Or is that "un-widgetizing"???

Anyways, the point is that I have just removed 3 widgets from the sidebar:

1. The 'Recent Comments' - Well, it was only showing my own comments mostly, because my bulk replies used to push down the comments of you guys. Wasn't really serving my purpose!

2. The 'picture slide show' - It was massively slowing down the loading of my blog, combined with the other widgets! I realized I had to make a sacrifice!

3. The 'Color Junction' - This one just stopped working on its own! Dunno what happened! One minute it was there... & as soon as I did a 'refresh', it was gone! I got an 'error with this gadget' in its place on my blog! Tried to add it again, but Blogger says the widget is corrupt ??? Sorry Abhiroop! Will try adding it again after sometime... maybe they'll manage to fix up the code by then!

On a personal front, got to give the next exam tomorrow. Don't feel like giving it though... but don't really have much choice! The truth is - I'm massively bored by these exams now! 50% is the passing requirement... & that's all I care for at the moment! (Yeah, I've cut down on my expectations slightly! Ok cut down on them *majorly* then!) You see, I really want to get back to the JAVA thingie now!

Anyways... I'm going to blog more tomorrow evening now (hopefully!)... and that's also when you'll see 'my footprints' again on your blogs! Till then... wish me luck! And have fun!

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♥ÐÅyÐяєÅмє®♥ said...

wish u luck :P

Kaddu said...

Thanks! I'll need it... this time... as well as for the next 2 papers after this one!
:-D :-p

♥ÐÅyÐяєÅмє®♥ said...

do baar aaur wish u luck :P

Vyazz said...

Hey...best of luck!!!....DO well!!!!..an my granny used to say eating almonds helps u perform better for the exams!!!...SO heres my advice to u on that!!! :D

Mukund said...

Going by the past record of yours i.e. whatever I have read from your posts and comments I am sure you will do well... I don't believe in luck much so, All the best...

Roshmi (Musings of an Unknown Indian) said...

Rhymes with 'detoxing'... something which the 'honourable' Cheap... oops Chief Minister of Kar. is currently indulging in... !!!

Kaddu said...

Dude! You've got to wish me luck a day before my exam... the effect wanes off over time you see! :-D

Kaddu said...

Looks like ur 'best of luck' worked! Couldn't remember about those almonds though... got a sudden fit of studying & lost track of everything else! :-D

Kaddu said...

:-D You've really 'got the hang of me' buddy! And that too in such short time! Couldn't get a 50 after all... will have to live with an 80 instead! :-p

Kaddu said...


Shreesh said...

I guess iam going to miss the photos and the colour junction both ..

Kaddu said...

Hey I didn't know u played the CJ too! How come u never mentioned it to me?
Btw, u can still access my photographs directly in my Picassa.

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