Mastermind is probably one of the oldest and most popular puzzle games that have been around since before the internet was born. I am sure most of you must have played the board version of this game at some point of time in your life. I used to play it with my sister more than 15 years ago, when we were still in Kanpur. Eventually, we passed it on (read: "donated it") to our younger cousins in Patna.

How to play Mastermind?

The object of the game is to guess the color and sequence of the 4 pegs hidden at the bottom of the board.

Click on "Game Rules" to get the instructions for playing the game.

For each peg you choose of the correct color but not in the correct place, a small white peg will appear. For each peg that is of the correct color AND in the correct place, a small black peg will appear.

There are instances when you get lucky and solve the puzzle in the very first move! However, assuming that you get a fair game, that promises to be solved only with the help of pure logical reasoning, you should still be able to solve it within 10 moves! But if you manage to do it within 6 moves, then you are simply a genius!

You guessed it: I am already a genius! I usually complete it in less than 6 moves! [takes a bow]

The trick in Mastermind, if I may share it here, is to start with 2 pegs each of 2 colors... and then switch to 2 pegs each of 2 completely different colors in your second move.

Go on then... try this game... and leave a comment with your best score.


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As the Mind Meanders said...

5... what does that make me :-)

ashkd said...

i guess its also known as 'cows and bulls'.. if it is that then logically it can be solved in 7 moves for most of the times.. rare cases, 8 moves are just suitable.. :-)

Preposterousgirl said...

Oh so finally u r back..Y'day only I was thinking that u r late in posting (by ur standards :P )
Me too used to play this game.. :)

Abhiroop Banerjee said...

Nice to see this again! I spent a many an evening playing this during summer vacations as an 11, 12 year old. We called it, Peace of Mind. Ironic name, actually!

Also, I refuse to associate that delightful little word - peg - with this mind cruncher.

Mukund said...

Well one thing for sure I am not a genius at this game (I sort of guessed it before itself) but worth a shot...
You are really spicing up your blog huh...

Kaddu said...

Genius I guess! Same pinch! ;)

I guess it must be the same... cows for white and bulls for black ?? Didn't u try it yet then?
Well, so far, I have been able to solve the game within 6 moves each time.

Kaddu said...

Yeah got caught up in a few things. Will be posting a bit infrequently for some time now... next 3 weeks roughly... but after that, hopefully, I'll be able to get back to at least 3 posts a week!

Kaddu said...

=)) "Peace of Mind" is definitely a teaser for this one!
Try taming these "pegs" after having a rendezvous with a couple of those "other pegs"! ;)

Kaddu said...

Awwww... u mean u took more than 6 moves! :(
Keep trying buddy, I'm sure u'll manage to break the "Da Vinci Code"! You definitely DO seem to have a "genius" temperament!

Alright now... you owe me a "Dairy Milk" for that! :D

Spicing up? Arre read above... this blog is now loaded with "pegs"... not just spices! :))

Rashmi said...

Aree where were you? anyways glad you're back :)Sorry i dont play games so no comments here

Kaddu said...

:O WHATTTT? You don't play games? Any games? Arre I've added 5 games for u guys till now... what's the use of all that hard work if you won't play those games?! :(

Rashmi said...

:( OHHkkkk hell yeah i didnt realise what i am losing out on .....let me try some.
Kaddu you opened my eyes :)

Kaddu said...

Glad to be of service madame! ;)

Dhiman said...

I have always been 'bad' at any kind of guessing game maybe I am not that genius but striving to be one and trying this game in your blog :) with your 'tip' ofcourse

ZB said...

Oh, thats a good way of engaging your readers. I haven't played this before.I wasn't and still aint a game freak. i like outdoor games though. Thanks:))

Abhiroop Banerjee said...

LOL...! Pieces of Mind, then!
I like the word 'rendezvous'. Thank you Simi Garewal.

Kaddu said...

Ha ha! Ok! So keep practicing then... and leave your best scores!

Yeah... have 5 games up here so far... took me a while to get that drop-down thing working, but now it sure does feel worth the effort! :p

Pieces of Mind is perfect! And yeah, the word always reminds one of Simi G. Funny! :))

ashkd said...

ya.. its the same one.. but cows and bulls is played with numbers and usually at the last benches of iit lectures.. hehe.. :P

Kaddu said...

Oh! Ha ha! I didn't know that! And to think I used to believe that all IITians were seriously intellectual people, who attended all lectures, took notes, crammed throughout the year and not just 1 week before the exam... etc etc! ;)

ashkd said...

hehe.. so many misconceptions.. but the last one is true.. they dont believe in studying just one week before exams.. they believe in just one day before.. :P or sometimes a lecture taken a few hours before exam, becomes the most important one.. so bechare.. one week is too long a time in iit course.. :P

ashkd said...

btw.. try with numbers.. if you do it in 6 moves everytime, tell me how.. :-)

Kaddu said...

:O :O :O One day before ??? :O :O :O
WOW! Looks like I was living under an illusion so far! Huh!

Doing this game with numbers... well there will be 10 digits to choose from (0-9)... as opposed to 6 different colors in the original game. So more permutations & combinations possible. Hence, the number of moves to make you a genius will perhaps be 10 and not 6. Will try it sometime...

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