Trick Post!

Ok fellows! One full day over! Now its time to let the cats officially out of the bag! My previous post, as some of you who have been following the comments must have already figured out, was a trick post!

I made a lot of annoying and hard-hitting generalizations about Indians, which pinched a lot of feelings, and hurt a lot of sentiments. I’m sorry I did that, but I couldn’t see a better way of drawing your attention towards the root of the problem.

It just so happens that I read so many anti-Aussie posts and discussions on the net everywhere – in my blog-o-sphere, on Facebook, other random forums – each one labeling the entire nation of Australia as ‘Racist’. I couldn’t find a single line anywhere that even remotely suggested that there could be another side to the coin too! The scales had been tipping so low towards the “anti-Aussie” side that I was forced to write such a “heavy” post “anti-Indians”! Too bad I didn’t read Vyazz’s take on this issue before writing it, because if I had read it, then there would have been no reason for me to contaminate my ‘peace-loving’ blog with something as frivolous as a current affair topic!

I have a lot of friends who are staying comfortably and peacefully in territories governed by white-skinned people, and they have blended in very well with the culture there. I have some white-skinned friends too, who are equally eager about learning our culture. They cover their head when going to a Gurudwara... they greet you with a ‘Namsate(even when WE use ‘Hi’ now!) complete with the ‘namaste’ hand gesture… and some of them even touch the feet of our parents, in respect, when they come abroad to visit us! They read up about our festivals and even ask us what our name means; because they have already gone to the trouble of finding out that Indian names usually have meaning! Not to forget their fondness for Indian cuisine!

So do we simply forget about all THESE white-skinned people, just on the basis of a few random incidents? Do we completely disregard those millions of other white folks, who are making genuine efforts to learn our culture and bridge the cultural gap? Some of them are even learning our language in fact!


All those points I mentioned about Indians, while they are not valid for the entire nation, are not completely baseless either. Incidents like that do happen, are still happening and will probably continue happening, and in fairly noticeable numbers too! But that doesn’t mean that all Indians are jerks! And my generalized statements put most of you in a defensive frame of mind. You automatically stepped forward to defend Indians, ‘coz you felt hurt and threatened (and even 'disappointed! LOL!)!

Aren’t Aussies humans too like you guys? In fact, all white-skinned people, for that matter! Don’t they have the same feelings too? Don't they feel bad when you put them all in the same category because of a few hardcore racist groups?

Yes, they do get disturbed when Indians out-perform them at times, but they are all not a bunch of dodos either! We seem to have developed this strange ‘superiority complex’ about ourselves, as compared to the rest of the world (or at least that’s how we behave)… but let us not forget that *they* are the ones who are creating the jobs right now. Not the Indian government. All those BPO/medical transcription jobs providing employment to lakhs of ordinary graduates (even B.A.s and B.Com.s), they are coming from the U.S. and the U.K predominantly. And they can’t all be a bunch of complete idiots if they have the capacity to create employment for so many people!

If you really think Indians are such a superior lot, then go on… tell me why aren’t there such entrepreneurs in India? Why aren’t there enough Universities within India, to accommodate not only the Indian students but also a considerable percentage of the outside world? Why can’t Indians manage to keep their public places clean? Why can’t they show even a decent level of traffic sense? (I could go on & on, if you can’t see these things for yourself! But I’m sure you can!) So let us not leave the hand of ‘humility’ on our path to the top!

By repeating statements like “Racist Aussies”, you are putting them in defensive too… just like my previous post did it to you guys! You are increasing hostility between 2 nations. Don’t forget that there are still many more Indians studying/working there. Do you want the 2 countries to go officially at war with each other? The media people obviously want that to happen, so that they’ll have more news to cover!

Right now these incidents took place at just the University level, but do you want them to spread across the nation? So that more of your Indian brothers and sisters are killed there? Or do you want all Indians to leave everything in fright, come back here with their bag & baggage, and resort to burning public buses and trains here in India? That’s what the Biharis did when the MNS incident got out of hand!


The previous post brought out 2 very important examples:

1. Shreesh told us about this Indian diplomat visiting some Paki family, when the host’s 4-year-old started shouting and clapping “Hindu Kutta Hindu Kutta”! We also have impressionable young minds at our homes. Further, we are also responsible for the kind of messages we pass across to those gullible and ignorant auto-walas and those house-maids and the staff and labour-men working in our shops & factories, who listen-in to our conversations with friends and family!

2. And Sonu brought up this incident about Australian cricketers misbehaving with some Indian female, which led to a well-justified hostile public reaction. Fortunately, Indian cricketers stepped in and prevented the story from leaking out in Australia as “racist attack on Aussies in India”! Can you imagine the repercussions of that incident, if it had gone through the “standard media mill”?

I ended my post with the line that “every reaction is another action – which, in turn, will have its own reaction!” Let us not create a “chain of reactions” which will destroy whatever bridge has been formed between the 2 nations. Every word we utter has an attached consequence! That’s why I requested all of us to be responsible for our actions.

Australians are not idiots – their cricketers came to India to play in the IPL matches last year, despite their recent (and very public!) friction with certain Indian cricketers! Mainly for the money they were getting here! Their country needs the revenue coming in from Indian students as much as we need their Universities to study. It’s a mutual give and take… and their Government also knows this. So let us not fight over whether the brain is supreme or the liver is the King, or the heart, or the kidneys...! Besides, as Rads said on Vyazz’s post, when has India been safe for Indians, that we are making such a hullabaloo for the safety of Indians in Australia? My sister stays in Delhi, and my Dad is constantly worried about her safety!

As for racism, well whoever said that white-folks aren’t prejudiced against white-folks too? Haven’t we all heard of the treatment doled out to blondes in the U.S. even today? This is such a noteworthy social problem there apparently, that they’ve even made a couple of Hollywood Blockbusters on it!

The Aussies are as much controlled by their media as we are by ours. But some of us CAN break this chain and step in to educate the rest! We can tell them how a few lakh BPO jobs are giving their economies a big-time boost in several other ways. We can tell them how having more Indians in their country is creating more revenue for their tourism industry. And yes, we can also tell them that the global food shortage is not because of Indians eating more, but because of agricultural land being given away to industrialists to setup Nano-manufacturing units (to give just 1 example)!

The media has covered the story, these incidents have been brought to the notice of our respective governments, and I’m sure they’ll find a solution for this problem sooner than they can possibly make Delhi safe for girls, or Indian college campuses free of brutal ragging! Now let’s not add more fuel to this fire. Let’s instead divert our energies to other such social problems that need action from the Government.

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Want to Add Something?

Shobhit said...

I needn't say any more as you have very well written along the lines on which I would have put my thoughts into words.

But yes, your last paragraph has given me the lead to write about something I've always felt strongly about and so, am starting on it right away... :-)

Kaddu said...

:-D You were commenting on my blog while I was commenting on yours! Ha ha ha!

♥ÐÅyÐяєÅмє®♥ said...

waah waah

kinna achha and sensible post :)

waaah waaah

i couldn't believe u wrote it :P


achha achha I kno u r good thinker...but I loved ur outlook and I have a similar view :)

Dhiman said...

So Kaddu is sare topic pe pardah girate hain aur T20 World cup pe dhyan dete hain :D ...waise bhi mera to koi vilayat mein nahi padta hai to mujhe kya farak parta hai... ;)

Ashi said...

:) very fair and objective opinion you have here! great take on 'the other side of the coin'.. great writing.. i'm hooked!

As the Mind Meanders said...

Not convinced... not convinced at all about the overall ideology (with respect to the current situation)...

It looks like you and I agree (I hope) to disagree on this issue... I believe (only based on what I have seen and experienced) that the real situation (not just Australia... that could very well be a freak incident) is much more larger than what we perceive and a little more complex...


In general, what you write holds immense wisdom, applicability and relevance to most issues

Great post... excellent writing (as usual) and an unique take on the issue.. Hats off...

(Although I disagree and will never tire of reminding you :-D)

Vyazz said...

Frankly I agree with you on the fact that what goes around comes around!!
Like I said, prejudice exists in all sorts of societies. There is no need to brand a particular nation as racist as a whole. But you know how the Indian media works, so there is no point in discussing their outlook towards anything. All they are capable of is to create mass panic and chaos.
Besides can you imagine what would happen if like us(the way we have branded the whole of Australia as racist), say the E.U. branded India as dangerous and inhospitable due to the attack on its residents here?
The whole tourist industry will plummet.
Its about time Indians learned to handle issues maturely and properly without going whole hog on the entire issue.

Kaddu said...

I didn't write that, some entity possessed me & made my fingers type this out! :))

I'll be following only the matches of India, and most probably not every ball!

Thanks for the visit and the comment pal! Hope to see your footprints around... :)

Kaddu said...

Blog Gore:
Ha ha ha! Ok ok. Let's officially agree to disagree then. Besides, as I said, I don't know what exactly happened there to have started this all. I was wondering about something though... are foreign students in Australia allowed to work, along with their studies I mean?

Like one of my friends in UK doing MBA, she said she was allowed to work for 20 hours a week, but she said she had joined TWO companies there, without telling either of them about the other, at a few less pounds that the normal rate, so that they don't do a full verification etc, and was hence working 40 hours a week.

So could the Indians be playing similar tricks in Australia too? With the current economic situation, that could create a lot of hostility I suppose. Just a hypothesis, 'coz I don't know if they are allowed to work there or not.

Kaddu said...

Yupp... as they say in a particular soft drink Ad... "dikhave pe na jao, apni akal lagao"! ;-)

♥ÐÅyÐяєÅмє®♥ said...


I knew it..kaddu can't write like this :D

Shreesh said...

I agree with vyaz what goes around comes back to us ..and in all of this ..when indians are playing victm..or atleast media is showing them to be ..and all the outrage ..iam still in wonderment if australian media showed similar outrage when a australian missionary and his two kids were burnt alive in car by so called nationalist indian,protectors of the faith,and the wife and mother of the victims said " I forgive them,its a lot of hurt and not easy , neverthe less i forgive and i will not give up the cause for which they had been here" Where was media then?? why was this not promoted as are the attacks being promoted now..why is negetivity still a sensation n not positivity? ..and ..
DO WE HAVE AN INDIAN SAYING WHAT THAT AUSSIE LADY SAID ..!! I hope we have more people who really have a Mighty Heart.
In love n light

Shreesh said...

@KADDU --> WHAT YOU SAID ABOUT BREAKING THE CHAIN IS SOO VERY TRUE ...The austrilian lady i spoke of broke the chain by forgiveness, this is what jesus also taught,this is what swami dayananda did ,not just forgave but gave money to the person who poisoned him ,to run away to nepal.He broke the chain ,forgiveness is one way to do it. other include alchemical transformation,and some other other spiritual practices of prayaschitta and service.
In luv n light
afterall an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

Rahul said...

Wow, this is an awesome post...straight from the heart..Just keep moving forward, and enjoy more than ever before :)... Am adding u in my blog list for further reading ur articles!! You can add me in ur blog list too read mine if u want...My blog is

Kaddu said...

LOL! You are the only one who understands me! ;-) :p

Kaddu said...

Thanks for sharing this example with us.

Kaddu said...

Ha ha ha! You posted the exact same comment on both my blog as well as the other Kaddu's blog! In other words - an exact "copy paste"! (Courtesy: Email subscription for comments on individual posts!) Which makes me wonder if you even bothered to read through our posts! :-D

sonu anand said...

Right :-)

Kaddu said...

Won't u comment on any of the new posts then? :p

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