"Sanki" Six!

Yesterday’s meet was super fun!

One big realization that dawned upon me yesterday: all of us bloggers are such talkative people that we don’t even care if we are meeting someone for the first time! All we need is an opportunity to talk, and we start off! Whether we have a place to sit, or are standing in the center of a busy McDs, or even out in the Delhi heat, searching for a CCD in CP! The talking continues non-stop!

Six of us eventually turned up for the meet. My original estimate of 5 had been pretty accurate actually, only there was one last minute addition directly from indiblogger! Lucky the guy had the sense to mail me his phone number too, so I could immediately call him up & confirm plans with him!

The 6 adventurers… Mukund, Parv, Nikita, Ajay, Prabhjot and, of course, me… were just too excited to meet each other! So much so, in fact, that Mukund, Parv and I reached the Inner Circle McDs 40 minutes early! LOL! The 2 guys coming from Noida and me from Patna, none of us had any idea about how long it would take to get there! And we didn’t want to be late… so we ended up being early! Then we figured since we had to wait for the others till 4.30, we might as well stand inside McDs, at least it would be air conditioned!

Once inside, we got so busy chatting up with each other, that none of us heard my phone ring! “5 missed calls” is what I saw displayed on the screen when I eventually sensed the vibration of my cell phone inside my jeans pocket! It was Ajay. He was looking for us outside McDs! Some more intros were in order. But even funnier was Nikita’s entry minutes later!

I am carrying my Patna number here on roaming… and strange though it may sound, but for me, receiving calls on roaming is more expensive than making calls. So I had requested everybody to just send me an SMS or give a missed call, and that I would call them back. Hence, I received Nikita’s missed call. At the same time, I turned around and saw a girl wearing a green top standing just 4 feet away from me. Her head was down and her face was curtained by her long hair, but she was fiddling with her cell phone.

Cell phone! Hmmm! I nudged at one of the guys standing with me, & asked if she might be Nikita. He had no idea. So we grinned idiotically at each other!

By then, the other 2 had also caught on with what was going on in our minds… but were equally clueless about whether this "green-top long-haired girl" was indeed the one we were waiting for! And obviously, none of us wanted to make a fool of ourselves by approaching the "wrong" girl! So all 4 of us grinned idiotically at each other!

I seriously love meeting strangers like this… blind “friends”??? It’s like unwrapping your birthday gift with anticipation about what you would find inside!

Anyway, I finally decided to call Nikita and see if the "green-top long-haired girl" would answer her phone at the same time. She did. She DID! Yayyy! :D Mystery solved. We found our fifth attendee! The last one, Prabhjot, followed 5 minutes later. He was easy to identify… again ‘coz of the cell phone!

I love modern technology too! :D

This was only the beginning of nonsense… a lot more followed, including our taking a full round of the Inner Circle in search of a CCD, just because we happened to take one wrong turn outside McDs! LOL! And also this 70-something uncle, who was listening to our nonsense at McDs, until suddenly, he apparently decided he’d had enough of it, and left, without even ordering anything there… only to come across the same 3 jokers again (Parv, Mukund, and me), along with 3 more this time (Ajay, Nikita & Prabhu), at CCD! The world is getting too small it seems! ;)

But I leave it to the rest of the gang, to share the other juicy stuff with you guys. And yes, we took some photographs too… Ajay and I had camera mobiles. Unfortunately, I remembered today morning that I haven’t brought the Installer CD for the cell phone’s software here, which transfers the stuff from the phone to the PC. My sister is going to try copying the pictures via Bluetooth when she comes back home from work today. If it works, then I’ll post the pics in my next post here. If not, then I guess you guys will have to wait till I get back to Patna. Unless, of course, Ajay finds time to upload the pics that he took.


Photographs have been uploaded here - "Bloggers' Meet - Photographs".

Also read what the other 'sankis' have written about the meet...

Parv - "Sankat Six!!! Blogger Meet In New Delhi."

Nikita - "Jab We Met"


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Want to Add Something?

SLt. Parv Kaushik said...

funny to hear about our meeting from your perspective! didn't knew the nikita phone episode was so intrigued you soo much! and the old uncle episode was funny too!!

Dhiman said...

And said who that bloggers are not phunny pepul ...eh...all serious intellectuals ... I knew you guys will have fun ...great ....kaddu ji kabhi Banglore bhi ana hoga to zaroor batiyega ...Banglore is comparatively a smaller city...with a very few places to catch up :) ... so ....

ZB said...

wow, nice to know that you are such spirited blogger. Go on lady, hope to catchp with you in some McD. And nice writeup. :)))

ashkd said...


Kaddu said...

Yupp... 'coz everyone else had been so easy to figure out na... I mean, u and Mukund in the car, stopped right next to me, and I was the only girl on the footpath there at South Ex. Then Ajay saw us coming out of the McDs and waved, and that was also obvious. And Prabhjot was talking to me on phone, and I could read his lips and match it with what I was hearing on the phone! Nikita's was the only less obvious entry! :D

Kaddu said...

Ab next trip B'lore ka hi lagega for sure... don't know when though, but sometime within the next few months I guess. I mentioned somewhere in this blog na... my best friend & her family are back from the U.S. and I will go to meet her soon. Will definitely arrange something there also, don't worry! ;) But B'lore... smaller city??? Ye kuch digest nahin huya!

Kaddu said...

Spirited? :O
Na na! I don't take spirits! :p I guess I'm just high on... life itself ??? ;)
Hope to meet u too someday... :D

Kaddu said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! short n sweet! :D

Rashmi said...

WOWOWOWOW!!! Ok if next meet is somewhere near mumbai i am in forsure and i guess i can even make it to bangalore so lets see....yay yay....i so love meetings like these :)

Mukund said...

Heyyyy... Well it was just awsome fun... had a wonderful time laughing and sharing along with everyone... I never thought it would be so much fun.. :)))

navadeep said...

wow...that was quiet some fun you guys had i gues... would love to be there,would have met mukund also...but then i am here in bangalore.. so if you happen to come here,do meet ok...

Hopeless Romantic said...

oh i wld have love to b there with u guys :(

bad luck, may be next time !

Kaddu said...

Mumbai ka to pata nahin, but I should make it to Blore sometime within the next few months. Let's see..

Kaddu said...

I know... we had been making so much noise there that many heads were being turned! ;) :p

Kaddu said...

Sure buddy... like I said above, I should visit B'lore soon,

Kaddu said...

HR:Yeah... u missed it this time... just by a few days... but koi nahin... there will be a next time for sure! :D

aawazein said...

hey kaddu....nice post. really gr8 fun yaar. finally m free frm my exmz n now goin bck 2 work. m in train while commenting on this post.. it was really one of most memorable moments 4 me.

Roshmi Sinha said...

Great to know that you all had a lot of fun!

Look forward to the pics!

Dhiman said...

Oh gr8 will look forward to your Bangalore visit :) and I was talking of size of Bangalore area Square Kms wise :D ... its a fact ....

Kaddu said...

Honestly! It was awesome fun! :D
Hope ur exam went well btw ;)
And how did the pics come out? Did u get time to transfer them to ur PC?

Kaddu said...

Yupp... pics soon on their way! :p

Kaddu said...

Is that so? Huhhh! B'lore always looked HUGE to me!

Dreaming Eyes said...

hahhha...bade maze kiye hai tum logo ne......

Kaddu said...

Yupp! :)

Garima said...

I could have come too... but i was on my way to Goa :D ... had my share of fun there too.

Anyways, i love these kind of meetings i remember meeting some of my indianguitartabs friend like that...and CP is the hot fav place for all such meetings...we met at Barista for the only reason - there they had a Guitar...for the rest of the times it has always been CCD ..the one near the McD's...

Kaddu said...

Ohh! Too bad! You really missed a lot of fun! I have a feeling u wud hv really enjoyed it! :D
Chal koi nahin... next time... ;)

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