'Egg-Jam' Break!

A week ago, I went on a 'Kit-Kat' Break, to give my second-last paper of this PGDBA course, but, Roshmi suggested I should have taken an 'Egg-Jam' Break instead! No issues... I still have one more paper left... the LAST ONE!

So, this one is for Roshmi... even though I'm not particularly fond of eggs with jam! Well, alright then, I HATE eggs with jam! In fact, I hate ANYTHING with jam! In fact, I HATE JAM! Period.

I like eggs with Maggi Hot & Sweet Tomato Chillie Sauce... 'coz "It's different"! But apparently, there ARE people in the world who like this combination... and thanks to them, I have a picture to go with this post! Who would have ever thought this possible, eh? :-p

Picture Credit: http://zestycook.com/

See you on Monday now! Enjoy the games on my blog till then... they're all up there under "games" in the navigation/menu bar!

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Want to Add Something?

Vyazz said...

U hate jam????.... :O
Newayz...the ketchup and egg combo is a new one to me!! Not a big fan of eggs either, but will try ur combo once... :)
Btw....have been awfully busy with my final credits 4 the past week, annnd we have our final Russian govt medical exams soon....so I might not be that regular in the blogosphere!!!!..But will be around the block though!!!

The Pink Orchid said...

that would taste BAD!! I hate jam!!

Rashmi said...

WoW! I don't like eggs at all but this fotu looks sooooo yummy ;)

Roshmi (Musings of an Unknown Indian) said...

My Fair Lady!!!

You need not always have a red coloured jam or a mixed fruit jam...

You can have a couple of slices of toast... with pineapple jam... and scrambled eggs or poached eggs... to go with it...

You can definitely add the Maggi Hot & Sweet Tomato Chilli sauce to the combo... :)

Now... Enjoy your 'egg-jam' break... !!!

♥ÐÅyÐяєÅмє®♥ said...

we hate jams that's why we hate exams :P

simple :P

agent green glass said...

ewwww! i love jam. and i absolutely lurve eggs. but jam and eggs...ewwwwwww!
all da best for the second last paper.

Kaddu said...

No issues! Keep showing ur face once in a while though! And all the best! :-D

You're so like me!

Ha ha! Yeah! If I didn't hate jam so much, I mite hv actually been tempted to try that thing! :-p

But all jams are sweet! Sweet jam with eggs! Yucks! For that very reason I don't like the plain tomato ketchup either, 'coz its soooo sweet! :-(

LOL! Good one!

Egg-jactly! "ewwwwwwwww!"
Arre but u got confused! The second last exam was when I took the 'Kit-Kat' break! This time it's the LAST exam! Yayyyy! Koi nahin! You are new on my blog na... isliye chalta hai! ;-)

Abhiroop Banerjee said...

Pineapple jam and butter is good. Red jam is not. 34 followers already is good. Losing yet again at Color Junction is not. New ceiling with links & games dropdown is good. Exams are not. Funky food combos are GOOD. Egg-jam is bloody not.

Dhiman said...

Ande ka omellete aur Maggi sauce majedar combination ... gr8 ... aur hamare date ka kya hua ?? Anyway Best of Luck for exams :)

rads said...

Egg with Jam???? yuck! whoever invented that!!! I hate jam but I love bread with eggs and that's what am eating right now, coincidence?

Mukund said...

I don't hate jam and I like eggs but i have heard of egg-jam combo for the first time... looks good though but sounds weird...
All the best though...

Mr.R said...

...And i hate traficJAM

et said...

Maggi ketchup sucks! *Ahm* atleast for me... they're adding more chemicals than original stuff, and day by day, we can feel it!
Oh! and I miss Jam.. havn't taken in any jam for a looong time! :)

Kaddu said...

I like orange marmalade, but not with eggs! The ceiling will have some more renovations (some more drop-downs) done in the next week. And yeah, I managed to complete CJ once again! :-D

A date without booze & fags... u game for it? ;-)

I like eggs (boiled & finely sliced) with maggi noodles too! :p

Try it... it shud taste ok if u like sweet eggs!

Mr. R:
Welcome to my blog! This is your first time, right! :-) Don't we all hate traffic jams!

Yeah even I don't like the ketchup - it tastes synthetic & too sweet. That's why I get the Hot & Sweet Tomato Chilli sauce. But chemicals are a part of our life now, even milk isn't pure anymore! Neither are papayas for that matter!

Abhiroop Banerjee said...

Maybe we should call it the Sky!

How was your jam today? I'm sure you wont lay an egg. How is the jam center? Do the invigilators yawn behind newspapers while chits fly?

And I want proof of your victories. Pics or it didnt happen! :D

Kaddu said...

It was today... passed! 75%! Final percentage 87.96%! Center at Aptech here - online exams - & no the invigis don't yawn behind newspapers... they are busy net surfing! :-D

Proof... well u'll hv to wait, the results will be updated on the site next month now (in July). We get to know our marks though after finishing the exam.

Abhiroop Banerjee said...

88% (consistently) is brilliant :)
Go Go Kads!!

PS: I was referring to victories on that OTHER great battlefield - CJ.

Kaddu said...

Oh yeah! Good thinking! ok, next time I'll tk a screenshot n mail u! :-D

Kadambari said...

Me too! I don't like jam either. But leeevvv ketchup! :)

Kaddu said...

I guess it's because of the numerology of our similar names that we hv similar tastes too! ;)
Ha ha ha! :)

Mahesh Nayak said...

Egg and Jam is a yucky combination for me too.

Kaddu said...

Seems to be that way for most of us! The picture does make it look tempting though, doesn't it? :p

Mahesh Nayak said...

Hey beautiful, the picture makes it all the more yucky (for me) actually...

Kaddu said...

Hey come on yaar! The pic is looking pretty... the maroon & the white & the bright shiny yellow! Beautiful combination of colors, isn't it?

Mahesh Nayak said...

I agree, sweety pie, when I associate it with color it looks good. However it looks yucky the moment I associate it with taste !!

Kaddu said...

Yeah... that is true!

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