The Award Ceremony!

Was supposed to blog about this on Sunday, but there was a sudden water crisis in our building (a major one!)... so I couldn't get time to compile the list of blogs I read and their corresponding links.

Well... "yours truly" has been awarded with the "Blogger Friendship Award 2009"! :-D

The very first award for my blog! I often saw various cute little Award Badges on other people's blogs -- especially people from the U.S. -- and I always wondered how & from where do they get all these awards! Now I know! :-p

And you know the best part of this -- not one, not two, but THREE fellow bloggers have bestowed this honour on me, within a period of 3 days! Thanks Kadambari, preposterous girl and Vyazz! :-D

I sure am glad I submitted my blog for the Bloggers Choice Awards! I may or may not win that Award, but I sure have won a lot of new friends because of it! And I must also add here, it's mostly because of Kadambari that I got to know of the so many new widgets & stuff for Google blogs! I always thought only Wordpress users could have such cool stuff on their blogs! :-p

So now... it's my turn to pass on this Award to my Blogger friends! And, I have been told, there are no limitations regarding who I give this Award to! So I'll first start with my "Old is Gold" group of friends! Even though some of them don't really blog/comment much these days, I still want to give them this Award because they are the ones who laid the foundation, you know! So...

Neelabh - For introducing me to the world of blogging. His was the very first blog I got to know of! In fact, it was also my first encounter with the term "blog"!

Vatsap - A real blogging pro... an artist! He blogs from the heart... honestly & genuinely! And oh, I love his "shitoons"! :-D

Mahesh - For being my very first "follower" you can say! Even after 2.5 years, he's still "going strong" with my blog! :-D (Oh btw, I love some of his poems on his old blog @ rediff!)

Shreesh - Ha ha ha! One of the most erratic bloggers' around! :-D All the philosophical content you see on this blog, he's the one responsible for planting the seeds to them within me! :-D

Rahbin - She's so often a medium through which my angels & guides communicate with me! I hope she finds time to get back to blogging soon!

Jacob - I always love reading his insightful posts & wait eagerly every morning for his daily dose of "Inspiring to Live" series in my inbox! :-D

Abhiroop - Not really an "old" blogger friend, but since he has taken the effort to go through most of my old posts AND comment on them too, I consider him as part of the veterans here now! :-D

And now for the new community I have found here in the last couple of weeks! It's amazing the way you guys have accepted me in your circle so instantaneously and so warmly!

Kadambari (of Spirals) - Well, reasons already mentioned above... & besides, like you said, we're both named Kadambari! ;-)

DayDreamer - For his shameless flirting from Day One ;-) and for teaching me how to get this signature on my blog posts! Naughty, but sensitive soul!

Sumit - Love the way his posts/comments are always tinged with a subtle sense of humour! ;-)

Vyazz - Very thought-provoking!

Mukund, et, preposterous girl, Tangerine, colors, Dhiman, Blog Gore & Dreaming Eyes - For joining in the discussions here & appreciating my writing. I hope to read more about you guys in future! :-)

Shloke - For his unique gift of "Bheja-Frying", which he loved to practice on me while he was here in Patna! And now he's recently joined the blogging world as well... hope you stick around kid!

Nikita - Definitely psyched & majorly demented! Love reading her posts!

Musings of An Unknown Indian - For putting me through endless moments of agony & mental torture at not having been able to solve the mystery of the seemingly "dead link" in my 'follower' widget!

So there… I'm sure I must have missed out on a lot of names! But it's kinda tough to relate all the so many new IDs with the so many new blogs I have got acquainted with recently! I guess that's how a newly-wed bride feels when she's suddenly introduced to the entire extended family of the groom! LOL! Does that mean I'm married to my blog? Nooooooooooo! pleaaaaaasssseeeee! :-p

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Want to Add Something?

amrit said...

Shukriya for the tareef! :) Keep bloggin!

Kaddu said...

:-) You are welcome! Btw, ur blogging frequency has gone down a bit! And yes, I forgot to mention... u can pass on this award to any other bloggers if u wish to! But I'm warning u... it takes a hell lot of a time to compile the blog list! :-p

♥ÐÅyÐяєÅмє®♥ said...

thanx a lot for the award and those beautiful u officially labeled me a flirt..but thank god u didn't wrote my name over there... otherwise u kno googling my name could have exposed me :P

and why shameless flirting....
5 saal koi jyada bada nhi hota..ok...sachin se sikho kuchh ...:P


thanx for the award


Kaddu said...

@ "5 saal koi jyada bada nhi hota"Ha ha ha! Abhi tak lage huye ho! :-D Btw, I didn't say u were a flirt... I titled u as the "Universal Flirt"! I noticed what's been going on at ur blog! ;-)

♥ÐÅyÐяєÅмє®♥ said...

arrreee wwooo

aise bhi kuch aur toh kehti nhi flirt ke saiva...pata nhi yeh purani generation kab seekhegi ki age wage kuchh nhi

waise wo ukrainian poori bomb thi...but uska bf bhi saand se kaam nhi tha ..u kno poora ka poora bull type maine himmat nhi ki bomb ki sutli mein aag lagane ki :P

Dhiman said...

Thanks a lot Kaddu for including my name as well in that list of awardees... my first award as well...
BTW we too had our "yearly" waterless weekend here in my locality ...
Keep going the way you are I am sure u'll have a really looonnnng list of followers soon :D

Roshmi Sinha said...

Congratulations!!!!! And Celebrations!!!!!! After all this is the FIRST award for your blog!!!!!

But, your blogging frequency has gone down... dunno if its the H2O crisis or the 'serious' search for that 'one love'... which leaves you with little time to blog!!! :-P

et said...


K so i've already talked about the round-go-round pecularity of this award! Lets wait n see more!!

And married to your blog ah! Dats a very funny concept now! :D ;D

Mahesh Nayak said...

Congrats for the award baby. Thanks for mentioning my name in your list. Feeling honoured when an awardee acknowledges my name. Keep going ! I saw your bookshelf again today. Apparently you have one whole row (and a half) dedicated to Harry Potter :) I would like to do a widget like your bookshelf on my blog. But first let me find time for updating my blog. Its been a long time since I updated it.

Kaddu said...

Oh YOU are the "Musings of An unknown Indian"! And I spent hours trying to figure out who was this person in my follower widget! Why haven't u added the link to ur blog in ur google connect profile?

Anyways, I finally managed to get back on ur blog again! Was wondering whose blog it was from which I had to copy that "smokers-graveyard" pic! :-p

Yupp... major water crisis! We thought it had all been sorted out finally yesterday morning, but we thought wrong! Let's see how today goes! Besides, I'm also busy with the exams na! That's why a little less blogging! :-p

Kaddu said...

Thanks Dhiman! There are 2 of you in my followers widget, right?

Kaddu said...

At one point of time, my aunt was all set to marry me off to a computer ('coz well, it really IS my "first love" after all!)... and she had even decided what my kids were going to be -- "laptops" till they were toddlers & "robots" when they grew up! Chew that now! ROTFL!!

Kaddu said...

Yupp! I'm crazy abt the HP series! They are not just fantasy for little kids... if you go through them with an open mind, you'll find they're more like our Indian epics or the Bhagvad Gita to some extent! They teach you about life, and about love... & about God!

Mukund said...

Thanku Thanku....
I finally know how the Miss Universe or rather Mr. Universe winners feel... My first award, this is great :)...
A small query though being the big show off that I am, how do I put the award on my blog and am I allowed to give it away as well...
With tears in my eyes once again thanku...

Kaddu said...

Ha ha! I also had to ask the other Kadambari (who was the first one to give me this award) as to how to proceed abt it! :-p

Well, u just right click on the picture & save it to ur computer. Then u create a new post, add this pic to tht post, create ur own list of bloggers to whom u wanna gv this award (and that's a mammoth task, believe me!) & then post it!

Dhiman said...

Two blogs so 2 followers :D

Kadambari said...

Thanks a ton Kaddu! :)

My! You post so frequently! How do you get so much masala to write almost everyday!

Dreaming Eyes said...

hi...thanx miss..kaddu..4 giving me dis my first ever award on blogosphere..thanx 4 being a frnd..take care keep writing..keep rocking...

Roshmi (Musings of an Unknown Indian) said...

Ummm... looks like I am 'responsible' for diverting a lot of your time... from your 'serious' search for that 'one love'... (Gulp)

Let me solemnly state that it was all unintentional. I have now fortified myself with that 'anticipatory bail'... !

But, now that you have figured out my 'identity' you can go back to 'devoting' all your time towards... well, you know what! ;-)

You need not take 'refuge' under things like ... 'H2O crisis', 'egg jams' and the like... too!

Kaddu said...

"Ek ke saath ek free" u mean? ;-) He he!

Kaddu said...

Oh! And Roshmi says my blogging frequency has gone down! First decide, you two! Whether I'm blogging too much or too little!
'Masala" bole to... I just put down whatever comes into my mind... & I suppose I have a hyperactive mind! Yeah... that must be it! So... mystery solved! :-)

Kaddu said...

Dreaming Eyes:

Kaddu said...

Your anticipatory bail won't work! As punishment, I'm adding your name to the above list of awardees! :-D
Now YOU can go, start compiling your own list of bloggers... while I go back to my... nooooooooo! Not 'u-know-what'! I meant my 'egg-jams'!
;-) :-p

Roshmi (Musings of an Unknown Indian) said...

Oh!!! Thank you! Thank You! (Please note: I am also taking a bow)...

Aww... its not 'mental torture' as you put it. I was only giving you some 'food for thought'. You know, 'mind chow'... after all 'you' are the self-styled 'miss_teerious' girl a.k.a. 'mysterious-kaddu' ;-)

The "smokers-graveyard" pic that you have been looking for, can be found under the label: 'Trivia' on my blog. The post is titled: 'Classic' definition and 'Cool' meanings in new dictionary...!!

See, I am soooooooooo considerate. Q.E.D. :-)

I rest my case.

Kaddu said...

Yupp I found that post... was the first thing I did as soon as I found your blog again! He he!

preposterous girl said...

Hey Kaddu thanks for the award yaar.. pata nahi kaise I missed this post of urs..Anyways.. "aapka blog comments-o nahaye, followers-o fale.." lol ;)

Roshmi (Musings of an Unknown Indian) said...

Hmmm... living up to your 'miss_teerious' girl a.k.a. 'mysterious-kaddu' name... by 'solving' mysteries (read: of lost and found variety)... !!!

But, that still makes me 'considerate'... haan?!! ;-)

Kaddu said...

preposterous girl:
koi nahin yaar... bade bade deshon mein choti choti baatein hoti hi rehti hain! ;-)
Same to ur blog btw! :-D

Kaddu said...

Ha ha ha! yupp it does! Btw, I still have to post that pic here...

Sumit said...

Yay, yay, yay! Thanks for the award! :D

I can now boast that I have been feted by a 'Miss-terious' girl.

Kaddu said...

Ha ha ha! My cousin used to call me 'miss-tedious' though! :-p

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