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Have been away from here for the last few days. Had another exam today. Was studying for it. Now it's done. Yes, I passed. My average is still hovering around 89%, but, the remaining 3 papers are going to be tough. So I think overall I just might be able to make it with a final score of 85+! Not that I care about it any more! I'm fed up! Have already given 13 exams since December! And there are 3 still left! Boring! Very boring!

And to top it all, I haven't stepped outside this silly little place for more than half-a-year now! Just 4 to 5 months in Patna, at a stretch, with no "out-of-town-holiday", is enough to get me all cranky! And it's been 7 months now this time around since I went anywhere! And well, I obviously can't "take a hike" in the middle of my exams, right! So I'm stuck here... till I give the last of my PGDBA papers on the 1st of June, and then the "BIG one" (the SCJP) on the 1st of July! That makes it 2 more months! Duhhhhhh!

Will definitely have to take a "breather" after that though! So where should I go this time? Hmmmm. Could go to Bangalore - Swati will be back from the US this month. That would be 56-60 hours journey by train, one-way! In this heat? Naah! Later. Where else? Not Guwahati again either... Chachi is supposed to come down here to help me with "the groom hunt"!

That leaves plain old Delhi... & my sister! I could go see the Akshardham temple finally! (Yeah, I still haven't been there!) Maybe even take my camera along this time... get them to shoot some decent pics of mine! I really do need some recent pictures for "the groom hunt"! But ever since my darling nephew has entered this world, my dad seems to have lost all interest in "clicking" me! Well... babies! Who ever could stand a chance against them!

Hmmmmm. Maybe I should just go take a nap first...

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Mukund said...

Akshardham is a really nice place... though you are not allowed to take cameras and mobiles but still worth seeing... By the way its going to be really hot in delhi but I guess patna is no better, so up to you really...

Kaddu said...

Yeah, I know... would still be pretty hot there even in July! But I'll really need to get out from here for a few days! Let's see...

Abhiroop Banerjee said...

Delhi may be old, but it certainly is not plain.
Have you been to this museum?
89% is bloody brilliant.

Kaddu said...

Hmmmm. I must say I'd no idea about all that history behind something we use daily! Whr do u find such places btw?

Abhiroop Banerjee said...

I live a minute's stroll away from that museum. I didn't live in this locality when I posted the last comment though. I haven't visited it though I've been living right next to the place for a year and a half now. Guess I am waiting for some out of town friends to drop in. That's how most Delhiites see the Red Fort, Lotus Temple and the Qutb. On sight seeing trips with relatives.

Chicky a.k.a. Kaddu said...

LOL! I wonder who would like to visit a toilet museum on his/her visit to Delhi! :P

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