"Traffic"-(k)ing! Or Queen?

On the 13th of May, I got to know that, just like the Google Page Rank, there is also something called Alexa Traffic Rank. I decided to check the Alexa Rank for my blog. It was 2,067,678 that day, and NO... 'higher' is NOT better in Alexa!

Anyways, I installed the little button they give to add in your sidebar, and today (26th of May) this button looks like this! In just 2 weeks time, my Alexa Rank has gone up from 2,067,678 to 799, 562! WOW!

Here is a detailed Screenshot of my blog-listing from Alexa:

Do you see that "3 month change" figure at the bottom? 800% UP! Phewwww! All thanks to you guys, you know - all my readers (fans?) out there!

And that's not all! My Traffic Rank in India is even better... 30,802! Check this Screenshot:
Funnily, I also seem to have developed a good reader-base in Belgium! I wonder which one of you guys is located there! :-/

But you know, the best part is Alexa's Customer Service!

I was not able to 'claim' my 'listing' on their site 'coz it automatically took Blogger as the owner of this blog. And since this is not a self-hosted site, there was no way I could upload the 'info.txt' file they wanted me to, in my 'root folder'. Frankly, I don't even know what my 'root folder' is for this blog! So I used the Contact form given on their website and asked them if there was any other way I could claim my blog there.

I actually received a reply from them! And they even offered to edit my listing manually, if only I could show them, on this blog, the same email address with which I'd contacted them! Well, that was easy - the email ID is there on my blogger profile, which, in turn, can be accessed from my "About Me" section in the sidebar! From that day onwards, my blog listing on Alexa proudly displays MY information, instead of the default blogger details! :-D

P.S. - Just in case you are wondering, Alexa isn't paying me for doing this write-up! LOL! They don't even know that I'm a satisfied "Customer" (if at all I can be called that, considering the fact that I'm using their services free of cost!)... because I never did fill-out the "Customer Satisfaction Survey" their email asked me to participate in! :-p

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Want to Add Something?

Sumit said...

Awesome hai! With the fan following that you have, I'm sure you'll continue chart-busting. :D

I always enjoy reading your blog, and I'm sure that there are loads of others too.

Mukund said...

Hey well done I guess that is a pretty cool achievement yar... Though I am not sure if that is good rank or not but it sure is a huge improvement... Keep it up

preposterous girl said...

Hmm so now u've started reading ur reader's mind haan... I was thinking to say that r u being paid by Alexa and u repied that..
No wonder u 've now readers or rather satisfied readers in Belgium and other countries as well..
Oh I forgot India.. Lol :P

suren said...

hmmm...very technical indeed!

Mahesh Nayak said...

Good going kaddu. I am having trouble with the comment section though. Each time I want to post a comment it shows a "IE cannot open the site.....Operation aborted" and the "this page cannot be displayed" shows up. I need to hit the back button each time for this to be rectified. Anybody else facing the same problem or is it just me?

Dhiman said...

I am the 1st to comment...yay :D

Dreaming Eyes said...

nice post as always...Miss.Kaddu..

take care..;-)

Roshmi (Musings of an Unknown Indian) said...


My Alexa Traffic Rank shows: 302,413 on my blog... and 293,053 on the Alexa site...

My Traffic Rank in India: 20,155

What does that mean... ???

et said...

Oh 800% uh? Great progress that is!

btw have u tried google analytics.. it gives such cool statistics!

Kaddu said...

You are a sweetheart!
Btw, I hvnt yet had the time to try out that code u gave me... will get to it post lunch now I guess!

Kaddu said...

Ha ha! No idea abt it being gud or not... but it's definitely better than what I started with 2 weeks ago! LOL! :p

Kaddu said...

Yupp! I can read ppl's minds! Beware! ;-)

Kaddu said...

Oh YOU are the Surender Mehla in my follower list! Phewww! Another mystery solved! I hv been asking abt u & Websnacker - the 2 unsolved mysteries staring at me from my sidebar! And thankfully, both are solved today! :-D

Why hvnt u blogged after that 1 solitary post btw? Are u planning to continue blogging, or giving up on it? I would recommend giving it all you've got! Besides, there is a huge support group here too, in case you falter! Think abt it! Nothing is impossible once you've set yourself a target!
Cheers! :-D

Kaddu said...

Already answered in chat yesterday! :-)

Kaddu said...

:-D Sorry to break ur heart sweetheart, but, you are the 6th! Awwwwww! Never mind! There's always the next post! ;-)

Kaddu said...

Dreaming Eyes:
Thank you Miss DE! ;-) :-p

Kaddu said...

It means you are getting a LOT of traffic on ur blog! Ha ha ha! :-)
And yeah... Alexa updates daily, but this little button reflects the changes after a few hours usually! And sometimes it even skips a day!

Kaddu said...

YEah, I have the Google Analytics code inserted in my template! And guess what! I made sum major changes to my blog's template recently na... so I ended up corrupting that code somehow! My GA isn't showing any data since the 17th of May - I only noticed it yesterday! :-(
Had to hunt for that code again from their site, & reinsert it into my blog's template! LOL! :p

Kaddu said...

@ all:
Why is it only showing 4 rows in my follower widget? How can I change that? I hv seen it stretching to eternity in sum of ur blogs! :-/

♥ÐÅyÐяєÅмє®♥ said...

claps claps

ab pardy do :P

btw paper kaise hue ???

♥ÐÅyÐяєÅмє®♥ said...

html mein jake size badhao uska....

Kaddu said...

Us widget ke html mein size jaisa kuch bhi nahin dikh raha hai... and yes, I have "expanded" the widgets! Exact line copy paste karke bhejo plz... which I need to change!

Dazediva said...

Hey Kaddu
Thanks for dropping by my blog & becoming a follower.

You've got a cool blog :) I used to have the same background before hehehe

The insight on Alexa is fab - had actually been wondering how I can go about 'claiming' my own blog on it - and now thanks to you - I know how :) will keep you updated !!

preposterous girl said...

Arey waah color junction is back :) :)
And I dnt knw How to play mahjong :( :(
koi sikha do plzzzzz .I'm Dumb :( :(

Dhiman said...

Certainly your awesome stats is making 1st commenter a most coveted spot :D... gr8 work...

Rinku said...

hello kaddu
keep going
this ia d result of your hardwork
why don't you run adsense in your blog?

rads said...

That's great info..will check mine on Alexa too. Thanks Kaddu. Your blog rocks. Keep it up. BTW I voted for you on bloggerschoiceawards :)

Kaddu said...

Thanks for the "follow" DD! Well, I'm addicted to this background! Even though there are so many stylish templates available now for Blogger, I still can't part with this one! :-( So I have been learning how to tweak-up the code instead, to get a navigation-bar/menu-bar in this template itself. :-p

Kaddu said...

Yes! :-D
And there are soon going to be some more games too... with instructions... just hang on! ;-)

Kaddu said...

He he! This is called "chane ke jhaad pe chadana"! ;-)

Kaddu said...

Welcome to my blog pal! Adsense - tried it long time ago, doesn't work too well on a "personal blog" it seems, since there is not one specific niche I write about. If u know of any other ways to monetize this blog, do let me know. :-)

Kaddu said...

Heyyyy! Just read your comment on my BCA page! You used to lurk around here without leaving any comments? :-O
Ha ha ha! I wonder if there are more like you! Perhaps I should also do a "de-lurking" post like Sumit! What say Sumit? ;-)
Thanks for the comment finally though! :-D And I hope you'll be more 'visible' from now on! And thanks for the vote too! :-p

Shreesh said...

huh ..now reading ur blog has become rather time consuming as i got to read more than 20 comments on a average..phew..u r seriously into blogging ..now consider monitize it n i guess that u will get 100$ sooner than the last time//

Kaddu said...

Arre! Read the blog na, nobody asked u to read ALL the comments if you don't have time!

Roshmi (Musings of an Unknown Indian) said...

Your traffic rank has improved further... 483,405 :)

Kaddu said...


Yupp! :-D

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