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Today my aunt called after a long long time! The same one I wrote about earlier on this blog – my mom’s younger sister in Kanpur. I think I spoke to her after like 4 months today – she had been keeping her cell phone switched off constantly since I went to Delhi last summer. I managed to get hold of her once, sometime towards the end of November last year, but then she disappeared again after that!

She told me today that her phone had conked out on her and that she had to get a new phone eventually. She sounded pretty normal on the phone – was relaxed and in a sort of humorous mood! Even suggested I should “try my hand at marriage now”… which was a complete surprise coming from her, ‘coz she has been so anti-marriage throughout the last 2 years I’ve been interacting with her!

Anyways, I told her that I had already started the groom hunt on various matrimonial sites. And then she told me that my uncle (her husband) had “asked her out” several times in the last few months. (The 2 of them have been staying separately for the last so many years now, ‘coz of her illness!)

She said she hasn’t yet gone out with him. Like I mentioned in my previous post, she has stepped out of her house like maybe 4 times in the last 4 years! So she wasn’t able to gather enough courage to go out till now! But she said she’ll agree next time he asks! Sounded all excited about it! I’ll bet she’s wondering about what to wear! :-D

It felt good talking to her again. And it felt even better to find out that her personal life is also improving now along with her health! She’s my mom’s real sister… and well, I know it sounds a bit silly and all that, but she kind of feels like the last remaining link to my mom’s spirit! I mean, she’s always loved us the same – my sis & me that is – as if we were her own children! She was the only “family” who was there for us when mom died. She’s the one who taught me how to cook and stuff!

In fact, a few weeks ago, I was talking to my Dad and was telling him about the kind of wedding I wanted. I told him I didn’t want a big wedding with loads of relatives and all that – just some signatures in the local registrar’s office would do, followed by the traditional “feras” in a temple maybe… and I told him I wished Mausi (the same Aunt) would be well enough by then to come for my wedding and do the “kanyadaan”! Frankly speaking, I simply CANNOT imagine anyone else taking my mom’s place in the so many wedding-related-rituals that the bride’s mom is supposed to perform!

Anyways… all that is still a distant dream! Let’s hope she’s able to go out with uncle this time around… and that they have a good time together… again, after so many years!

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I for an Eye said...

Fingers crossed Kaddu...I hope she gets well soon...completely... and experience the happiness of a loving life which must be waiting for her...

Kaddu said...

Oh yeah... I think things are changing for her now... :-D
... slowly, but surely!

She used to be a very "naughty" kinda person... and it looks like she's becoming her old self once again! He he... :D

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