There's Something About The Way You "Smile" Tonight...

We used to do this psychology test back in school... and one of the questions in that test was - "Which is your favorite animal and give 3 reasons why?"

My answer was "An elephant"... and one of the 3 reasons why I liked elephants was that "they have such a cute and adorable smile"!

My friends found this really funny! They used to ask me how did I know whether the elephant's smile was "cute and adorable" or not... and that when did I actually get to see an elephant SMILING!

I had no answer to that! Nobody believed that elephants smiled! But I could clearly visualize in my mind the picture of a smiling elephant! My parents said they'd never ever taken me to visit a "smiling elephant" either... in all my life! Anyways...

Today, this picture came up in my webshots screensaver software...

See... it's a baby elephant... and if THAT ain't a SMILE on his muddy, wrinkly, gray face... I'll change my name to "KKadambari"!

He he he! He's so cute, isn't he? :-D I just love baby elephants! There were 3 of them in Hatari! Funny creatures! He he he! Always make me laugh! He he he! :-D

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Want to Add Something?

Shreesh said...

lord ganesha smiles yaar ..yaad nahi aay akya us time pe..yes babay elephant simles..i loved the pic in this one ..babies always smile more than adults..i wonder why matter why ..we just love their smiles

Kaddu said...

I fall in love with people as soon as they smile! :-p
Genuine but! I can make out when it's a fake smile... or a "plastered" one, as they say!

Abhiroop Banerjee said...

OF COURSE ANIMALS SMILE!! they're all very expressive and a little bit of genuine observation [and a love for animals] will tell you what they're thinking. I hate people who can't understand the fact that animals have feelings which arent that different from ours. but there I go ranting again!
Seriously, even grown up elephants smile! Dolphins? They're always smiling. Happy dogs...even birds....

Kaddu said...

@ Abhiroop: U know... I haven't yet seen a bird smiling! I mean I can make out whether its a "happy" bird or not, but haven't seen their smile yet! Gonna pay more attention & see if I can catch one smiling! ;-)

Abhiroop Banerjee said...

kaddu ji, yeh dekhiye :)

Kaddu said...

Ha ha ha! Gud pic! Yupp... that looks like a smile for sure! :-)

You pretty comfy with html tags, it seems?

Kaddu said...

And... don't u let people read YOUR blog too?

Mahesh Nayak said...

Hi kaddu, I read your post and was reading shreesh's comment and it made me think. Babies smile more than adults. Why? Babies are innocence personified - they reflect God's love. Besides they dont have neither worries nor responsibilities. I think as people grow up and have more responsibilities and worries the smile is gone.

Kaddu said...

Yupp -- no worries, no responsibilities! And... they're always made to feel they're the centre of Universe by everyone around them!

If a baby looks at us, we just smile... with total adoration in our eyes. And who wouldn't smile back at such unconditional love being sent their way! I sure would... even as an adult! :P :D

Abhiroop Banerjee said...

IT mein life kat rahi hai, do char tags aa gaye hain!
[there's some false sugar coated modesty for you :D]

I dont have a blog! "Soul Sibs" is a little family diary that I co-write with my lil sister, who is away from India at this point. Just some daily mundane stuff like what we had for breakfast! :)

I couldnt agree more with Mahesh. Its their pure innocence that makes babies so endearing [much like animals!].

PS: I like babies, but I'm pretty sure I will never have one. Biggest pain in the rear. Willingly ruining your life. No disrespect meant to all the wonderful people who are raising kids.

Kaddu said...

@ "I don't have a blog!"
Not fair! :( Not fair at all!

I decided to get married only so I can have my own baby! :p They're amazing creatures... they really are!

They care a damn about you and your schedule! They have to go potty exactly when you sit down to have your lunch! And if they wanna play "hide n seek" with you, they couldn't care less about whether your favorite 20-20 teams were playing live on TV! If they don't like you, they simply ignore you -- don't care a damn about the rest of the world either! If they want something, they'll get it -- by hook or by crook! And when they see you've figured out their shrewdness, they'll give you the most heart-melting smile that you'd have ever seen!

When you come home from work, they'll treat you like you were the most important person in their life! They'll bring your slippers, they'll snuggle up cozily in your lap, let you smell their "Johnson n Johnson baby soap" smell... & make all kindsa funny faces at you... encouraging you to do the same too!

You'll find yourself smiling as much as they do, for no reason at all!... and making equally funny faces... & doing the baby talk like them... not caring a damn about how you look! Completely free from the worries of "what the world thinks of you"! Babies set you completely FREE!

Abhiroop Banerjee said...

awwww you old softy!

I don't hate babies. I've often found myself having a good time with the little clowns too :)

Kaddu said...

@AB: He he! Clowns for sure! Btw, once upon a time (not so long ago!), I also used to consider children as self-inflicted torture! :-p You might want to check out my 3rd post on this blog... in Dec '06. I would have linked to it right from this comment, but, unfortunately, I'm not so comfy with the tags! :-p

yetanotherblogger said...

i travel a lot & i always seem to end up next to a crying baby in a train or a flight, man those little buggers annoy me. a baby (like my gf) is cute only when their lips are touching each other

Kaddu said...

:-/ Oh but they will need to part their lips to laugh too, won't they? U wudnt like them to laugh?

A baby like ur gf! :-D He he! I wud break off with my bf if he ever called me "baby" in front of his friends!

I wonder what's with guys referring to fully grown up women as "babies"! Was hvng the same discussion with someone earlier today on chat!

Huhhh! Funny creatures... men!

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