Bloggers' Meet: New Delhi

I will be in New Delhi from July 11th morning to July 19th evening. As discussed with some of you on chat through the Yahoo Pingbox widget here, it was suggested we meet up in Delhi sometime during then.

I believe most of the Delhi bloggers in our community are from North Delhi, West Delhi, South Delhi and the NCR. Hence, it was recommended that we choose a venue somewhere in South Delhi, which would be convenient for the NCR people as well.

Just one glitch... I have a tendency of losing my way in Delhi! I DO manage to reach my destination eventually, but an hour or 2 later than when I am supposed to! :( However, there ARE 2 places in South Delhi where I'm sure I can reach without getting lost! :D

They are:

1. Dilli Haat: Wouldn't be Air Conditioned, but nobody would mind if we get a bit noisy.
2. PVR Saket CCD/Barista etc: Would be easier to locate each other if we have a fixed place. Also, a bit of Air Conditioning would definitely be welcome in the heat!


Well, we have 2 Saturdays (11th and 18th), and 1 Sunday (12th)... although, I'll be free to meet even on weekdays, 'coz I'll be "on vacation"! :D But I figured you guys might have work/classes during weekdays.

So all those of you who are interested and would be free to meet, just leave a comment here and we can settle down on one date and time, and one place. And yes, please do pray for the arrival of monsoons before then! :(

Looking forward to seeing you all...
Cheers! :D


As discussed in the comments below, we have a 3rd (and better) option for the venue: CP (Connaught Place). That's where we plan to hold the meeting now. Where exactly in CP? Hmmmm. Join in the discussion below to help decide on that please!

The Date has been fixed for 12th July now. It is a Sunday.

Proposed time for the meet: 4.00-4.30 pm. (So hopefully, everybody should reach there by maximum 5 pm, considering that we Indians are used to arriving at... well, "Indian Standard Time!")

IMPORTANT: All those who are interested in attending this meeting, please leave your name, area of residence in Delhi, email id and contact number. You can send the details to my email id, given in my blogger profile. We'll need the details to coordinate with each other. Thanks.

Final plans about the proposed meet are at this post: "Updates on Our Bloggers' Meet".

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Want to Add Something?

ZB said...

woohoo, bloggers meet? thats great. I wish i could be there.

Wish you all the best, and do write about how it went, i will be waiting. Cheers:)))

Roshmi (Musings of an Unknown Indian) said...

The monsoons have already arrived in Bangalore. I just love the rain... !!! :)

btw... your Alexa Traffic Rank has improved by leaps and bounds!

Siddhesh 'Ravan' Kabe said...

hey, its a sad thing that i am on-site in june month. I am not sure about july, but please inform me of date on my mail so i can fly down there on that day.
Looking forward seeing bloggers...

Kaddu said...

Yeah definitely... will update abt it here for sure! :D

X-( Thanks for rubbing salt in our wounds! Huhhh! Enjoy the rains!

Kaddu said...

Hey I didn't know u were following this blog too... although I have seen u around! Will surely leave a mail to u, once a date is finalized for the meet.

The agenda of the meet: HAVE FUN! :D

We'll probably spend some time on that age-old debate: "boys are best" Vs. "girls are best"... of course, girls will win as usual! We might have some leg pulling, male bashing, maybe some intellectual conversations too (time permitting of course)... and yes, FOOD! :D

preposterous girl said...

:( my exams starting on july 11.. But still I'll try to be there.. :(

Nikita said...

Yay! So you're really doin it :D
well, for me any day after 15th is cool...and also 12th which is a sunday. though i'm tryin not to get anxious over the commute that saket or dilli haat will require. but that's not such a major issue (dilli haat is better in terms of distance, only the heat would kill us all. my theatre group had the wonderful insight of havin a meeting there last week and bisleri earned more than double of what it usually does that day! besides, even if it rains by then, it'll be tough to sit at dilli haat unless everyone is a fan of getting drenched).

is CP also an option btw???

PS: I refuse to have ne intellectual discussions at the meet. i come there only if the sole agenda is fun. it won't be cool if ppl realise how dumb i am the first time i meet them now, would it? :P

Kaddu said...

Oh no! Whoever starts exams on a Saturday?
Arre u must try to be thr yaar! U're the first person I discussed this with on chat! And if u aren't going to be thr, then it'll feel just awfully bad. There's lotsa time, complete ur preparation in advance... what say! :p

Kaddu said...

Ok so that's one vote for 12th and 18th (taking weekends only at the moment).

CP? It's huge! I'll definitely lose my way there! :( Besides, won't it be too far for anyone coming from Noida/Ghaziabad/Gurgaon? I don't really know much abt Delhi, so let's wait for more comments... if we don't hv anyone coming from the NCR, then maybe we cud move the venue to CP. Of course, you guys will hv to keep giving me directions so I don't get lost! :p

Abhiroop Banerjee said...

I know! Lets have the Delhi Bloggers meet in - Hyderabad.


Food. damn it. I'll miss the food.

Hopeless Romantic said...

Hi, i am flying on 3 july, so wont be able to meet for the meet..but all the best to u all..have fun!

I think as someone suggested above, CP is the best place, its central and convenient for everyone. Imagine someone coming from north delhi to south delhi, its going to take 1 hr atleast. The best thing is that CP has got the maximum metro coverage, so ppl can easily use it.

And how ur assuming there is no one from east delhi, i am one and i know atleast 10 bloggers on my blog who are from here, moreover anyone coming from ghaziabad has to cross east delhi to reach central delhi. U will surely loose in CP :D

Have Fun, cheers!

preposterous girl said...

Hmm.. Lets see.. I so wanna be there.. :(
And me too in favour of CP.. It will not be far for noida and G'bad.. Yeah may be a li'l far for G'gaon people..

Kaddu said...

Arre! It's not a Delhi bloggers meet! It's just a Bloggers meet in Delhi! I am a Patna Blogger, remember? :p

Food! You'll miss the food? That's it? And u won't miss me? :-O

Dost dost na raha...

Kaddu said...

Oh ok! I didn't know u were from East. Hey can u mention abt this meeting on ur blog too? So that ur blogger friends (who don't follow mine yet) are also informed of this meet, and we can all expand our group!

As for CP... well, like I said I'm not from Delhi. I am from Patna. So I really don't know much abt the plc! My sister stays in Delhi however, (yeah South Delhi; that's why I know a few plcs in South Delhi :p)... and I just consulted her...

She agrees CP wud be more central for everyone concerned, including ppl from Noida/Ghaziabad. It will only be too far for ppl coming from Gurgaon, but, as of now, I don't think we have anyone coming from Ggn, as Abhiroop will be out of town that time. So let's include CP as a 3rd option. I'll just update the post.

Kaddu said...

Yeah looks like it's gonna be CP. So figure out a place in CP which I can simply tell my "auto-waala" to take me too... without being asked to give any directions to him!

Shobhit said...

Well, I thought of suggesting CP before too as that was where we (my batchmates) used to meet up as it was the central place for all.

As for some particular place, that depends upon what you decide to treat yourselves to. (there would be food too... no ??) But if you decide on a weekend, don't expect to find space in any of the McDs around there. (personal experience...) Only if you have an extra hour or two at hand to wait for vacant spots.

Fortunately, in our times, our gatherings usually happened in the winter months. So sitting and moving around Central Park was always a pleasant option. Though I wouldn't suggest that now unless you plan to meet in the evening or getting a group-sunburn/heat stroke is on your agenda... :p :p

Maybe the Delhi-people who frequent CP would be in a better position to suggest some place for this time of the year.

Abhiroop Banerjee said...

Isn't 'Kaddu' a food item too? :)

Kaddu said...

Yeah CP it is. And yes, it'll be a Sunday... looks like 12th will be ok for most. So no place in McDs on Sunday? My sister tells me there are at least 3 McDs in CP! None of them will have place?

Hmmm... Delhites... we need some options plz. And what time do we meet? 4-4.30 pm ok?

Kaddu said...

Can't u like swap places with someone else in ur office, scheduled to go for that training in Hyd in the next batch? Like a personal setting u know... and then the 2 of u cud go to ur HR together and say u wanted to swap batches on a mutual consent.
The HR might agree in such a case... as they say, if "miyan biwi raazi, to kya karega kaazi"! Ok not the most perfect example, but u r getting the picture, arent u?

Shobhit said...

Yes. Your sister is absolutely right. But it'll be a miracle if you can actually stroll in non-chalantly and find a vacant spot in any of the three McDs in CP on weekends.

On one occasion we checked in all of them one by one only to find each place overflowing with people. At last we decided to try our luck at the McD Family Restaurent in the 'inner circle' (because not only had we completed a full circle of CP on foot and that was the last one we arrived at but also because we didn't have it in us to walk anymore).

We took our positions at various 'probable' spots which appeared to be getting vacant in the very near future. I felt dashed silly to even think of attempting to pounce on a table even before its occupants had managed to gather their belongings after finishing their last bites.

And as expected, the table that was left unoccupied by a group just in front of me was swiftly taken charge of by a girl of merely 5 or 6 (in a cute pink dress and her hair in two pony-tails which stuck out just above her ears) who could barely get her chin above the table itself and was joined by her parents who seemed to float in out of nowhere....... Much to the dislike of my friends.... :(

And later, the car-parking at CP, apart from the numerous cars parked in it, consisted of an extra few guys parked on the pavement, munching at their McVeggies/McChickens. (well I had my 'McChicken with cheese' as always.... :D)

So, it'll be better if someone from Delhi could suggest a place, just in case....

But I still wonder if each of them is not just as populated on weekends as the McDs !

Kaddu said...

Stop scaring us! X-(

SLt. Parv Kaushik said...

yes i think the bloggers meet is a fantastic idea!! would love to attend it in delhi...m all for it!! this one will be soo cool!

looking forward to it and meeting some great people there!

Kaddu said...

Hi Parv,
Would be great to have you with us at the meet. So far, it seems though that only Nikita, PG, you and I are going to mk it! :(
Plz do email me ur contact no. And u can also notify abt this meet on ur blog, if u have readers from Delhi.

SLt. Parv Kaushik said...

thats sad to see a handful of us for the meeting but then it doesnt matter a blogger's meet is a bloggers meet after all! i.m all for it and would love to attend even if its you kaddu and me thr!!

lolzzzz! will love to inform bloggers on my blog too thats a good idea!

gimme your email, i'll mail you my numbr.

Kaddu said...

Have sent u an email on the yahoo id given in ur blogger profile. Please check.

Manish said...

Would have loved to join you guys, anywhere (CP/Dilli-Haat/Saket/Gurgaon) but am tied up with some thing on 12th.

Still, will try to come if possible, do keep me in loop about the chosen final destination in CP.

Kaddu said...

Please send me ur email id & phn no., so that I can inform u abt the final venue.

You can either email me this info (my email addr is given on my blogger profile) or u can leave another comment here... comments are moderated, so I won't publish it.

Ajay Saklani said...

hey for any help about directions and ways to reach the venue place...u people can ask me. I know almost every corner of Delhi. Talking about MacD in CP, the best one would be one in Janpath. Thats d spacious one and is not much populated as others....

All examz people, try to make it on 12th... i m also busy in my examz. I've d last one on 13th but still i dont wann miss this meet.. c u all....

Kaddu said...

Excel Matic:
I have received ur comment, but haven't published it here to protect ur email address. Will post another update abt the trip today... as a new blog post. Please do check it. I have saved ur email id, will send u an email too.

Kaddu said...

Ajay Saklani:
Have got ur other comment too... the one with ur email & phn no. Haven't published it here to protect ur personal info. Janpath's McD sounds like a perfect idea... I hv been to Janpath couple of times back in 2001 & then last in 2004... I think I can find my way to the McD over thr without getting lost! :p

Gautam said...

hi kaddu...thts a great initiative by u...
i would love to come to the bloggers' meet...

but whts the exact venue?

kim said...

hey friends... please plan it for cp... and y ur guys are planning for sunday... i got only that day to spend with my mom dad... can we change day please... :(

I m eager to come... as i hv never attended any blogger's meeting..

Kaddu said...

We are meeting on 12th July (tomorrow) between 4.00 to 4.30 pm, at McD Inner Circle - CP.

Everybody, please update... instead of McD Janpath, we are meeting at McD Inner Circle. Both of them will be equally full on a Sunday, so we'll hv to move somewhr else to find plc to sit. Hence, we'll use McD Inner Circle as a meeting point, and then leave for somewhr to sit at sharp 4.30 pm.

Gautam, if u wish to join us, kindly send me an email with ur phn no. My email ID is mentioned in my blogger profile.

Kaddu said...

Sorry Kim... the day & time cannot be changed. Everybody is working mostly, so they hv only Sunday free for any social activity. I'm the only one on vacation here! :p

Do send me a mail if u wish to join us... we'd love to hv u thr! And yes, the venue remains CP.

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