...dont know how cud that be possible..I think we all shud share our contact numbers..so that we do not really miss any other meet.

Also, do put up a post on how did the meet go...

Toon India said...

hey missed it this time ,but will be game for another blogger's ..do keep me on the rolls.

Really nice blog!!

Kokonad said...

Wow... this seems so much fun! I wish I could even find people who blog in my city... there are very few active bloggers, and I know them already! Sigh...
Do tell us how eet all waaj. :)

Kaddu said...

Yupp dude! It sure was fun! :D

Btw, just one small glitch... the pics we took from my cell phone... I just remembered I haven't brought its installer CD here! I do have the cable though... but I don't know if it'll download the pics to the PC without its software! :(

Gonna try it in a little while though... I hope it works... or else my sister will try it with bluetooth when she gets back home today evening.

Kaddu said...

Excel Matic:
Well ur Id is added to my contacts list... the one I mailed u at, so I don't know why it got bounced. This is exactly why I asked u all to send me ur phn no too along with ur email id! :(

We did hv a great time there though... 6 of us turned up eventually... will post abt it in detail today.

Kaddu said...

Thanks for appreciating my blog Rahul. Well I am in Delhi only till the next Sunday evening... & I doubt if we'll be able to manage another meet so soon. MAybe next time when I'm in Delhi... or maybe u guys can arrange something here on ur own...

Kaddu said...

Where do u stay? If I ever make it to ur town for a visit, I promise I'll organize another one of these there also! :p

Dhiman said...

I am sure you had lots of fun @ the bloggers meet :D

♥ÐÅyÐяєÅмє®♥ said...

good good

maje karo..
I hope sumday I will have enough money to spare to attend a meet....

Kaddu said...

You already read abt it... & commented too! :D

Arre nahin baba! Who said you need money to attend a bloggers meet! This was just a friendly get together you know... everybody paid for themselves. Like friends have pool parties na! If u are ever in Delhi on a weekend, even u can meet these guys. Just plan a little ahead of time... and collect everybody's email IDs & phn nos to cordinate... that's all! No big deal.

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