Fat "Monsters" ???

Why are there no “fat heroines” in Bollywood? How come there hasn’t been a single movie in Bollywood with a fat woman among the lead characters? Why is it that the fat actresses (or even actors) that you see in Hindi movies only get to play the side roles – a comedy side-line or the villain? You see them in all shapes and sizes (and colors) in Hollywood – playing some very important and strong characters in some really brilliant story-based movies! But how come we Indians only wish to see model-like figures always?

Being overweight is not good for anyone… for his/her OWN health. But how is that of any concern to the others around him/her? How does it pose a potential threat for them in any way? Does the extra fat make that person any less caring or loving? Does it make the fat people any less intelligent? Or sincere? Or honest? Or helpful? Or kind? Or witty and humorous? Or jovial? Or loyal?

Yes, a “fatso” doesn’t usually get pretty clothes her size in the shops, but again… is that her fault? Or does it reflect a deeper underlying mindset of the nation as a whole, that only slim people have the right to look beautiful? So they don’t make pretty clothes in XL or XXL or even larger!

They say that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Have we, as a nation, acquired such ugly eyes that we simply cannot see beauty in fat people?

The movies, the fashion industry and the media always reflect our own desires – they show us exactly what we want to see. (Obviously, if they didn’t do that, we just wouldn’t pay them for showing it to us, would we?) So does it mean then that we’ve become so averse to obesity that we are even ready to “go blind” on it? “If I can’t see it, then it doesn’t exist!” Is that the motto?

But what happens if you have a fat kid in your class in school? And you are forced to see him every day! Does he make you angry… over the daily reminder that the “perfectly beautiful” world you created in your mind was “not for real”?

My nephew is now almost 2.5 years old… and he cares a damn about how a person looks! All that matters to him is “how much the other person loves him”! And guess what! His criteria for judging the other person’s love is just so very simple!

If you watch him play, and smile at him, dropping a few encouraging words every now and then, ready to catch him if he’s about to fall off the edge of the dining table… he thinks you love him completely! And he’s got all that love back for you right then & there… regardless of whether you are fat or thin, or sexy or plain, or black or white, or covered in sweat or straight out of the salon…! And if you play ball with him or hide-n-seek (using the back of the chairs around the dining table for hiding!), or even simply blow soap-bubbles for him (the ones you see in fairs)… he thinks you are simply the best in the whole wide world… AND that you love him completely… AND it STILL makes no difference to him what you look like!

Why don’t we let our kids remain like that when they grow up – simple, uncomplicated, unconditional, and ACCEPTING? Why do we teach our kids to laugh at fat kids in their class? Make fun of them, not share their lunch with them, not be friends with them, not play with them?

Why do we start looking at the floor when a fat person starts enjoying a dance? Don’t fat people have the right to dance wild and free? And how is it any fault of the fat person, if the floor caves in? Shouldn’t they make the dance floors strong enough for fat people to dance too?

Why are we so prejudiced against fat people? They can’t wear pretty clothes! They can’t dance! They can’t have friends! Heck! They can’t even play on the swings in the school field!

What kind of education are we giving to our children? Why do we behave as if fat people are some kind of dangerously gigantic monsters? Or perhaps some court buffoons? What kind of example are we setting for our kids to follow? Why are we turning our healthy 2-year-olds into such sick adults?

You know what… this blog is all about perspective mainly (read the Disclaimer at the bottom). A “half-empty glass” is also a “half-full glass” at the same time. Just think… if being fat had been the “norm” of the nation… the idea that was conveyed by our fashion gurus and the media, and our movie stars… over the so many decades! If “fat is pretty” had been taught to us by our parents, and their parents, and their parents before them… and so on through the generations… then today you slim folks would have been on the receiving end of all the ridicule and the prejudice! You guys would have been the ones for whom dress designers didn’t make pretty clothes! You guys would have been the ones left out from the sports teams in school! Just think…

And btw, it is not necessary that ALL fat people can’t dance and ALL thin people can! And it is also not necessary that fat people cannot be good in sports & thin people can! AND it is DEFINITELY not true that fat people cannot be good in bed or make good husbands/wives! And if the Indian fashion industry wasn’t so prejudiced against them, fat people would also have plenty of options to dress pretty!

Get the right perspective about things in life! (Half a glass of water is just “half-a-glass-of-water”! It is neither “half-full” nor “half-empty”!) And let your kids grow into mature, unbiased and unprejudiced adults, with a correct perspective too! Our nation might have had a glorious past, but, with the kind of generations we are bringing up now, it doesn’t look like we’ll have a future to boast about too!

And yes, this post is going to sound like another “personal” pent-up release, but believe me… it is NOT that! It is a deliberate attempt to show you all that you have been successfully “shoving away under the couch” for so many years! If this post pinches you in anyway, then it means you need to take an appointment with a good eye-doctor ASAP, for your eyes are no more able to see the beauty that a 2-year-old can!

P.S. – This post is the cumulative voice of all those people who are or were fat at any point of time in this or any of their previous lives. And for any fat person reading this post… just remember – "Dogs are color-blind, but that doesn’t mean that the rainbow is not pretty!" (That was an original btw… and yes, you may quote me on that if you like!)

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Want to Add Something?

Punk Princess said...

I think this entire discrimination is part of how human beings tend to look at others.
Indeed the mindset of the society does matter. I read about certain segment of the populace , esp in africa, the thin girls are unable to find grooms for themselves, as there fat is the symbol of prosperity and health.

Even that prejudice is largely incorrect.

More than blaming anybody, let the fatsos stop berating themselves. If they can find themselves beautiful, love them selves truly, stop pitying themselves or judging themselves through the society's eyes, a lot for them would change too.

One of the changes would be admiration.

as you said very rightly, being fat doesn't make you any less of a human being! :)

Beautifully written post.

Kaddu said...

Thanks Princess! It's ur first visit here, isn't it? :) Appreciate ur taking the time out to leave a comment. And yes, you said so very rightly - we need to stop looking at ourselves, & the world at large, thru other ppl's eyes! We are perfect the way we are. Very beautiful message! Hope to c u arnd here again... :)

Sojo Varughese said...

Who takes Bollywood film makers seriously? If there is one film industry that has got all its priorities in the wrong places, it is Hindi Film Industry!

Kaddu said...

Ha ha ha! I wish some of our Bollywood film-makers could read this! ;)
Thanks for the visit btw!

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