“Kaddu Tech Support” Now Ventures into Math Support!

I have been used to receiving unexpected calls from family and friends at all weird times, requesting for “tech support” regarding their PC, ever since I stopped working for Dell. I didn’t receive these calls when I WAS working for Dell, because:

a. I didn’t have a phone for quite a few months initially.
b. I used to sleep during the day, and I was sensible enough to switch my phone off when I was sleeping!
c. Most of my family and friends had still not been able to digest the fact that girls can do anything technical. (Let me boast a little about myself here – I can comfortably assemble an entire PC completely on my own, which implies that yes, I CAN use a screw-driver!)

Anyways… so for the last 2 years especially, I have gained quite a reputation locally, and even in Guwahati, for my so-called ‘tech skills’, which, by the way, are limited to computers alone! I am scared of escalators and there is absolutely no way you can get me on an automatic treadmill! And I usually can’t figure out most of the latest mobile phones either! But I got side-tracked again…

I was saying that while I’m pretty used to providing tech support on phone, today was the first time when I was asked to provide Math support too on phone!

My chacha called me up all the way from Guwahati, asking me how to find the square root of a number. And he meant ‘without using a calculator’! I gathered it was to help out my cousin Rishu in his school homework! Sighhhhh! The plan, apparently, was that I would teach chacha, and then chacha would teach Rishu! But there was just one problem – I didn’t remember the method!

LOL! So we decided to take an example whose answer we knew, and then figure out a method that would give us that answer! The number 2, with a square root of 1.414… that’s the example we selected. And this is how we eventually figured out the method for calculating the square root of a number! Phewwwww!
Realized 2 things from this incident:

1. Parenting is a tough job, requiring a lot of innovation & creativity.
2. The improved telecommunication facilities ARE being put to some constructive use too!

So… from today, ‘Kaddu Tech Support’ officially launches its sister concern ‘Kaddu Math Support’!

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Want to Add Something?

Shobhit said...

Great !!! :D Am just feeling nice at the revelation of a girl being able to use the screw-driver for purposes other than opening some can in the kitchen... :D

By the way, it has been quite some time for me running my own 'PC Tech Support' of sorts. Have been advising people about problems relating to hardware as well as software. It's just another thing that I have no official training in either... Hahaha :D Of course, doctors don't get trained in such things as yet. But I can dissemble and re-assemble a PC better than dissembling and re-assembling a human being... :D

Wonder if I should start charging for my services... :D

And if you forgot, I was the only person in school who had opted for both Biology and Maths. :p

Kaddu said...

Oh didn't I mention? I can't open those kitchen cans either... i.e. the ones which don't have that hook that you can simply pull off! :p

And when I have to bake something, I either ask my dad to operate the microwave, or make him stand by my side while I turn the knobs! And yeah, I keep turning around to look at his face for reassurance after every step! :D

Abhiroop Banerjee said...

LOL@Shobhit's remark about assembling/dissembling humans :D

Precisely. Parenting is a helluva tough job! Why do it? (Don't answer).

Confession: I had maths in college, that's last year. I have NO clue about how to take out roots. And I love maths!! I'm a disgrace to geekdom :D

Oh and do you have that toolkit with a special screwdriver that's got a twisty handle and a box with a hundred different sized heads for the screwdriver?
When i brought that home one day, feeling quite proud and mechanical (I was going to say 'its a guy thing' but I wont) and making a grand show of taking apart the dibba hunched over with my shiny new toolkit (wearing a baniyan, to look the part)when my mum entered, looked around the dust covering the fresh bed sheet and remarked - brilliant. three years of college for this. and all he REALLY wants is to mess around with a lousy pench kass.

Abhiroop Banerjee said...

May I know which school? I didn't know Maths and Bio are interchangeable. Like, out here PCM is basic. Electives include Bio/CS and Engg Drawing.
I had Bio and Math too. We stole the thigh bone of the Lab skeleton and returned it with messages (in rubbable pencil, we were nice, after all ;) ) for our teacher.

Lazy Pineapple said...

hey You go girl :) 3 cheers for todays women

Kaddu said...

Abhiroop's 1st comment:
Nope, I don't hv that. I have a very cheap set - a red & black one with half a dozen different sized heads. And currently, my sister is using that set in Delhi.

I don't need it here 'coz my Dad is so fond of repairing broken stuff, he used to have half an almirah dedicated to storing his tools in Kanpur! Wires, tester bulbs, hammer, nuts & bolts and God-knows what else! I don't even know their names! There's even something called "kauva (crow) plass"! @-)

Kaddu said...

Abhiroop's 2nd comment:
Shobhit & I went to the same school, so I take the liberty of answering this question. :-D
You'll get an answer faster, and he can always add his own say even after I have replied! :-D

We went to Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Kanpur. We had Eng-Phy-Chem compulsory. We cud choose from Math+Comp or Math+Hindi or Bio+Hindi or Math+Bio. And now u two geeks can go on with ur discussion on Bio-Math! (Don't expect me to make any sense in my reply to those comments if you DO decide to have that discussion here!)

Kaddu said...

Hey I've seen u arnd! Like the Pineapple nick... sweet from inside but... :p ;)
Thanks for visiting my blog! I just had a look at yours too, will need to read ur posts with some more time in hand!

Rashmi said...

MY dearest KAddu, i love you so very much....can i ask for your number which is still working and also the time frame wherein its not been swtiched off or put on silent.....dont worry i still can figure out square roots but COMPUTERS ahem ahem :(......

Rashmi said...

And btw i forgot to mention i too had maths and biology together :) and trust me i was good in both.....only the dissection thg in biology use to suck and maths mein tht stupid conics i never understood...baki was kool......and yeah kaddu i too am with u tht i keep looking back at the person whom i keep behind me even while operating or shall i say using mixer-grinder :(

Kaddu said...

Lol! Ok, will just email you my number. :-D

ashkd said...

Hi.. i also got this signature through PG's blog.. you are quite a regular and lovely blogger... :-) and just now got to know that you are from kanpur.. havent seen many from kanpur writing blogs.. well done.. keep doing great.. all the best. :-)

Dhiman said...

Kaddu, Does your 'Tech Support' cover non-Dell products ? I mean HP etc ;) ;) :D

Kaddu said...

Thanks for the visit pal! :)
Actually I was born in Patna, brought up in Kanpur, and have moved back to Patna since last 9 years. Have u seen many bloggers from Patna btw? ;)

Oh yeah... even products purchased individually from Nehru Place, Delhi (or any local hardware store) and assembled at home! Hardware support for desktops only though. Software issues (OS errors etc) for both desktops & laptops.

Shobhit said...

Now that Kaddu has already clarified on your question about subjects in our school, I needn't add anything more to that. But yes, Bio-Maths has been a rare combination in these parts, maybe due to the fact that people don't want anything to do with a subject which doesn't contribute to their career goals. (In our times, people were a lot prejudiced as far as Bio/Maths were concerned. :D )

I wished if they could have let me add CS to my chosen combination of Bio-Maths too... :D

About skeletons,.... well, I'll write more on that in a future post on my blog. :-)

Kaddu said...

Perhaps they would have (let u add CS to Math-Bio) if u had Hermoine's 'time-turner'! ;)

Shobhit said...

Kaddu :
Well, I had to google for the 'Hermoine's time-turner'. And as soon as I eyed the results, I realized where it came from.

And by now it would be so clear to you that when it comes to anything related to Harry Potter, I AM really an alien. :D

Just couldn't get myself to develope a taste for it. Ok. I didn't actually bother to pick one of those books up, but, still... :D :D

And it's all so rummy what with almost everyone around me being ever so potty for 'Potter'. Wonder how I never get attracted to anything related to 'Harry', old boy... ;)

But, thanks to you, I now know about the 'time-turner'. Though I still don't know who or what exactly is 'Hermione'.... :D :D

Kaddu said...

Ha ha ha! Hermoine Granger is Harry's best friend, along with Ronald Weasley. She also becomes Ron's gf later on. She's brilliant at theoretical stuff - things that can be learned from the book u know... spells, potions etc... and she's probably the only student of Hogwarts who has read "Hogwarts: A History"! Hope that helps! :D

Shobhit said...

Now who the deuce is 'Hogwarts'.... ??? :(

Kaddu said...

=)) =)) =))
You are hilarious! Hogwarts is the name of the school where they study witchcraft and magic!

Shobhit said...


And I had started to imagine Hogwarts to be some teacher of their's... :p

Ohh... And thanks again for letting me know that they are actually attending a school for witchcraft and magic... :D :D (I learned more about HP in the last half hour than I had ever since the world knew about him... !)

Kaddu said...

Oh yes, Hogwarts is just one such school of witchcraft & wizardry... there are other schools too, and they have inter-school Quidditch matches! Oh and they also certification exams like our 10th & 12th boards... O.W.L.s and N.E.W.T.s!

Kokonad said...

Heh heh heh heh! Nice post, Ms. Teerious! :)

Kaddu said...

Oh well... u know parenting... the things it makes one do! Sighhhhh!

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