From dog to human...

I have given up my cell phone.

I am now free from that "dog collar"... starting today!

Peace! At last!

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Abhiroop Banerjee said...

My phone was stolen on the 17th of March. I promptly dug out my old faithful 1100 as it was nigh unimaginable to be 'disconnected', to have nothing to fiddle with while talking, to not see messages waiting for me after a few hours of work.
Guess what. I haven'r reactivated my old SIM. I am mobile, I am connected but I no longer tethered constantly to the nearest cell tower.

When a pal asked what I am doing about The Cell, I said - "oh, enjoying the peace!"

Kaddu said...

Peace it is! :-D

Mahesh Nayak said...

Hi dude, so I dont think I can call you hereafter, right?
- Mahesh Nayak

Kaddu said...

Well there is always the "old is gold" BSNL landline! :-D
Will leave u an offliner with its number.

Shobhit said...

Congratulations… !

I wish I could be as lucky as you. No cellphone…

But it seems I’m stuck with it as for now. If it had been just the good old BSNL landline, I wouldn’t get called up once every few minutes from home if I was on my way to somewhere. Maybe Mom would be a lot more relaxed if I hadn’t a cellphone on me. Or would she… ??

And to think of the moments of immense anxiety your cellphone can provide… Like, you are out somewhere and suddenly… you realize that you feel just those few grams lighter… you put a hand on your right pocket… then on your left… then quickly on the pocket of your shirt… your heart sinking rapidly with each second… And then, you have a memory flash… that you left the stupid thing in the car….

And before, you didn’t have a friend leave the group in the middle of an absorbing discussion, only to attend to that ‘important’ call on his cellphone… Really takes the life out of the gathering… if you ask me.

The other day I was with my friend who is a resident at the GSVM hospital. He was busy tearing off his hair with one hand, and his eyes glued to his cellphone in his other hand. Obviously, expecting a call from a senior. I asked him to switch it off. Only to be informed that it’s a crime being a resident to be found with your cellphone switched off. And then, how we envied the residents who had lived their lives peacefully some ten years earlier…

And if just being a phone wasn’t enough, they’ve topped it with texting service, a radio, music player and even a camera… Wonder what’s going to come up next.

I still try to imagine how we managed so many years without a cellphone. And how peaceful life was back then.

More later. My cellphone is ringing…….

Kaddu said...

Ha ha ha! Ur cellphone is ringing!....

Abhiroop Banerjee said...

Nice one, Shobhit :)

Kaddu said...

Shobhit! I think YOU need to reply to the above comment instead of me! :-D

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