K-K-K-Kadambari !!!

So this time it was ZillionBig who tagged me! Was a bit tough to do this... as all answers have to begin with the first letter of my first name... and it wasn't a piece-of-cake digging out stuff that begins with 'K'! But finally... mission accomplished! :D

. . .

1. What is your name: Kaddu (A more detailed post on this one will come soon... once the "Tag Dasa" lifts off my blog! :D)

2. A four Letter Word: Kiss

3. A boy's Name: Kaarunya

4. A girl's Name: Krutika

5. An occupation: Kindergarten teacher

6. A colour: Khaki

7. Something you wear: Knickerbockers (not that I wear them personally!)

8. A food: Kiwi

9. Something found in the bathroom: Kleenex ???

10. A place: Kanpur :D

11. A reason for being late: Kite flying with the kids of my building! (What? Girls can't fly kites?)

12. Something you shout: Kill you! (just in fun of course :p)

13. A movie title: Kadambari (Yupp! There's a Hindi movie by that name! I was named after it!)

14. Something you drink: Kesar Pista Milk Shake (I love it actually!)

15. A musical group: Kinks

16. An animal: Kangaroo

17. A street name: Khandwa Road - Neemuch, Indore

18. A type of car: K-1 Attack F-Type

19. Something scary: Kaddu's temper! (Which is on the rise now... why did my name have to start with a 'K'?)

20. Ice cream flavour: Karamel Sutra from Ben & Jerry's (A Core of Soft Caramel Encircled by Chocolate & Caramel Ice Creams & Fudge Chips)

That was pretty educative actually! I didn't know quite a few of those things! But I won't tag anyone in particular... 'coz I realize that this tag, even though it's just 20 questions, might take some time to do if your first name begins with some out-of-the-way letter! So you guys are free to take on the challenge if you have the time to do so! :D

But I must confess... it was fun doing this! :D

Here's more in "Tags (or memes)"!

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Want to Add Something?

Roshmi Sinha said...

Nice tag and very well done too! :)

P.S. Ab aaj kaal tumhare sapnon mein bhi 'tags' hi dikhte honge :D

Sumit said...

I'd love to see someone whose name begins with a 'Z' or a 'Q' doing this tag... hee hee haa haa haa

Hopeless Romantic said...

kitne tag karegi :P

♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

hey this is the first time im visiting you and i really loved your blog... i used to be crazy about tags a little while back... i managed to get over it with a lot of difficulty.. :)

Kaddu said...

Honestly! I'm totally freaking out u know! Yesterday I spent more than an hour going thru everybody's blogs again... searching for the other 'NEW' tag that has been passed to me this week... only to realize finally that I wasn't counting them correctly in my pending-blogposts-to-do folder!

Kaddu said...

Reminds me of the 'name-place-animal-thing' we used to play as kids! Z and Q were torture even then!

Kaddu said...

:D Abhi 2 aur baki hain! Ek PG ka and ek Dazediva ka!

Kaddu said...

I hv seen u around... I think on DayDreamer's blog, right?

I'm glad u liked my blog! :D And this tag dasa... I think the entire blog world has gone mad these days! Only 2 more left now though... yippeeee! Do keep visiting! :)

Roshmi Sinha said...

Ha! Ha!

Hey! Your traffic rank rocks! Way to go!

Kaddu said...

Yupp! It sure is getting better! Sab aap logon ki kripa hai! ;) :p
He he! :D

Roshmi Sinha said...

Hum sab aisehi 'kripa' karte rahenge! :)

Kaddu said...

Thanku! Thanku!

Gayathri said...

hey,'A boy's Name: Kaarunya' is that so?i thot kaarunya is a girl's name?!

'12. Something you shout: Kill you! (just in fun of course :p)'..Kamineyy!! :D

Kaddu said...

Kaarunya was the winner of the 2nd Indian Idol, remember? The young chap who looked a lot like Abhishek Bachchan from certain angles. I guess the girl's version of this name would have an additional 'a' at the end ???

And point No. 12... :D The word is not in my verbal vocabulary! :D

Dhiman said...

That was real tough I must say but you managed well with 'K' ....

Kaddu said...

All with the help of my friend "Mr. Google"! :D

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