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I was cooking in the kitchen a little while ago, thinking about this post I read on a fellow Blogger's site - "Divine Therapy" ( (If you'll spare a few minutes to check it out, you'll realize that it is indeed a thought-provoking post!) And the chain of thoughts started by that post eventually led me to wonder about why so many people have started blogging these days. And I felt I should write about it on my blog. But my original plan today had been to blog about why I use Google Reader! So I was like caught in a dilemma, you can say, between the 2 topics!

And then I finished my cooking and came back to my computer... and this is what I found sitting in my inbox! "Why YOU Should Start A Blog - The Top 10 Reasons And 26 More" (! Ha ha ha ha ha! Confusion cleared! "Why to blog" it is then for today! GReader can wait! :-D

Well... as the article above says... a large number of people DO blog today for selling some stuff, which is really cool I think, because it lets more of us explore the "entrepreneur" in us, with minimum cost of marketing & promotion. I mean, not many 20-year-olds could be seen supporting their own college education with an "e"-affiliate-business 10 years ago! (Oh alright then... "earning their own pocket money in college"! Does that sound more realistic then? :-p )

But that's not why the majority of us blog, is it? Blogging is not only an avenue of marketing today, it is also a means to fill the "void" that "lack of enough *quality time* with REAL friends" has created in our lives!

As Vyazz says above, earlier we had real flesh-and-blood friends & relatives to share our woes with, but, today everyone is busy chasing "greener pastures anew"... the "bigger and better" life! So we end up seeking "a listening ear" from shrinks... and we pay money to them so they might listen to us for an hour every week!

The alternate is "blogging". We don't need to pay any money here to have anyone listen to (or "read"!) our miseries & adventures! Instead, we just repay them in-kind by providing a listening ear to them in turn! We form our own little SHG ("Self Help Group" -- I came across this cool-sounding term while studying for my last exam!)... supporting/motivating each other... and learning from each others' experiences! Next best thing to having REAL friends, right? Definitely better than paying a "shrink"! :-D

So that makes it "Top 11 Reasons to Blog" now! LOL! No wonder I always refer to my computer as "My First Love"... because not only does it let me blog, it also teaches me, plays (Mahjongg) with me, is my Personal Assistant, and my source of all songs, movies, pictures, books & whatever else I might need at any point of time! I only wish it could also hug! Sighhhhhhhh!

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♥ÐÅyÐяєÅмє®♥ said...

I blog because I love m blog :P

et said...

hey.. first of all i was actually thinking that you're the alternate profile of kadambari(u knw who i mean!).. now everything's clear, anyhw!!

Ahh.. computer my first love too.. i just love my internet friends.. blogging has grown to such a lovely community! :)

dmanji said...

Don't worry a time will come when your "First love" will do whatever you want it to do :D

Kaddu said...

I love mine too! :p

Kaddu said...

Ha ha ha! Alternate profile of Kadambari! LOL! She rarely posts on one blog, how do u think she'd find the time to manage two! Hey Kadambari! R u reading this! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Yeah... blogging sure is bringing a lot of like-minded ppl together who wud hv never met each other otherwise!

Kaddu said...

Welcome to my blog buddy! Got ur "add" on twitter too, but I'm not really using it much at the moment -- I can't get the hang of it! Will make another go at it in July now, after I finish off with some exams in the pipe-line.

Btw, how come u hv "Spirals" in ur blogroll, but still no Followers widget? She made ME get this thing here the very first time she visited my blog!

Vyazz said...

Wow....did'nt think my post will actually get someone to introspect and ponder so deeply. Thnx 4 the acknowledgement!! I totally agree with u on on blogging being seriously therapeutic. Its a great way to let off steam and unleash ur thoughts to a more receptive audience.

Mukund said...

Well that really is the reason why I started blogging... too much time and thus too many thought desperately wanting to come out...
I have come to love my blog since the day I started it... just leaves me with this great feeling everytime and Its amazing to find like minded people around...

Kaddu said...

Yes! In fact, I am not a very *verbally* expressive person, so this blog really helps me release my emotions in the right manner whenever I get caught up in an emotional whirlpool! Giving an outlet to your feelings is just so very important na!

Kaddu said...

Yupp! Creativity in any form leaves behind a good feeling. We are all born to create... create various beautiful things... scientific or artistic, poetry or painting, even a piece of software code!

As I mentioned in one of my old posts... Matrix called "LIFE"!... we are co-creators with God! Do check that one out too if you are free.

Dhiman said...

Google friend connect is big issue for wordpress blogs...we can't add them unless its a self hosted one :(
anyway I have a blogger blog as well u can try it but I don't whether its working there :D

colors said...

I know it would be a mere repetition but even then i would like to comment again and not only for this post but also for all the others that are there in your blog, that you have an engaging style of writing.

Kaddu said...

Oh ok. Personally, I don't like wordpress. I tried to shift my blog thr, but it's too confusing! Thr aren't very many templates to choose from unless u hv a self-hosted blog, and same applies for the widgets too! And on top of it, the posts wouldn't appear they way they do here - means the alignment & the embedded stuff etc! So I decided to remain loyal to blogger! :-p

Kaddu said...

Who doesn't love repetitions of compliments directed their way? :-p He he! Thanks!

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