Games Galore!

Added some of my favorite i-google games here.

There is Color Junction (obviously!), Mahjong and Sudoku. I might add a few more later on if I like playing them myself, and if they don't have any big Ads that can't be removed from the code!

If you have any favorites, kindly leave a comment on this post.

Btw, the credit for this feature goes primarily to Sumit. If he hadn't told me that "drop-down" menus in the navigation bar could also be made in Blogger, I might never have got the idea to embed games within individual posts, and link them up to a separate "games menu" on the top of this blog! :-D

Code Credit: Part of the code provided by Sumit; remaining part provided by HyperJadulz. Thanks to both of you! :-D


I have added 2 more games to this list: Bejeweled and Mastermind. Do check them out.

Also found PacMan and a free Daily Crossword Puzzle gadget, and added those as well.

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Want to Add Something?

Sumit said...

Glad to be of some use, ma'am! :)

I've been laid low by a stomach bug, so couldn't get back to you on your mail. But I'll work something out over the weekend.

Btw, the games are an interesting idea, but your blog takes ages to load.

Kaddu said...

Hey it was slow earlier in the morning... but right now it's loading up at its usual speed only! :-/

In the morning, it was getting stuck for like ages while loading the Shelfari bookshelf... and the sidebar wouldn't even begin loading till the main section was completely loaded! I eventually removed Shelfari & it loaded up faster. But later it seemed to work fine, so I added it back.

As for these games, well these are just like normal post pages, so they'll be pushed down by the new posts. In fact, the sidebar is much lighter now than before! So it shud actually load up faster!

And didn't u see... the drop-down is working now! :-D Only added it for the 'games' tab so far.

Sumit said...

Maybe, it's just my connection that's slow today. :)

And yeah, I didn't see the drop-down earlier. AWESOME!! :D

Mukund said...

Hey you seem to have been working a lot... the drop down menu is a really cool thing to have...

Dreaming Eyes said... usual you and ur new ideas...simply rocking....keep it up...wud come for more to read and learn...

take care...keep rocking....

Kaddu said...

Is it working fine now?

Well yeah, you can say that! But I'm glad it's finally worked! :-D

Don't forget to come back to play too! ;-) :-p

Hopeless Romantic said...

nice collection of games..i am a big fan of sudoko....need to check out others..thanks for sharing !


preposterous girl said...

Arre games kaha gayi?? Do we hav to got to ur particular posts to play those unlike earlier when u had the color junction in ur side bar??

Kaddu said...

You're welcome buddy! Let me know if you have any other favorites... & I'll try to find if an embed code is available for them on i-google.

Kaddu said...

Check the navigation bar at the top of my blog, just above the header... all games have been added in the drop down menu there under games. With instructions too! :-p And now the blog loads up faster too, with the sidebar less cluttered-up.

Hyperjadulz said...

it seems happy to know that my hard work appreciated by you. thank you very much.

Kaddu said...

Hey cool pal! How did u know I'd used ur code & credited u here? Btw, this feature is just awesome... it's like waking up suddenly & realizing u hv got wings to fly anywhr u wish to!

bamboolounge said...

Nice Post. I will try out the games that you suggested.

Kaddu said...

@ BL: Pramathesh, right? Go ahead & let me know if u manage to clear the color junction board :p

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