Crystal Consistency!

This is totally amazing!

Long time back, I wrote a post here, on "The Color of My Aura". I had taken a test at this website, where I was supposed to answer a whole lot of questions, and finally it told me my aura was predominantly "Crystal" in color!

Almost 6 months later, I wrote another post - "The Odd One Out!" - which was again symbolic of relating me with a Crystal!

And finally, today, I took this short test on FaceBook - on "What Type of Soul I Have" - and the answer is, once again, "Crystalline"!

Here's what the FaceBook test says about me...

You have come out with the Crystalline answer for your soul. Crystalline beings are very reflective. They take a very long time to grow and change but when they do, you can't change them back... it is 'set in stone' so to speak. A crystalline person has an easier time giving than taking. When they do receive something, a debt is naturally implied in their minds whether or not it is expected. This is because of a deep sensitivity to people and objects. Crystalline folks are extremely absorbent of all kinds of energy. They would be wise to trust their instinct when it comes to people and objects in their lives. If it isn't for you, you know... neutralize, energize, and release. That is the natural flow for crystalline souls... you must learn about your natural abilities and use them for healing in your life.

All I can say is - the test sure is accurate!

Here's more in "Who-Am-I"!

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Want to Add Something?

Vyazz said...

Wow....thats correct 3/3....usually tests dont turn out that way!!!....Newayz...will take the test myself to figure out my persona as well!!!

Kaddu said...

Hey in fact, most of the tests that I hv added in my FB profile are accurate. There are several tests thr which tell u abt the same aspect of ur personality... & they r all completely consistent in their results. Then thr is "which Sholay character r u?" & "which Archie character r u?"... Those r perfectly accurate too. U can do a search for my full name on FB & add me thr... then u'll be able to see all the tests tht I hv added to my profile.

Mahesh Nayak said...

Hey dude, you could have provided a link for that test over here so that we(readers) could do that test for ourselves.

Kaddu said...

Edited the post to add the link. Not sure if it will work correctly from here, 'coz the test is on Facebook, but you can give it a try.

Mahesh Nayak said...

Hey dude,
I came on facebook after a very loooonnnnnnngggggg time. THe first thing I did was the "what kind of soul do you have?" test. We both are of crystalline souls. Nice to meet ya - fellow crystalline soul !! :)

Kaddu said...

Mahesh:Hey dude! Shreesh also got a Crystalline! So I'm wondering if all Reiki ppl have the same kinda soul! But no... not ALL Reiki ppl... 'coz my sister got a different answer, despite being a Reiki channel... but she's not really into Reiki the way we are! So maybe...

Say did u fix up ur lappie? Long time we hvnt chatted!

Mahesh Nayak said...

Regarding - your sister not really into reiki the way we are - I donno abt that because for me its been a really long time since I even did reiki. I am more into meditation, spirituality stuff.
Yup, dude - been long time since we chatted. Regarding my lappie, it is fixed. But work is little bit tighter I honestly donno when I would come online these days !

Kaddu said...

Well yeah... I shud hv said "spirituality" instead of "Reiki" actually! Reiki, meditation etc are all just tools. But she is more into "malls & movies"! :-D
Hope to c u soon sumtime on chat! Take care & enjoy work! :-D

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