Women Rule!

Ok fellas! Rashmi and I have just managed to figure out that we women indeed are better than men! We have something 'more' than men... something 'extra'!

Following is the calculation based on which we have proved our theory.


Men = Men-tal
Women = Senti + mental


Women = Senti + Men
Women - Men = Senti
Women - Men > 0
Women > Men

Hence proved.

I hope there is no more confusion left now. :-D


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Want to Add Something?

Shobhit said...

Eureka... !!! Eureka... !!!

Will try to find the contact details of the 'Nobel Prize Committee' to report the greatest discovery in the history of mankind ! And nominate you both for the year's Nobel Prize.

But, I wonder whether they do have a category for the greatest goof-ups... :D :D :D

Sumit said...

My limited knowledge of arithmetic says:

Woe + men = Women

Kaddu said...

Ha ha ha! Very smart! But no thanks! Ek ye "Blogitzer" to sambhal nahi raha... :(

Oh okkkkkkk! I always used to wonder why was it that as soon as a man entered a woman's life, it suddenly became so full of woes! Now I understand... men and woes are part of a package deal! Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

amrit said...

You have assumed that Senti has a positive value, hence you got the wrong result. :)

Kaddu said...

Yeah I actually did think abt it... wht if "senti" is less than 0?... but I eventually came to the conclusion that no... emotions/sentiments/feelings always teach us something. By watching how we are feeling at any given point of time, we can figure out how our mind is working at that point of time... whether it is entertaining any negative thoughts...! Means that sentiments add value to us at any given point of time. Means they are greater than 0.

Rashmi said...

BULL's EYE kaddu.........i so am with you dear...and yeah Emotions are always teachers, no matter you like them hate them, you still got to sit for their lectures and hear them out.....its upto you to take everything as experience and choose which ones to apply and which ones to reject :).....(waah waah i am getting better n better day by day ahem ahem :))

Kaddu said...

This is what happens by having such a wise granny! ;)

Incognito said...

First of all..Your 'Given' assumptions are not fair and it just becomes worse after that!! :O
Second of all..I'm peeved!Lol

Rashmi said...

LOL!!! yeah i guess so...your company sure affects you :)

Roshmi (Musings of an Unknown Indian) said...

Ummm... does it help that the word 'she' contains the word 'he'... ??? :)

Akhil Behl said...

i would be ready to my hat to learn this sort of mathematics! what have they taught me till now?!

Kaddu said...

Life isn't fair buddy! :(
Didn't u read the next post then? Peeved after reading that too? ;)

Kaddu said...


Good one. And so simple too! Nobody can question THAT! SHE = S + HE, so SHE > HE

Kaddu said...

Yeah! What have they taught u till now?
;) :p

Rashmi said...

Kaddu one more suggestion.....make that

men = men-tale( make it e....coz their brains are mostly at the taleend of anything)lolz....u sure can moderate this comment if i've gone overboard( hey all you male friends out there..everything in good faith buddies)

Iggy said...

Hey Kaddu/Rash,

This was the best theory I have ever read!

Kudos! :D

♥ÐÅyÐяєÅмє®♥ said...

Khud hi given do and khud hi prove karo....

aise hi khush hona tha toh conclusion hi pehle likh diya hota :P

Kaddu said...

Ummm... well they sure do tend to lag behind at times, but "tale".... ahem! Guys... she's just another cheeky girl! Don't take it too seriously! :p ;)

You are a sweetheart! You should keep visiting! We need support and appreciation of this kind! ;)

Kaddu said...

"Given" to Universal Law hai yaar... we don't go against the laws of Nature... never!

preposterous girl said...

Woohooo.. Well proven girl.. :)
Dnt u think u shud approach the education ministry to incorporate this into the school books.. =)

Kaddu said...

Education ministry is full of men!

preposterous girl said...

:) achha pehle ye proposal bhej do..then we'll file an RTI to check its progress :P

Kaddu said...

RTI mein kya females ka raaj chalta hai? :))

ashkd said...

being too much senti is generation of negative energy.. so senti is not positive..

so.. women-men < 0

so.. women < men

let the weirdness prevail.. hehe... :P

~nice one btw.. the combi pack of yours and Rashmi's blog.. :P

Kaddu said...

Oh but given is only 'senti'; not 'too much senti'! :p
And Rashmi & me... ha ha! We even took fancy to the same template! ;)

Harsh said...

I thought ( senti < 0 ) ..... :-O

Kaddu said...

Ha ha ha! Even Amrit thought the same... but just read the comments above... I have explained why senti has a positive value! :D :p

chronicleofmylife said...

I was always bad at mathematics. So if want me to take to your conclusion that women are greater than men, you will have to choose some other route.

Kaddu said...

Is that so? Ok. Keep checking this blog... I'm sure I'll find other ways to prove this fact! :D ;)

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