'Egg-Jam' Break!

A week ago, I went on a 'Kit-Kat' Break, to give my second-last paper of this PGDBA course, but, Roshmi suggested I should have taken an 'Egg-Jam' Break instead! No issues... I still have one more paper left... the LAST ONE!

So, this one is for Roshmi... even though I'm not particularly fond of eggs with jam! Well, alright then, I HATE eggs with jam! In fact, I hate ANYTHING with jam! In fact, I HATE JAM! Period.

I like eggs with Maggi Hot & Sweet Tomato Chillie Sauce... 'coz "It's different"! But apparently, there ARE people in the world who like this combination... and thanks to them, I have a picture to go with this post! Who would have ever thought this possible, eh? :-p

Picture Credit: http://zestycook.com/

See you on Monday now! Enjoy the games on my blog till then... they're all up there under "games" in the navigation/menu bar!

Games Galore!

Added some of my favorite i-google games here.

There is Color Junction (obviously!), Mahjong and Sudoku. I might add a few more later on if I like playing them myself, and if they don't have any big Ads that can't be removed from the code!

If you have any favorites, kindly leave a comment on this post.

Btw, the credit for this feature goes primarily to Sumit. If he hadn't told me that "drop-down" menus in the navigation bar could also be made in Blogger, I might never have got the idea to embed games within individual posts, and link them up to a separate "games menu" on the top of this blog! :-D

Code Credit: Part of the code provided by Sumit; remaining part provided by HyperJadulz. Thanks to both of you! :-D


I have added 2 more games to this list: Bejeweled and Mastermind. Do check them out.

Also found PacMan and a free Daily Crossword Puzzle gadget, and added those as well.

Mahjong-2D (Shisen-Sho)

This is a 2-dimensional version of my most favorite game at the time of writing this post - Solitaire Mahjong!

I first got addicted to this game on zylom.com, where it is similar to the version that comes pre-loaded with Windows Vista. In that version of Mahjong, the tiles are arranged in a pyramid-like multi-level structure. However, I found this completely different PDA version of Mahjong, that is 2-dimensional.

Play Mahjong 2-D Shisen-Sho

How to Play Mahjong-2D or Shisen-Sho?

The aim is to clear the board, just like in the pyramid Mahjong, matching pairs of similar patterned tiles. The only difference is in how you match the tiles.

In Shisen-Sho, you can click on adjacent tiles if they happen to carry the same pattern on their faces... or you can click on tiles which can be connected in not more than 3 straight lines. (From point A to B, B to C and finally C to D, where A and D are the 2 tiles being connected.) These lines cannot pass through any other tile. It doesn't matter how far the tiles are from each other.

Well... this 2D version of Mahjong one is a bit tough! It should keep you brain-scratching for quite a while! But it is addictive once you figure it out. So have fun!

Mahjong 2D (Shisen-Sho)

And here's more in Games!


Flood-It! is super easy. You just have to flood the whole board with one color, starting from the top left corner, within the specified number of steps given on the left of the board.

How To Play Flood-It!:

Click on 'single' for single player game, or 'versus' for playing against the computer.

Then click on the size of board you want to play (S/M/L). S=Small, naturally.

Select one of the 6 colored boxes on the left. For the first move, you can only click on a color that is directly touching the box on the top-left corner.

As soon as you select a color, the box on the top-left corner turns into that color. Now all the adjacent boxes of this color will be treated as one unit. So, the moment you select a new color from the left of the board, this whole unit gets "flooded" with that new color.

The trick is to build-up a strategy such that the new color gets spilled into the largest possible area of the board, in a single move.

My best in this game so far, for the Small size, is 19 moves. See if you can beat that! :-D

What? You think I'm a show-off? Well, haven't you heard? "If you've got it, you flaunt it!" And that's exactly what I'm doing! :-D

Go on then! Give it a try...


And here's more in Games!


Sudoku is my all-time favorite puzzle game! When it was freshly introduced to the Indian puzzle-lovers, I used to do it daily in all the newspapers I could get my hands on!

I remember I was in Mumbai for a friends wedding, back in November 2005, and his brother enjoyed doing Sudoku as much as I did! LOL! It was a daily competition between us, as to who would get hold of the day's newspaper first! :-p

I'm sure all of you must already know the rules of playing Sudoku, but just in case, there's a newbie on the block, here's how you play it...

You've got the fill the numbers in the empty cells in such a way that:
1. each row (horizontal),
2. each column (vertical), and
3. each individual '9 x 9' box (enclosed within the bold border)
contains all the numbers from 1 to 9... ONCE EACH!

Obviously, if you repeat any number, you're sure to miss out on some other number then!

Have fun then!

Play Sudoku

Refresh the page to load a new game.

And here's more in Games!

Color Junction

The popular igoogle game: Color Junction. A highly addictive game! You can play it here online.

The object of Color Junction is to leave minimum number of pieces on the board at the end of game, by clicking on groups of 2 or more similar-colored pieces lying adjacent to each other.

If you ever manage to empty the board completely, please leave a comment below!

If you begin to hate this game as much as Abhiroop does (read comments below), because it just wouldn't let you clear the board, then DEFINITELY leave a comment below! He he! :-D


Color Junction

And here's more in Games!

"Traffic"-(k)ing! Or Queen?

On the 13th of May, I got to know that, just like the Google Page Rank, there is also something called Alexa Traffic Rank. I decided to check the Alexa Rank for my blog. It was 2,067,678 that day, and NO... 'higher' is NOT better in Alexa!

Anyways, I installed the little button they give to add in your sidebar, and today (26th of May) this button looks like this! In just 2 weeks time, my Alexa Rank has gone up from 2,067,678 to 799, 562! WOW!

Here is a detailed Screenshot of my blog-listing from Alexa:

Do you see that "3 month change" figure at the bottom? 800% UP! Phewwww! All thanks to you guys, you know - all my readers (fans?) out there!

And that's not all! My Traffic Rank in India is even better... 30,802! Check this Screenshot:
Funnily, I also seem to have developed a good reader-base in Belgium! I wonder which one of you guys is located there! :-/

But you know, the best part is Alexa's Customer Service!

I was not able to 'claim' my 'listing' on their site 'coz it automatically took Blogger as the owner of this blog. And since this is not a self-hosted site, there was no way I could upload the 'info.txt' file they wanted me to, in my 'root folder'. Frankly, I don't even know what my 'root folder' is for this blog! So I used the Contact form given on their website and asked them if there was any other way I could claim my blog there.

I actually received a reply from them! And they even offered to edit my listing manually, if only I could show them, on this blog, the same email address with which I'd contacted them! Well, that was easy - the email ID is there on my blogger profile, which, in turn, can be accessed from my "About Me" section in the sidebar! From that day onwards, my blog listing on Alexa proudly displays MY information, instead of the default blogger details! :-D

P.S. - Just in case you are wondering, Alexa isn't paying me for doing this write-up! LOL! They don't even know that I'm a satisfied "Customer" (if at all I can be called that, considering the fact that I'm using their services free of cost!)... because I never did fill-out the "Customer Satisfaction Survey" their email asked me to participate in! :-p

Kaddu - The 'Godmother'

Friends! Indians! Countrymen! Lend me your eyes! 'Coz I want to make eye-ball soup with them... like the one in 'Indiana Jones - Temple of Doom'! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! :-p

Just kidding! I don't want to do anything so gross! I just want to inform you all about my new 'God-son'! Yesssss! Your dearest darling 'miss_teerious' now has a 'God-brother' (if there is such a term!)... named 'Mindzpeak'! :-D

My old class-mate (... and I mean 'really old classmate', 'coz we finished school back in 1996!) has finally, after much harassing, nagging & brutal mental torturing, agreed to start blogging! And guess what! In return for my incessant efforts, he has *dedicated* his blog to *me* - *officially* - in bright red color! Isn't he a sweetheart? :-D

Ok fine then, I confess... I was holding a knife to his neck... a butcher's knife! Well, why don't you just check out what Mindzpeaks @ http://mindzpeak.blogspot.com/?

P.S. - I know... I'm supposed to be studying for my exam tomorrow, but this subject is just too darn boring! 'Legal Aspects of Finance'! I'm never going to find any practical use for it in my entire life (whatever 60-70 years are left of it!)... and, therefore, my business-mind refuses to let me invest any more time in this subject than is required for a 'just-pass' (which is 50%)! But don't worry guys... I will go through the dumps once again during dinner tonight... and then of course, there's tomorrow morning too! So, hopefully, I should manage to scrape through.

P.P.S. - In the meanwhile, I request you all to please check out this new gadget I have installed in my sidebar... the "YAHOO PINGBOX"! Using this widget, you can chat with me directly on Yahoo Messenger if I'm Online that time... and NO! You don't need to be logged in into Yahoo Messenger too at that time! In fact, you don't even need a Yahoo chat ID for this! Just create a nick-name for yourself and send me a "Hello"! Even if you are in office behind a firewall, I think this widget would show up, 'coz it says it's built in Flash. You can give it a try... and yes, these chats will be a private one-to-one conversation between you & me... they won't go on 'public display' on my blog! :-D

'Kit-Kat' Break!

Ok guys... time to go off the grid again for a couple of days now! Next exam on the coming Saturday! Legal Aspects of Finance... extremely boring stuff, yeah! But, what to do? No matter how much I might wish to use that time to keep you fellows entertained here, I just HAVE to waste it over this drab subject! :-(

Anyways, I'll keep publishing your comments as and when I get them, but my replies will pour in only on Saturday now! So will my comments on your new posts!

In the meantime, stay happy... stay naughty... & miss me! :-D

MTv Bakra (Zebra?)

Everytime this picture comes up as my webshots wallpaper, I can't help laughing out loud!

Obviously, it is done in Photoshop or some other picture editing software, 'coz there's absolutely no way you can get FIVE zebras to stand in such a perfect line! But nevertheless, it looks so funny!... Especially the little chap in the middle... the one who is (apparently) so proudly giving the "bums-up" to the photographer! He he!

Seems like the fellow thinks he has one on the rest of them... as well as on the photographer! And he's probably smirking to himself at the back, where the camera can't see him ("Kick my ass you idiots!")... whereas the rest of the 4 zebras seem to be thinking just the opposite! It seems as if they too are smiling to themselves, believing that they have taken the little fellow for a ride! ("Ha ha ha! Poor kid! He doesn't even know he's being ragged!")

LOL! In short, there's no way you can make out who's the "MTv Bakra" and who's the... well, "MTv" I suppose ??? :-p

Failure is Never Final...

... unless YOU make it so!

I read this post on Spirals a few days ago (http://kaddu.blogspot.com/2009/05/fail.html)... which provided the "missing link" for some incompletely formed thoughts in my mind, for a new post! But before you read further, I'll request you all to read her post first... & also the comments that follow her post.

A couple of weeks ago, I was visiting some relatives here, and my 2.5 year old nephew (Yuvraj) also happened to be there at that time (with his parents of course). I have mentioned about his "Independence Streak" elsewhere in my blog - which, by the way, is exactly like mine! Now UV loves playing with water, so my sister-in-law usually carries some spare clothes for him wherever she goes. That day also, UV managed to sneak into the bathroom when nobody was watching & got himself thoroughly wet! He obviously needed a change of clothes after that, but, being the "Do-It-Myself" kind of fellow that he is, he simply wouldn't let anyone help him change... even though he was finding it really difficult to pull his shorts up, 'coz the elastic waistband had got all rolled-up & twisted behind his knees in a funny way!

My cousin (his dad) is not a very patient man. Besides, it was also getting late & he wanted to leave for home. So, in order to speed things up a bit, he tried to 'cheat', and pulled the shorts up over UV's bums when he thought the kid wasn't paying attention! But UV is just too smart for his age (for our age too in fact!)... & he noticed! And he interpreted it as a *major* personal failure. He actually started slapping himself hard on his face with both his chubby hands! (Self-inflicted punishment, you know!) My sister-in-law, thankfully, has more presence of mind than my cousin... and she immediately pulled his shorts down again & told him to give it another try, saying it wasn't a big deal!

He took another go at it & managed to pull up his shorts all by himself this time. AND he was also planted with the seeds of the idea that "it is ok to fail before you finally succeed"!

When suicide cases happen around us, we usually find it very easy to immediately put the blame on the parents and the society at large. Not once do we stop to think that the ‘victim’ might actually be the one to blame for his/her own misery!

Repeating an often repeated cliché:
"Our external world is nothing but a reflection of our inner world!"

All of us face the same pressure from the family & society. There’s equal amount of competition for all of us. And yet, not everybody decides to end his life, does he?

I have been through that “temporary moment of insanity” 3 years ago. (It’s not really a single moment by the way – it’s more like a gradual buildup of despair & self-hatred!) The only reason why I didn’t give in to the temptation that day was that if I killed myself, I would make my failure FINAL! If I ended my story that moment, there was no way I would ever be able to re-write the ‘book of my life’! I would always be remembered as the ‘girl who failed’!

My parents never really pressurized me for studies and stuff. Besides, I come from a family where females are only supposed to get married & produce babies! 7 years ago, when I decided to change this tradition, I had to face a lot of pressure! But that’s all in the past now. The point is that change doesn’t happen on its own. Our parents did the best according to what they had learnt till then. But this learning process never stops. “Change” has to be consciously brought about in the world around us… & that includes our parents & our families! We have to stand up for what we believe in… & most importantly, we have to believe in ourselves first!

While my parents never made a big fuss over my marks or getting a job, they nevertheless have been hard task-masters. But then, it again boils down to “perspective”, right? I can look at their criticism as an excuse to self-victimize myself, or I can look at it as a way to improve myself. If the little birdies are not pushed off the nest by their parents, they might never learn to fly!

Suicide Pic: Girl hangs herselfCommitting suicide, however, is an act of cowardice and escapism! There is NO courage required to jump off a running train or a high-rise building... leaving all your woes behind for “heart-broken” and grieved family-members, who keep blaming themselves for the rest of their lives, that perhaps they did something wrong in the way they brought you up! I speak from personal experience. It took me more courage NOT to give in to the ‘momentary insanity’ that day… AND to accept the personal challenge that I would make amends for whatever damages I had done!

I completely agree with what Mukund said in his comment there… “There is no problem without a solution and if you are not able to find the solution may be you are just not looking in the right direction for it.” Failures are life’s way of letting us know we need to change our strategy regarding something. And yes Varun, “the only people who can dare such an act” REALLY are the ones “who only bother about their own self and not others”! As Vatsap said in his blog once long ago – “There are millions of men, and women on this planet. Then why is my image so important to me?”

It is so, because the ‘I’ feels ‘disconnected’ from the collective consciousness. A wave somehow gets separated from the ocean & thinks she’s on her own now! But, it’s just the perspective of that particular wave, you know, ‘coz the ocean is more than willing to have her back within him! As Vyazz says in the comments there – “We (I) can end up deceiving our (my) own self thinking that we’re (I'm) letting people down, whereas in reality we are (I am) not!”

In metaphysical terms, a suicidal person has a very weak Root Chakra. Root Chakra, as the name suggests, keeps us rooted to this planet. It creates a feeling of belonging, being a part of some larger community. It instills a feeling of security that all our needs will be taken care of by the Universe. As my symbolic thought process visualizes it – Root Chakra represents the cord that keeps a space-traveler connected to the ‘mother’ space-ship at all times, while he explores the vastness of the space around him.

With a weak Root Chakra, we feel ‘lost in the emptiness of space’! We feel unprotected, out of place & un-worthy. We feel isolated and fail to connect with the people around us. We are overtly suspicious and extremely self-conscious. We feel unwelcome & unwanted... and, as Pushkaraj has mentioned – we “keep turning inwards and further inwards till the point of no return.” It is completely up to the rest of us, to recognize such abnormally introverted signs in the people around us, and make them feel appreciated and needed.

And for anybody out there reading this post, who might be contemplating on killing him/herself… remember - "Most of us are angels with one wing broken, but we can STILL learn to fly by embracing each other!" Just work on strengthening your Root Chakra… and your life will fall back into place. Some simple ways of strengthening your Root Chakra:

1. Our very own “Munna Bhai’s” special… “Jaadu Ki Jhappi”!
2. Dancing
3. Walking, preferably barefoot!
4. Gardening… or just playing with soil if possible!

And yes, if you ever need an angel with a broken wing to embrace, contact me! ;-) :-p

Smoker's Paradise! (Or Hell Perhaps?)

This one is for all you smokers out there!

This print ad by Everest Brand Solutions (Mumbai) won the Bronze at Cannes Lions Ad Fest 2006.

Here are two guys for you, on their usual "sutta-break" as you call it! Pretty regular, isn't it? What's worth noticing here though is the painted ceiling above, which makes it look like they are standing in their own grave, smoking their way to hell!

Get the idea?

Frankly speaking, I don't care how much damage you are inflicting upon your own body and soul by smoking regularly! After all, it's YOUR body and YOUR soul! And you are free to do whatever you want with it! But, when it starts affecting the health of the people around you too, then I'm very bothered about it!

"Chal pade hain fikra yaaron, dhuyein mein uda ke"...

That's the way you guys feel, right... when you smoke? That you are free from all your tensions and worries! Invincible! On the high! Right?

Well, next time you go on the high, chew on this...

You are actually worse than our politicians, who are hell bent on making us destroy each other in the name of religion as well as region! While their actions are a threat only to the humans, your actions (of 'chain-smoking') are a threat to the entire planet and all life on it... be it humans, animals or even the plant life! YOU - the smoker - are leading us all slowly to our graveyards!

So next time you go out for a smoke... to apparently 'free' yourself from your tensions... just remind yourself that you are a murderer (or will soon be one!)... and hopefully, that should give you a bigger tension!

If you want to kill yourself, find some other way, guys! Go and lie down on the railway tracks. Stuff yourself with a whole bottle of sleeping pills. Jump off into the ocean. But, please stop killing the entire planet along with yourself!

There are others (like me, for instance) who still haven't given up on life, even though their life is as fucked up as yours! (Probably even more than yours!) But hey, we'd like to live some more please... and with clean air to breathe, if you will!

So, just knock off!

Night to Remember ???

Ok... so I know I said I'll blog tomorrow evening now... but this JUST came in my inbox... and I just HAD to post it here!

Your horoscope for May 15, 2009

Ingenious new techniques for making money grow may come your way today, KS, and while you're not one to jump into anything, you are certainly likely to give these ideas some serious thought. Take care to go only for those that are totally up front, with no hidden sides. Your passion for delving into new professional fields is surpassed today only by your romantic passions. Plan a seductive evening with a love partner. It'll be a night to remember!

Did you catch that dude? Whoever you are... and wherever you are! Seems like you're just going to miss out on "another one of THOSE"... 'coz you still haven't found me! God knows what you're busy with... but I must tell you once again... my requirements from life are really very simple... but more on that tomorrow! In the meantime, you can grieve over the "night that we won't remember"!



Or is that "un-widgetizing"???

Anyways, the point is that I have just removed 3 widgets from the sidebar:

1. The 'Recent Comments' - Well, it was only showing my own comments mostly, because my bulk replies used to push down the comments of you guys. Wasn't really serving my purpose!

2. The 'picture slide show' - It was massively slowing down the loading of my blog, combined with the other widgets! I realized I had to make a sacrifice!

3. The 'Color Junction' - This one just stopped working on its own! Dunno what happened! One minute it was there... & as soon as I did a 'refresh', it was gone! I got an 'error with this gadget' in its place on my blog! Tried to add it again, but Blogger says the widget is corrupt ??? Sorry Abhiroop! Will try adding it again after sometime... maybe they'll manage to fix up the code by then!

On a personal front, got to give the next exam tomorrow. Don't feel like giving it though... but don't really have much choice! The truth is - I'm massively bored by these exams now! 50% is the passing requirement... & that's all I care for at the moment! (Yeah, I've cut down on my expectations slightly! Ok cut down on them *majorly* then!) You see, I really want to get back to the JAVA thingie now!

Anyways... I'm going to blog more tomorrow evening now (hopefully!)... and that's also when you'll see 'my footprints' again on your blogs! Till then... wish me luck! And have fun!

Poverty Strikes Again!

Remember that old post - "One Rich Site!" - which announced to the blogging world that my site was worth $398,491,381! Well, apparently, the website that made me so rich, has been fixed now. I just checked my blog's worth again... & this is what it says today...

My site is worth $3,641 (From http://www.pufip.com/)

Looks pretty reasonable this time, doesn't it? Except that my 7 future generations will not be able to live like kings any more, warming their asses only!

P.S. - Even the layout of the site looked different today - kind of more organized. Last time when I checked my blog's worth, some of the elements of that site had been overlapping in a weird way!

The Award Ceremony!

Was supposed to blog about this on Sunday, but there was a sudden water crisis in our building (a major one!)... so I couldn't get time to compile the list of blogs I read and their corresponding links.

Well... "yours truly" has been awarded with the "Blogger Friendship Award 2009"! :-D

The very first award for my blog! I often saw various cute little Award Badges on other people's blogs -- especially people from the U.S. -- and I always wondered how & from where do they get all these awards! Now I know! :-p

And you know the best part of this -- not one, not two, but THREE fellow bloggers have bestowed this honour on me, within a period of 3 days! Thanks Kadambari, preposterous girl and Vyazz! :-D

I sure am glad I submitted my blog for the Bloggers Choice Awards! I may or may not win that Award, but I sure have won a lot of new friends because of it! And I must also add here, it's mostly because of Kadambari that I got to know of the so many new widgets & stuff for Google blogs! I always thought only Wordpress users could have such cool stuff on their blogs! :-p

So now... it's my turn to pass on this Award to my Blogger friends! And, I have been told, there are no limitations regarding who I give this Award to! So I'll first start with my "Old is Gold" group of friends! Even though some of them don't really blog/comment much these days, I still want to give them this Award because they are the ones who laid the foundation, you know! So...

Neelabh - For introducing me to the world of blogging. His was the very first blog I got to know of! In fact, it was also my first encounter with the term "blog"!

Vatsap - A real blogging pro... an artist! He blogs from the heart... honestly & genuinely! And oh, I love his "shitoons"! :-D

Mahesh - For being my very first "follower" you can say! Even after 2.5 years, he's still "going strong" with my blog! :-D (Oh btw, I love some of his poems on his old blog @ rediff!)

Shreesh - Ha ha ha! One of the most erratic bloggers' around! :-D All the philosophical content you see on this blog, he's the one responsible for planting the seeds to them within me! :-D

Rahbin - She's so often a medium through which my angels & guides communicate with me! I hope she finds time to get back to blogging soon!

Jacob - I always love reading his insightful posts & wait eagerly every morning for his daily dose of "Inspiring to Live" series in my inbox! :-D

Abhiroop - Not really an "old" blogger friend, but since he has taken the effort to go through most of my old posts AND comment on them too, I consider him as part of the veterans here now! :-D

And now for the new community I have found here in the last couple of weeks! It's amazing the way you guys have accepted me in your circle so instantaneously and so warmly!

Kadambari (of Spirals) - Well, reasons already mentioned above... & besides, like you said, we're both named Kadambari! ;-)

DayDreamer - For his shameless flirting from Day One ;-) and for teaching me how to get this signature on my blog posts! Naughty, but sensitive soul!

Sumit - Love the way his posts/comments are always tinged with a subtle sense of humour! ;-)

Vyazz - Very thought-provoking!

Mukund, et, preposterous girl, Tangerine, colors, Dhiman, Blog Gore & Dreaming Eyes - For joining in the discussions here & appreciating my writing. I hope to read more about you guys in future! :-)

Shloke - For his unique gift of "Bheja-Frying", which he loved to practice on me while he was here in Patna! And now he's recently joined the blogging world as well... hope you stick around kid!

Nikita - Definitely psyched & majorly demented! Love reading her posts!

Musings of An Unknown Indian - For putting me through endless moments of agony & mental torture at not having been able to solve the mystery of the seemingly "dead link" in my 'follower' widget!

So there… I'm sure I must have missed out on a lot of names! But it's kinda tough to relate all the so many new IDs with the so many new blogs I have got acquainted with recently! I guess that's how a newly-wed bride feels when she's suddenly introduced to the entire extended family of the groom! LOL! Does that mean I'm married to my blog? Nooooooooooo! pleaaaaaasssseeeee! :-p

One Love is All I Need!

Took another test on FaceBook before I got busy studying for the exam I had today...

Who is my "Perfect Match"?

Your Result: Calm & Balanced

Your perfect match is someone who is encouraging, friendly and genuine. This type of person is a peacemaker and while they are not super ambitious, they want to make sure that the people around them are well taken care of and appreciated. They are happy to let you take the leadership role in the relationship and are very interested in how you are feeling at all times. They are very in tune with their emotions, seek balance in their life and feel happiest when things around them are calm. They lead with their heart, rather than their head, so your ability to be well-grounded and level-headed will make you the perfect team. This person will always accept you for who you are, never demanding more and will love you passionately and fully. The top traits they are looking for in a mate are: sensitivity, ambition (they realize that it is important and admire you for it) and stability. You will never need to wonder if they love you as the gifts, cards and phone calls just to "see how you are feeling today" will come pouring in.

Hmmm. Another accurate one I'll say! The essence is more or less the same as what I wrote in that "wishlist" of mine a few months ago.

"Encouraging"... well, I used "supportive" I think, but the idea behind was that the person should be more free in giving compliments rather than criticism... because, to be honest, I already have more than my fair share of criticism from my Dad! LOL! So it would be nice to have someone around to balance out the scales you know! :-p

"Friendly"... easy to talk to, easy to laugh with, fun to hang out with... and "genuine"... honesty, transparency...

Definitely "not super ambitious"! Remember I mentioned about him being able to balance his professional & personal life, with enough time & space for both!

Oh and it sure would be wonderful to have someone who'd care about my feelings... ask about how my day went... notice if I'm looking "washed-out" & make dinner himself that day... or maybe order some pizza! And yes... surprise flowers & chocolates are always so romantic... even when you have already celebrated your 35th marriage anniversary together! So are "out-of-the-blue coffee dates" at CCD or Barista! And a random one-line email or SMS... just to say a "hello" in the middle of the day... is a definite way to "score big"!

(So alright! I accept it! I'm a shameless old sentimental fool! Happy?)

In the end, all I'll say is...

koi na koi chaahiye, pyar karne waala
koi na koi chaahiye, hum pe marne waala...

Here's more in "Who-Am-I"!

I'm Online!

Finally the Yahoo mystery got solved!

Apparently, if you just click the "X" on the top right corner of the Yahoo messenger, and don't actually "Sign Out", it continues to show you as "Online"... even if you have checked the box in the "Settings" that says "Sign out of messenger when I close the main window"!

And I had been wondering about those off-liners waiting for me in the morning... especially the ones that went like - "How come u r online at this time?" To be honest, I had actually begun to think people around me were going mad... that they could see me online when both my computer and I were happily floating away in our respective "dreamlands"!

Huhhhh! How stupid really? Why give the setting if it doesn't work the way it says it does!

Sleepy Rambles...

Have been away from here for the last few days. Had another exam today. Was studying for it. Now it's done. Yes, I passed. My average is still hovering around 89%, but, the remaining 3 papers are going to be tough. So I think overall I just might be able to make it with a final score of 85+! Not that I care about it any more! I'm fed up! Have already given 13 exams since December! And there are 3 still left! Boring! Very boring!

And to top it all, I haven't stepped outside this silly little place for more than half-a-year now! Just 4 to 5 months in Patna, at a stretch, with no "out-of-town-holiday", is enough to get me all cranky! And it's been 7 months now this time around since I went anywhere! And well, I obviously can't "take a hike" in the middle of my exams, right! So I'm stuck here... till I give the last of my PGDBA papers on the 1st of June, and then the "BIG one" (the SCJP) on the 1st of July! That makes it 2 more months! Duhhhhhh!

Will definitely have to take a "breather" after that though! So where should I go this time? Hmmmm. Could go to Bangalore - Swati will be back from the US this month. That would be 56-60 hours journey by train, one-way! In this heat? Naah! Later. Where else? Not Guwahati again either... Chachi is supposed to come down here to help me with "the groom hunt"!

That leaves plain old Delhi... & my sister! I could go see the Akshardham temple finally! (Yeah, I still haven't been there!) Maybe even take my camera along this time... get them to shoot some decent pics of mine! I really do need some recent pictures for "the groom hunt"! But ever since my darling nephew has entered this world, my dad seems to have lost all interest in "clicking" me! Well... babies! Who ever could stand a chance against them!

Hmmmmm. Maybe I should just go take a nap first...

Kaddu on "the Leash"... again!

Remember I announced last month that I had converted from dog to human! Alas... good things last only so long! :(

Dad refuses to carry 2 cell phones! Sighhhhhhhhh! :-(

Btw... this marks "the 200th post" on my blog!

Blogging for Sanity!

I was cooking in the kitchen a little while ago, thinking about this post I read on a fellow Blogger's site - "Divine Therapy" (http://vedvyazz.blogspot.com/2009/05/divine-therapy.html). (If you'll spare a few minutes to check it out, you'll realize that it is indeed a thought-provoking post!) And the chain of thoughts started by that post eventually led me to wonder about why so many people have started blogging these days. And I felt I should write about it on my blog. But my original plan today had been to blog about why I use Google Reader! So I was like caught in a dilemma, you can say, between the 2 topics!

And then I finished my cooking and came back to my computer... and this is what I found sitting in my inbox! "Why YOU Should Start A Blog - The Top 10 Reasons And 26 More" (http://timscullin.com/blogs/why-you-should-start-a-blog-the-top-10-reasons-and-26-more)! Ha ha ha ha ha! Confusion cleared! "Why to blog" it is then for today! GReader can wait! :-D

Well... as the article above says... a large number of people DO blog today for selling some stuff, which is really cool I think, because it lets more of us explore the "entrepreneur" in us, with minimum cost of marketing & promotion. I mean, not many 20-year-olds could be seen supporting their own college education with an "e"-affiliate-business 10 years ago! (Oh alright then... "earning their own pocket money in college"! Does that sound more realistic then? :-p )

But that's not why the majority of us blog, is it? Blogging is not only an avenue of marketing today, it is also a means to fill the "void" that "lack of enough *quality time* with REAL friends" has created in our lives!

As Vyazz says above, earlier we had real flesh-and-blood friends & relatives to share our woes with, but, today everyone is busy chasing "greener pastures anew"... the "bigger and better" life! So we end up seeking "a listening ear" from shrinks... and we pay money to them so they might listen to us for an hour every week!

The alternate is "blogging". We don't need to pay any money here to have anyone listen to (or "read"!) our miseries & adventures! Instead, we just repay them in-kind by providing a listening ear to them in turn! We form our own little SHG ("Self Help Group" -- I came across this cool-sounding term while studying for my last exam!)... supporting/motivating each other... and learning from each others' experiences! Next best thing to having REAL friends, right? Definitely better than paying a "shrink"! :-D

So that makes it "Top 11 Reasons to Blog" now! LOL! No wonder I always refer to my computer as "My First Love"... because not only does it let me blog, it also teaches me, plays (Mahjongg) with me, is my Personal Assistant, and my source of all songs, movies, pictures, books & whatever else I might need at any point of time! I only wish it could also hug! Sighhhhhhhh!

Crystal Consistency!

This is totally amazing!

Long time back, I wrote a post here, on "The Color of My Aura". I had taken a test at this website, where I was supposed to answer a whole lot of questions, and finally it told me my aura was predominantly "Crystal" in color!

Almost 6 months later, I wrote another post - "The Odd One Out!" - which was again symbolic of relating me with a Crystal!

And finally, today, I took this short test on FaceBook - on "What Type of Soul I Have" - and the answer is, once again, "Crystalline"!

Here's what the FaceBook test says about me...

You have come out with the Crystalline answer for your soul. Crystalline beings are very reflective. They take a very long time to grow and change but when they do, you can't change them back... it is 'set in stone' so to speak. A crystalline person has an easier time giving than taking. When they do receive something, a debt is naturally implied in their minds whether or not it is expected. This is because of a deep sensitivity to people and objects. Crystalline folks are extremely absorbent of all kinds of energy. They would be wise to trust their instinct when it comes to people and objects in their lives. If it isn't for you, you know... neutralize, energize, and release. That is the natural flow for crystalline souls... you must learn about your natural abilities and use them for healing in your life.

All I can say is - the test sure is accurate!

Here's more in "Who-Am-I"!

Caught in the Tangle of Names!

As some of you are already aware, there is another "Kadambari", a.k.a. "Kaddu", in my immediate blogosphere vicinity! The other day, I posted a comment on her blog, and one of her readers got confused as to why she was commenting on her own post! He he he! :-D

So the other "Kadambari" suggested we both do an "introductory post" on each other, in our blogs... so that our readers know about the existence of our "name mate" and they don't get so bewildered next time they see us "commenting on our own post"! LOL!

Well... this one is for my blog readers....

"Kadambari Iyer" is the creator of "Spirals"... at "http://kaddu.blogspot.com". And this is what her blog looks like currently...

As a matter of fact, that's the URL I wanted for my blog initially, but Google told me it was already taken! You see, "Spirals" was born in February 2006, whereas "miss_teerious" breathed her first in December that year! :-D

Anyways, here's a tip for you guys to differentiate between the two of us -

Kadambari Iyer blogs and comments by her full first name, i.e. "Kadambari". However, I always go by my nickname "Kaddu". Hope that makes it easier for you guys to figure out who's commenting and who's replying! :-p