4 Yellow Flowers

My Dad & I went to my Uncle's place here yesterday afternoon. When we came down & walked to our car in the parking area, to head back for home, this is what we found adorning our emerald green Maruti 800!

These 4 yellow flowers had been carefully arranged in those tiny slits at the base of the windshield wipers. By whom - we knew not! I removed them from there and stepped inside the car, with those flowers, to show them to Dad.

Towards the front of the building, we saw a couple of kids playing... the kind whom we fondly refer to as "street urchins". When they saw us drive out of the building, they smiled shyly at us, and looked at each other.

I looked at them. They looked at the flowers. I looked at the flowers. Their smiles widened slightly, still remaining shy. I looked up again and understood. They were the ones who had decided to play 'God' with our car! (Perhaps they hadn't been allowed entry into a temple!)

Out of the 2 dozen cars standing in the parking lot, including some sparkling new specimens of the latest models, the 2 kids had taken a fancy to our old beaten-down, badly scratched and bruised Maruti 800! Maybe they thought that the green looked cool with the yellow? :-/

I beamed at them. One of my 1000 watt killer smiles! They got confused. And then they beamed right back at me. TWO 1000 watt killer smiles! And we drove off. With the image of those 2 toothy grins in our minds. And these 4 yellow flowers in my hand.

P.S. - The pictures are a little blurred 'coz they were taken by my Dad's cell phone in a moving car!

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♥ÐÅyÐяєÅмє®♥ said...

sometimes kid comes up with such things which brighten up the day :)

Dhiman said...

Kaddu, maybe your car was the odd one out amonst the other cars parked around so the "street urchins" felt maybe their effort would be appreciated cause bigger and newer cars doesn't mean bigger hearts ....I am just guessing :D

As the Mind Meanders said...

God sent you flowers Kaddu.... and then he smiled at you.... you must have done something nice....

Dhiman said...

Am I first this time ???

Sumit said...


Kaddu said...

Yeah, you can never figure out what a kid is going to next! Funny creatures! I'm always amazed by their creativity!

Could be possible... or perhaps ours was the only car they could reach up to! (Height-wise I mean!) :p

Kaddu said...

Yeah I feel so too! I'm still floating a few inches above the ground in happiness... it's like the feeling when you're in love, you know! :p

No, but u definitely are the first to comment twice! :))


navadeep said...

its these little things in life that sometimes mean so much to us and bring so much happiness... n its one of those little posts...where you write about these little things which makes me come back to your blogsite one more little time....

Mukund said...

That really must have made your day or evening or what ever part of the day it was... Kids not only do stuff that makes your day, at times they do things which make you remember a lot of stuff which we just forget in our day today life...

Nikita said...

awww :D

Kaddu said...

Ha ha ha! I'm still so captivated by that incident, that I'm mentally blowing flying kisses towards everyone who is commenting on my blog! Such little things make all the difference as you said...
Thanks for that lovely comment btw! As Shreesh commented on this post thru my FaceBook profile... focusing on such experiences spreads the positivity around. I guess that's what is happening here! :)

Kaddu said...

So true Mukund! Kids are simply amazing at times!

Kaddu said...

I knew one of the girls would definitely go "awww" over this post! :))

Rashmi said...

These yellowies are so cute and yes one more girl goes awwww :)

Dhiman said...

Well kisi mein to first hua...bas chane ke jhad ke upar tak pounchna hai :)

preposterous girl said...

Hi Kaddu..
Aww cho chweet :) y dnt u captured those toothless grins or was it with tooth??
Any which way u rock yaar.. u write these simple things in life so beautifully that it actually becomes a reason to celebrate Life :)

Kaddu said...

Ha ha ha! :)

Arre but what is it with u and being the first person to comment?

3rd "Awww"! :p
My Dad had already driven out before I could even think of taking his cell phn out. And yeah... life is meant to be celebrated, isn't it? ;)

Tangerine said...

such a beautiful experience :)

Dhiman said...

Its called "Comment on FIP" syndrome which started from FakeIPLPlayer blog where mostly the first commentor just comments "I am first to comment" etc....
It applies for highly commented blogs :D ;) :) ...U don't worry much about it unless you have a "Comment Policy" which bans this type of effect ;)

Kaddu said...

Yes, isn't it? Was cute... :)

This is not a highly commented blog, hence it disqualifies for the FIP syndrome! :D

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