And It Started With A "Thriller"

While I was busy preparing for my exam, the world lost an icon! Got to read many obituaries in the last few days, on this blog-vine. While some "fans" suffer from real grief -- a genuine emotional void -- most of us are just plain shocked! I belong to the latter category.

MJ was no doubt a legend... second only to Elvis Presley I guess! And yet, I was never able to develop any fondness for him... the way I feel for Ricky Martin perhaps, or even Elvis Presley! I never quite figured out why though! I DO like some of his songs, but, to be very honest, that's not what I'd remember him for!

MJ, for me, would always remain an icon for eccentricity!

A person who could look like this...

and this...

AND this...

all in one same lifetime... HAS to be majorly eccentric!

As Vyazz says in his post... I really DO wonder what went on in his head to have inspired him to do all that he did! Funny man really - always in the midst of some or the other controversy! I sort of believed that such insane people are beyond the bounds of mortality -- they are beyond the human reality of death. So when the radio announced that day, that he died of a cardiac arrest, it seemed like the entire world had stopped for a second in a big ':-O'!

And even though I've never been a big fan of him, I do owe him one thing... and that's my love for English music! If it hadn't been for his 'Thriller', I might have never realized I liked singing English songs more than Hindi ones! And who knows... if not for him, I might have never even made it to my school English choir either!

My Mom was a big fan of MJ... and she owned that audio cassette which had this funny looking dark man on its cover, with the strangest hairstyle I'd ever seen in my life! LOL! He was the first African I'd set my eyes upon till then... I thought he was some kind of tribal ('junglee' is the word I actually used for him!) who lived in the forests like Tarzan! (But hey... I was not even 10 years old at the time guys!)It was perhaps my Mom's biggest ambition in life to see me become a classical Indian dancer (or at least manage to dance with grace to our Bollywood tunes!) but I seemed to completely lack those feminine "adaayein" even back then (as a 10-year-old!) which are so required for a female dancer!

And then I happened to listen to a couple of tracks from Thriller... and it kinda set my body free! My Mom realized my limbs didn't remain so rigid (robotic?) while I was dancing (if it can be called that!) to MJ's Thriller! Haahhh! I even performed -- SOLO -- in some kinda small social gathering in our colony back then... to some track from MJ's Thriller! LOL! The girls there were impressed... even the ones who were older than me! Too bad I wasn't born a guy! Sighhhhhh!

But that's probably the only "personal" memory I have, related with MJ. Of course, for several more years, his were the only English audio cassettes you'd find in my home... 'coz I never saw Mom listening to anyone else... and Dad is more of a Hindi music kinda guy! Eventually, I grew up... learnt more English songs in school... and finally, cable television struck India! The rest is, of course, history!

All said and done, MJ will always remain "the singer who introduced me to a world of music beyond our Hindi songs"... just as India will always remain "the champion of the first ever T20 World Cup!"

. . .

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Mahesh Nayak said...

Somehow I really empathize with Michael Jackson. His skin color changed drastically because he had vitiligo and lupus (diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue) -something like the TB of the skin. He is a pretty sensitive child in a man's body. Given that he had a pretty troubled childhood (abused by his father), the allegations against him, and the trauma of the fire accident ( his hair caught fire while doing a Pepsi ad) made him do things that he normally wouldn't have. He started taking medical drugs(like pain killers, sleeping pills) to get some relief from the pain caused by everything around him and it is believed an over dosage of these drugs might have killed him but nothing is confirmed as yet.

Dhiman said...

That's MJ for all of us whether your are a fan or not but he 'touched' you I think we can say we have heard Elvis, we have heard Beethoven but we have seen MJ "Moonwalk" into the anals of music history...
I mean whoever has born or grown up in 80s or 90s could not have escaped the Enigma that he was...
I say I too am not a "fan" of Michael Jackson but news of his death shocked me and somehow I felt uneasy about it....Thats what 'Living Legends' are I guess...

Kaddu said...

Wow dude! You are the first one to comment on both of my recent posts!

Good that u shared this stuff abt MJ here... I didn't know any of it! I do know abt Vitiligo though... my friend in the building has it. And yeah... I heard in the news abt a med. overdose possibility.

I suppose he was just one of those who are born to make it through on their own... to stand out on their own! As Vyazz says in his post... it is just not possible to understand what goes on in the internal world of a genius.

One thing I've always been sure of is... that he had to be an exceptionally talented man, with a few deep scars maybe, to have created something like "Heal the World"!

Kaddu said...

Yupp! Enigma he most certainly was! To be frank, I seriously considered him to be an Alien like me! And it was a bit hard to believe that he's gone! But then again... he never did belong here, did he? So I wonder if he can ever leave... :-/

preposterous girl said...

Hey will mail u today pakka.. And come and take ur award 4m my blog.. :)

Dhiman said...

U know MJ himself once told his biographer to write that he does not belong to this world and is that the reason that your name meaning has "Dangerous" in it :D ...are all aliens like that? ;)

♥ÐÅyÐяєÅмє®♥ said...

MJ was not eccentric ..he became one as he was suffering from a rare skin disease..for which he needed to ozonize himself for the transisition followed by corrective surgery

but even that won't negate wat he was...he was living legend then and now too he is no lesser :)

but I loved reading ur memories.... I also performed a moonwalk wen i was in class IV...and may gals n guys loved it...but als I was kid to grasp the female attention :P

Roshmi Sinha said...

May his soul RIP.

Shobhit said...

Just commented to your post with a post of my own... :)

Kaddu said...

Still waiting for ur mail :)

Yupp... common earthlings feel we are dangerous! ;) Actually, humans are more dangerous... they are hell bent on destroying the entire planet! We Aliens are here to save them from destroying themselves!

Kaddu said...

Good to c u back finally! U hv to go through the old posts now... which u missed while u were away... :D

May his soul be blessed! :D

Kaddu said...

Read ur post while eating dinner last nite... was busy gathering stuff for packing... for my Delhi trip u know... so cudnt comment at tht time! U had a diff Thriller cassette than what my Mom had. Ours didn't hv tht cubbie.

But honestly, did u know abt the existence of Blacks back then? I seriously thought he had been found in the jungles by some city folks who had been mesmerized with his singing, so they had brought him back to the city to launch him as a singer!

Mahesh Nayak said...

Yup, he was a genius and nobody really understood him. He used to read khalil gibran,rabindranath tagore and sufi poetry. He was also a very shy kid more like an introvert. Yet his unparalled genius (he was the lead singer at the age of 5 !!)catapulted him into such fame that he was constantly hounded by press, etc. He wasnt given his personal space, I guess. All these things and other factors coupled together made his personal life into a mess, I believe.

Kaddu said...

Yeah that's what happens with most extraordinary celebrities. Vyazz's post highlights exactly that... do chk it out if u hv time.

Nikita said...

ahaan...the lady who'd been busy all this while! well, i was never that big a fan simply cuz i did not give him much of a chance, but it is amazing that a man can be such a phenomenon! it's a pity his life was marked wid so many controversies. everyone deserves a happier life.

Kaddu said...

Agreed. Everyone deserves a peaceful & happier life than what he got!

Roshmi Sinha said...

You have been tagged!

Check out my latest post: "More tags... One down, 2 more to go!" for further info...

Mahesh Nayak said...

Hey checked out Vyazz post just now. Amazing post. He reflects precisely the same sentiment I have in my mind. If I would have written a post on MJ it would have been on similar lines...

Kaddu said...

Yupp... left a comment for u thr... :D

Yupp! I liked it too! That's why referred u to it! :D

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