Social Phobia?

Remember the incident I posted about day before yesterday... about this kid who sent me an add request on Orkut with just a "Hiiii" to accompany it? Well, I was talking to an old friend the other day, and I told him about that incident and also about how I usually don't entertain any strange requests on the internet... and the usual "blah blah blah" that accompanies it!

After listening patiently to my "1000 words" or so, his response was a calm "Bullshit! You do this just because you are an introvert! You are scared of stepping out of your sweet little cocoon of selected few people who make you feel *safe*!"

I pointed out to him all the so many "strangers" whom I have interacted with over the internet, in the last few years. And he, equally easily, pointed back at me, as to how most of them were associated with Reiki!

I mentioned the others whom I have got to know through my blog, and he again, with perfect ease and not a moment's hesitation, retorted - "So they are associated with your blog! Give me the name of ONE person you have met online in the last 2 years, who is not associated with Reiki or your blog in any way, and is still your friend!"

"Huhhh! But don't you need to have common interests with the people you interact with?"

"So, who says only people who know Reiki or who blog can be interesting? I never read your blog, nor write my own, and neither am I into Reiki or any of your other alternative healing crap! Still we are such good friends! But that wouldn't have been possible if we'd met online first instead of real life, 'coz you would have never bothered to give me a chance!"

Hmmmm. He won the case... again! Most of his "insights about me" have been "dead-on-target" and I have come to realize that working upon his "feedback" has always helped me expand/stretch myself and become more open to what the Universe might have waiting for me!

So I decided to face my fears head-on once again, and promised myself that I will find at least one "friend", online, who is not associated with Reiki or my blog in any way! AND I did the "Shree Ganesh" of my efforts for achieving this by logging into yahoo's central chat yesterday! Yessssss! After almost 7 years I think! :-D

Was it fun? Ummm! To be honest... no! It wasn't... not yesterday at least! To be even more honest... I was completely freaking out! So I guess some part of me is scared!

Oh well then! I'll just have to use the "tried-and-tested" method to get over it... the same one that schools have been using for decades now to help the kids get over their fear of facing the boards in class 10th! ... Make them give so many exams in those 2 years that giving an exam becomes as normal as going for a stroll in the park! Keyword -- "practice"!

But I think next time I'll use my old yahoo id for the central chat, because I hardly ever use it now for chatting with my friends. So that way I'll be able to keep separate timings for chatting with my "friends" and the "strangers"! I mean come on folks, I have so many exams still lined up for the next 2 months... I can't possibly run this "experiment" 24 by 7, can I? Will have to work out a fresh time-table...

One "non-Reiki" and "non-blogging" FRIEND... let's see if I can achieve that on the internet... :-D

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Shobhit said...


Trying to think it over…. And I still quite cannot make out the connection between two friends and their mutual interests. Before reading your post, I always thought that two people had to have mutual interests to be friends.

But now when I think of it, wouldn’t it be kind of boring to talk about the same common things every time…. ? Yes, its possible that common interests get two people to become friends in the first place. But I don’t think that’s what keeps the friendship going.

Come to think of it,…. What percentage of your conversations with your friends are based on your ‘mutual interests’…. ? For me, that’s negligible if not nil ! You wouldn’t keep on discussing the same things for ever unless you are planning to do a thesis on it… and so is your friend !

I haven’t heard about any of our school friends practicing Reiki or writing a blog. But aren’t they all such special friends…. ? But we are talking about strangers here…. People you meet over the internet.

If you intend to meet new people and wish to study the psyche of strangers, then Yahoo Chat is a good place for the “experiment”. :-) But don’t start off with an objective to find a real ‘friend’. Because if you do, you’ll be completely freaking out as you did.

I say this, even though I owe finding a very very special person to Yahoo. But,… did I say anything about luck…. ;-)

Kaddu said...


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