One Rich Site !!!

A little while ago, I was randomly web surfing, and I saw this widget on someone's site, which gave the monetary worth of that site in $. It was just a little less than $3000 and I must say, I was pretty impressed by the figure. I decided to follow the link in that widget and see what they had to say about my blog's worth...

So the site opened up, I pasted my blog's URL in the box given, and clicked on the button next to that box... and after a few seconds wait, it returned a whole lot of figures and statistics... and it returned THIS...!!!

My site is worth $398,491,381 (From

Yes! $398,491,381! That is the amount it evaluated my blog to!

I almost fell off my chair in shock! My eyes wide open and my mouth stuck in a ":O" for what seemed like the longest minute of my life! (I wonder if there is a combined smiley for the 2 expressions mentioned above...??? Naah! I don't think there is one yet! @ Yahoo!: "Hello you guys! Are you reading this?")

I scrolled up & down the page, thinking there must be some mistake. I checked & re-checked the URL... even copy-pasted it again in that "box"! It gave the exact same results! Eventually, I just decided to copy the code for that widget and add it to my sidebar! You guys are now a member of an almost-400-million-dollar worth community on Blogger! Congratulations!

As for me, well... all I need now is "some multi-billionaire dude, landing on this blog somehow, noticing the little badge at the bottom of the sidebar, and contacting me to "talk business"! (Read: "purchase this site!") Ahhhh! I'll never need to work again in my entire life! At least in this lifetime!

So... any buyers out there? Hellooooooo? Mr. Gates? Mr. Buffet? Anyone listening? Helloooooooooooooooo !!!

Getting “Techie” With Blogging!

While promoting your blog is a pain in the ass, adding all these javascript gadgets & stuff in the sidebar is an equally big *head*ache! For me at least! But you guys know me – I never give up! So here’s a list of all my latest “blog-achievements”, as far as the functionality/layout aspects are concerned!

Prologue: When I started this blog, I knew nothing about blogging. I used to visit blog links given in people’s orkut profiles, and it used to say at the top - “Create Blog”. One fine day, I decided to click on it. Luckily, it just asked for my Google ID & password, which was fairly uncomplicated for a “first step”! So I moved on. Then followed the rest of the wizard and managed to successfully publish my very first post! My sidebar consisted of just the Archive, About Me, the little Blogger icon and a short list of the 5-6 blogs I knew of!

Layout: When I started this blog, it didn’t have this “Lighthouse” template. Instead, it had the “dark dots” one! After that, I changed to a couple of other layouts also. Finally, as my posts started become longer and longer, I couldn’t afford to waste the 1.5 inch column on either side of the blog. I realized that this “lighthouse” was the only template Google offered that allowed me to use the full screen width! And so the “lighthouse” it was for me! I’ve often thought of switching to a new template, now that so many non-Google blogger templates are also available on the net, but, they either don’t use the full space, or they are too flashy. My philosophy is: Do you want to highlight your painting, or the frame holding that painting?

Labels: At the time of birth of this blog, I had no concept of “labels”. I used to see the word mentioned here & there, but, I never figured out why anyone would want to “label” their posts. They weren’t school books! Or jars of spices in the kitchen! So I never used this feature. But by last year, I had over 100 posts, and I had begun to understand how labels helped people read posts related to a specific topic only. And I also realized how they helped “SEO” your blog. So I started going backwards through all my posts, adding labels to each one of them. When I had “labeled” more than 50% of my posts, I added the “Labels” widget in the sidebar & fiddled with settings to show the labels under each post.

While the widget in the sidebar showed up, the labels under each post wouldn’t, no matter what I did. I saw other blogs using the same template which were able to display labels beneath each post, but mine simply wouldn’t… and so I gave up on it last year! Eventually, couple of days ago, I created another blog with the same template, copied its un-tampered HTML code into Notepad, and then compared it line-by-line with the HTML code of this blog! Found out that the entire piece of code for this section was missing from my blog’s HTML! Copy-pasted it from the new blog… and it started working! I finally got labels under each individual post on this blog!

Tag Cloud: Well… once I had the labels showing up under each post, it was only logical to get that “Label” widget back in the sidebar, which I had deleted earlier! And then I found the code for this tag-cloud, with instructions for replacing the original “blogger code” with this one! Tried it… and this worked too! In fact, I also found the code for the “animated cloud” version and managed to get that working too, but it was slowing down my blog considerably. Also, it wasn’t working properly in Internet Explorer (I have IE 6)… so I switched back to this stationary cloud. Oh btw, I still had a lot of posts “unlabeled” at the time this “tag cloud” went up. Remember, I had only finished labeling over 50% of my posts when I realized they wouldn’t show up under the post anyway! So yesterday, I finished adding labels to the rest of those posts! Phewwww!

New “Subscribe” Buttons: Had been postponing this RSS thing for over a year now! Finally decided to attack it head-on & figure out what exactly did “Feed Burner” do! Then searched for some “uncommon” images for the button & finally settled with these 2 “Hum-Tum” cartoons – “Hum” for “Kaddu” and “Tum” for you readers obviously! Cool, right? :-D So now you can subscribe to my posts as well as the comments on them

“Recent Comments”: After the “tag cloud”, this one was fairly easy. Tweaked the code a bit to hide the date & time of comment, and set the “number of characters displayed” to 50 instead of 100. That’s all. Btw, I had to choose between “Recent Comments”, “Recent Posts” and “BlogRoll”, because I have very limited space on my blog for these widgets, with just 1 column to play around with. I figured “Recent Posts” would be redundant, as I already have an expanded Archive. And between BlogRoll & “Recent Comments”, I felt that people who took the time out to comment on my blog deserved this “place of honor” more! :-p

“Know More About Me”: Have also added some “static” links to the sidebar, relating to posts which give a new visitor an insight into this blog and its author. If it was a Wordpress blog, I would have achieved this by making different “tabs” on the top of the page. But since it is a Blogger blog... I decided to do it this way!

“My Web Presence”: I have also managed to add static links taking you directly to my FaceBook profile, Orkut profile, Twitter account, and some other blogging communities I’m a part of. You can “email me” directly from this section. You can also send me a message on yahoo messenger from this section!

“Share”: I found a new piece of code for letting your readers share your individual posts on social networking websites. The earlier button took you to a new page where you could select the platform where you wanted to share the post (FB, Digg, MySpace etc), but this one opens a popup menu as soon as you hover your mouse over this button, and you can select the site directly from that menu. One step less. Oh and I also edited the image on this button – didn’t like the dull orange “SHARE”, so changed it to a bright red “Share This”! Looks more cheerful, don’t you think? :-D

“Followers” Widget: Well, much as I tried to “procrastinate” on this one, my “name mate” (like there are soul mates, you know) made me figure it out! If not for her, I would have probably got this widget on my blog sometime next year – that’s what I’ve usually been doing… adding all these new *functionalities* to my blog at a lag of one year! But now that I have got it working, it has also solved the problem of “no space for BlogRoll”. People can see the blogs I read in my blogger profile. Btw, it doesn’t show all the blogs I read; I decided to retain all the Reiki related blogs in my Google Reader only.

So there… I think that covers it all. In the end, I would just like to thank all those techie guys who have made all these widgets for blogger and allowed us to use them freely in our blogs. And I also want to thank all my blogger friends who have helped me get the hang of blogging in the last 2.5 years! Please continue informing me about any new stuff, in case you see me getting "outdated" again! He he he! :-p

Co-incidence ???

Ha ha ha! Some timing for this Daily Horoscope... considering that today itself I joined the elite crowd of "Twitters"... and also took some concrete steps for enhancing my "web presence"... including the nomination for The "Blogitizer" Award [for which you can vote here btw -].

Anyways... I sure could do with a "loyal fan club"! :-p

Your horoscope for April 26, 2009

The world is wide open to you today, KS, so take advantage
of all the great things that it has to offer. Even though you may
not realize it, you have a loyal fan club developing in the wings.
The things you say and do have a strong impact on other people.
Today is a fantastic day to take charge and lead others who
seem to be floundering helplessly. Your grounded mind and
solid perspective will be an incredible asset in every situation.

Men and Dogs!

What makes men chase girls they have no intention of marrying?

The same urge that makes dogs chase cars they have no intention of driving!

LOL! Reminds me of this post I wrote long time back... "THE Game"!

I Changed My Mind...

... or maybe my "Hibernation" got over sooner this time! LOL!
But the sun is out of the clouds again!
And there is warmth and sunshine all over this "space" again!

Dad is coming back home tomorrow!
And I'm done with my "sixth-last" paper!
That makes it the 15th subject of the course!
And my average is still running 85-plus!
Super cool, huhhh! :-D

Going Underground Again!

Hi friends,

I am going off the net again for some time.

Take care & be happy!


Social Phobia?

Remember the incident I posted about day before yesterday... about this kid who sent me an add request on Orkut with just a "Hiiii" to accompany it? Well, I was talking to an old friend the other day, and I told him about that incident and also about how I usually don't entertain any strange requests on the internet... and the usual "blah blah blah" that accompanies it!

After listening patiently to my "1000 words" or so, his response was a calm "Bullshit! You do this just because you are an introvert! You are scared of stepping out of your sweet little cocoon of selected few people who make you feel *safe*!"

I pointed out to him all the so many "strangers" whom I have interacted with over the internet, in the last few years. And he, equally easily, pointed back at me, as to how most of them were associated with Reiki!

I mentioned the others whom I have got to know through my blog, and he again, with perfect ease and not a moment's hesitation, retorted - "So they are associated with your blog! Give me the name of ONE person you have met online in the last 2 years, who is not associated with Reiki or your blog in any way, and is still your friend!"

"Huhhh! But don't you need to have common interests with the people you interact with?"

"So, who says only people who know Reiki or who blog can be interesting? I never read your blog, nor write my own, and neither am I into Reiki or any of your other alternative healing crap! Still we are such good friends! But that wouldn't have been possible if we'd met online first instead of real life, 'coz you would have never bothered to give me a chance!"

Hmmmm. He won the case... again! Most of his "insights about me" have been "dead-on-target" and I have come to realize that working upon his "feedback" has always helped me expand/stretch myself and become more open to what the Universe might have waiting for me!

So I decided to face my fears head-on once again, and promised myself that I will find at least one "friend", online, who is not associated with Reiki or my blog in any way! AND I did the "Shree Ganesh" of my efforts for achieving this by logging into yahoo's central chat yesterday! Yessssss! After almost 7 years I think! :-D

Was it fun? Ummm! To be honest... no! It wasn't... not yesterday at least! To be even more honest... I was completely freaking out! So I guess some part of me is scared!

Oh well then! I'll just have to use the "tried-and-tested" method to get over it... the same one that schools have been using for decades now to help the kids get over their fear of facing the boards in class 10th! ... Make them give so many exams in those 2 years that giving an exam becomes as normal as going for a stroll in the park! Keyword -- "practice"!

But I think next time I'll use my old yahoo id for the central chat, because I hardly ever use it now for chatting with my friends. So that way I'll be able to keep separate timings for chatting with my "friends" and the "strangers"! I mean come on folks, I have so many exams still lined up for the next 2 months... I can't possibly run this "experiment" 24 by 7, can I? Will have to work out a fresh time-table...

One "non-Reiki" and "non-blogging" FRIEND... let's see if I can achieve that on the internet... :-D

My USP ???

This daily horoscope just landed in my inbox, and it says "You are coming across as strong-minded, but always entertaining in your way of expressing yourself."

And a couple of days ago, I received a testimonial on Orkut, which says that I "rant without whining!"

Hmmmm! Some coincidence! Guess this might be true after all! :-D I should learn to cash in on this!

Just imagine... me, in a fight with someone because of my "strong mindedness" (or make that "mule headedness" if you must!)... when suddenly I start "expressing" myself... in an "entertaining" way, as the horoscope says!

The person with whom I was fighting will be so amazed (and confused too perhaps) at the unexpected "entertainment" being thrown at him (in the middle of a fight!) that he'll simply forget his lines in the fight, and end up looking at me with his mouth wide open, and eyes filled with wonder! ("Wow! You are smart! Where did you get that bit from?")

Is it possible to admire and be-angry-at someone at the same time? AND, is it possible to blush-under-someone's-compliment and fight with them at the same time? I don't think so! :-D


Yesterday I received an "add request" on Orkut from some strange kid in Patna. The message accompanying the add request was a simple “Hiiiii”! I looked into his profile – we have no common friends, no common communities either! (Actually, the latter isn’t even possible, ‘coz I’m only subscribed to one community on Orkut now, and that’s my old school batch!)

Anyways, this guy sends me a “Hiiii” and expects me to add him as a friend… just because he happens to be from Patna?!? As a matter of fact, I have specifically mentioned in my “About Me” section that I don’t go around adding strangers to my friend list! Yet, he sends me an add request… which means that he has either not bothered to read what I’ve written or chosen to deliberately ignore my request! Would anyone want to have such a “friend” who doesn’t even listen to them… forget about respecting their wishes?

And, on top of it, all he has to say to me is a “Hiiii”! Let us assume for a moment that I DO add him in my friend list… after that what? We just sit there in each other’s friend-lists and stare at the blue background? I mean don’t people need to have something to talk about with their “friends”! (Unless, of course, they have become such good friends over time that even silence can communicate!)

Or maybe it’s just some sort of number game for them! (“I have 283 friends in my list!” “Is that so? Well, I have 301! Beat that!”) Weird really! I can’t figure out whether to be irritated at such people or amused by them!

It’s not that I’m closed to making new friends or that I have something against “virtual friends” (or make that “pen friends” if you will)! Most of my regular blog readers are people whom I have never met in real life! Some of my very good Reiki friends are people whom I’ve never met in person till now! Despite that, I’m living peacefully and happily with all of them in the same web-sphere!

So the problem is not with meeting “strangers” online… it is about not being able to find a familiar cord with some of them! (And no… just being from the same town is not “familiar” enough for me to befriend someone!) :-D

Ha ha! Poor kid! Maybe if he had spent a little time reading my profile and finding out what I like to do, he could have come up with a better way of initiating a conversation with me than the dead-end “Hiiii”… and then maybe after exchanging a few intellectually stimulating messages, I might have felt he deserved a place in my friend list!

But this… outright “order” to be allowed to enter into a girl’s private life, her “inner circle” of friends and family… without any preliminaries… and without giving her “the space to walk away” if she so chooses… is so “15th century-ish”! It’s like taking her for granted! It’s almost like saying… “You should consider yourself lucky, you woman, that I, a man, am giving you a place at my feet!” (Ewwww! Gross!)

Oh well! I suppose the kid will learn… in time! They all do! But I hope the next “add request from a stranger” comes from someone who can do better than that “Hiiiii”! I mean come on yaar… a girl with sooooooooo many words… and all you can give her is a measly “Hiiii”? Duhhhh! That’s simply not done now, is it?

Random “Time Pass”

Gave another exam in fever and severe allergic infection! Managed to drag my ass up to the exam center somehow! Managed to clear the exam somehow! Now only 6 more left… will be done with them all in another one and a half months!

Papa is leaving for Delhi this Friday evening (that’s day after tomorrow)… to spend a few days with sis. Needless to say, I will be thoroughly enjoying the break here! :-D

Oh and I finally found a good gardener in the neighborhood… and I finally got myself some more potted plants… including a few flowering ones! :-D I love plants!

And there’s so much more to tell you about… but, my mind is a little fuzzy… so I’ve lost track of it all now! I guess I’ll catch up later…

Best Out Of Waste...

Another thought provoking forward...
(Click on the image to open it in full-size)

Why America's Economy Fell Off The Cliff!

Another forward... light reading... interesting perspective! Enjoyyyy! :-D

John Smith started the day early
having set his alarm clock
for 6 am.

While his coffeepot
was perking,

he shaved with his electric razor

He put on a dress shirt

designer jeans

and tennis shoes

After cooking his breakfast
in his new electric skillet

he sat down with his calculator
to see how much he could spend today.

After setting his watch

to the radio

he got in his car

filled it with GAS

and continued his search
for a good paying AMERICAN JOB.

At the end of yet another
discouraging and fruitless day,

checking his Computer
(made in MALAYSIA),
John decided to relax for a while.

He put on his sandals

poured himself a glass of wine

and turned on his TV

and then wondered why he couldn't
find a good paying job


From dog to human...

I have given up my cell phone.

I am now free from that "dog collar"... starting today!

Peace! At last!

Fat Vs. Fit

On second thoughts, it looks like there could be some really perfect logic and sense behind the seemingly "mysterious events and happenings" of this world... as my blog's tagline says!

Yesterday, I posted about obesity and the prevailing prejudice against fat people. And look what I found in my inbox today!

"Obesity keeps corporate women away from top positions"

This article discloses the results of some research findings apparently, and tells us that "between 45 percent and 61 percent of top male CEOs are overweight, which is higher than the US average of 41 percent in similarly aged men", however, "only five to 22 percent of top female CEOs were overweight, compared with the US average of 29 percent among similarly aged women"! In other words, these findings point to a very visible "weight discrimination" (combined with sexual discrimination of course!) being practiced at the top levels of the global corporate sector!

Do I agree with that analysis? Not really. I think it's more of "plain and simple common sense" rather than any discrimination, as they say!

Obesity is a disease (just like the FLU if you will!)... it is an indication that something is not quite right in the "internal world" of that person. And you obviously don't want sick people heading large corporations! A CEO is responsible for so many people under him/her, hence it is a must requisite for him/her to be physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy.

This is not an issue of "discrimination", but of the basic law of nature that "fittest shall survive"! And let us NOT make an issue out of this either. Fat people, as a rule, WILL have a markedly lower EQ level than their "fit" counterparts! And at the top of the corporate hierarchy, you definitely want someone who is emotionally secure, AND who can also handle the emotional insecurities of his/her subordinates!

If you must have something to make an issue about, then do so about the fat kids, who are still in junior school, for that's the period of their lives where they need the maximum positive and loving environment in order to grow into emotionally mature adults. That's the age where they must be made to feel completely accepted and approved of.

Of course, some people become fat at a later point of time in their lives, but that's also because of some or the other insecurity/fear that creeps into their lives without warning... maybe the sudden death of someone close, a sudden and unexpected (probably traumatic) relocation, feeling threatened at the workplace maybe, or... most common... pregnant women who fear they don't look pretty anymore!

Yes, it is their OWN weakness! THEY are the ones who have some screwed up internal circuitry that they need external reassurances of being worthy of occupying space in this world! But then we can either chose to make life more miserable for them, or we can give them the assurance they seek, so that eventually they'll just get healed out of this pattern!

But stirring up an issue like the one that article is trying to create, based on some pathetic research findings on a limited sample data, THAT is definitely NOT going to make fat people feel ACCEPTED! On the contrary, it's going to make them feel the complete opposite! Duhhh! So much for modern advancements and technological developments, we seem to be completely losing out on common sense these days!

Weird people! Funny society!

Fat "Monsters" ???

Why are there no “fat heroines” in Bollywood? How come there hasn’t been a single movie in Bollywood with a fat woman among the lead characters? Why is it that the fat actresses (or even actors) that you see in Hindi movies only get to play the side roles – a comedy side-line or the villain? You see them in all shapes and sizes (and colors) in Hollywood – playing some very important and strong characters in some really brilliant story-based movies! But how come we Indians only wish to see model-like figures always?

Being overweight is not good for anyone… for his/her OWN health. But how is that of any concern to the others around him/her? How does it pose a potential threat for them in any way? Does the extra fat make that person any less caring or loving? Does it make the fat people any less intelligent? Or sincere? Or honest? Or helpful? Or kind? Or witty and humorous? Or jovial? Or loyal?

Yes, a “fatso” doesn’t usually get pretty clothes her size in the shops, but again… is that her fault? Or does it reflect a deeper underlying mindset of the nation as a whole, that only slim people have the right to look beautiful? So they don’t make pretty clothes in XL or XXL or even larger!

They say that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Have we, as a nation, acquired such ugly eyes that we simply cannot see beauty in fat people?

The movies, the fashion industry and the media always reflect our own desires – they show us exactly what we want to see. (Obviously, if they didn’t do that, we just wouldn’t pay them for showing it to us, would we?) So does it mean then that we’ve become so averse to obesity that we are even ready to “go blind” on it? “If I can’t see it, then it doesn’t exist!” Is that the motto?

But what happens if you have a fat kid in your class in school? And you are forced to see him every day! Does he make you angry… over the daily reminder that the “perfectly beautiful” world you created in your mind was “not for real”?

My nephew is now almost 2.5 years old… and he cares a damn about how a person looks! All that matters to him is “how much the other person loves him”! And guess what! His criteria for judging the other person’s love is just so very simple!

If you watch him play, and smile at him, dropping a few encouraging words every now and then, ready to catch him if he’s about to fall off the edge of the dining table… he thinks you love him completely! And he’s got all that love back for you right then & there… regardless of whether you are fat or thin, or sexy or plain, or black or white, or covered in sweat or straight out of the salon…! And if you play ball with him or hide-n-seek (using the back of the chairs around the dining table for hiding!), or even simply blow soap-bubbles for him (the ones you see in fairs)… he thinks you are simply the best in the whole wide world… AND that you love him completely… AND it STILL makes no difference to him what you look like!

Why don’t we let our kids remain like that when they grow up – simple, uncomplicated, unconditional, and ACCEPTING? Why do we teach our kids to laugh at fat kids in their class? Make fun of them, not share their lunch with them, not be friends with them, not play with them?

Why do we start looking at the floor when a fat person starts enjoying a dance? Don’t fat people have the right to dance wild and free? And how is it any fault of the fat person, if the floor caves in? Shouldn’t they make the dance floors strong enough for fat people to dance too?

Why are we so prejudiced against fat people? They can’t wear pretty clothes! They can’t dance! They can’t have friends! Heck! They can’t even play on the swings in the school field!

What kind of education are we giving to our children? Why do we behave as if fat people are some kind of dangerously gigantic monsters? Or perhaps some court buffoons? What kind of example are we setting for our kids to follow? Why are we turning our healthy 2-year-olds into such sick adults?

You know what… this blog is all about perspective mainly (read the Disclaimer at the bottom). A “half-empty glass” is also a “half-full glass” at the same time. Just think… if being fat had been the “norm” of the nation… the idea that was conveyed by our fashion gurus and the media, and our movie stars… over the so many decades! If “fat is pretty” had been taught to us by our parents, and their parents, and their parents before them… and so on through the generations… then today you slim folks would have been on the receiving end of all the ridicule and the prejudice! You guys would have been the ones for whom dress designers didn’t make pretty clothes! You guys would have been the ones left out from the sports teams in school! Just think…

And btw, it is not necessary that ALL fat people can’t dance and ALL thin people can! And it is also not necessary that fat people cannot be good in sports & thin people can! AND it is DEFINITELY not true that fat people cannot be good in bed or make good husbands/wives! And if the Indian fashion industry wasn’t so prejudiced against them, fat people would also have plenty of options to dress pretty!

Get the right perspective about things in life! (Half a glass of water is just “half-a-glass-of-water”! It is neither “half-full” nor “half-empty”!) And let your kids grow into mature, unbiased and unprejudiced adults, with a correct perspective too! Our nation might have had a glorious past, but, with the kind of generations we are bringing up now, it doesn’t look like we’ll have a future to boast about too!

And yes, this post is going to sound like another “personal” pent-up release, but believe me… it is NOT that! It is a deliberate attempt to show you all that you have been successfully “shoving away under the couch” for so many years! If this post pinches you in anyway, then it means you need to take an appointment with a good eye-doctor ASAP, for your eyes are no more able to see the beauty that a 2-year-old can!

P.S. – This post is the cumulative voice of all those people who are or were fat at any point of time in this or any of their previous lives. And for any fat person reading this post… just remember – "Dogs are color-blind, but that doesn’t mean that the rainbow is not pretty!" (That was an original btw… and yes, you may quote me on that if you like!)