Back… with a BANG!

Ok fellas! So I’m back on Orkut! For the fourth time! :-D Can’t say for how long though! Ha ha ha! But it sure looks different now… with all those "horrible-to-the-eye" themes!

It feels different too this time… feels much safer! No one but my “friends” can see my contact info or my scrapbook. No one but my “friends” can leave scraps for me in fact! And same with the photos I add in my album… not that I have added any yet! I’m happy with this straw pumpkin as my “DP”… even if it is blonde! [ROTFL] And for those of you who don’t know what “DP” stands for… it means “Display Picture”! :-D

One of my school friends’ scrapped me saying it was good to see me there & that it seemed to him that I was more active on Facebook… if you call playing Biggest Brain, PuzzleBee & KickAss being active! Anyway, I told him that Orkut and I were like 2 people in a bad relationship… can’t live with each other, can’t live without too! :-D He he… and so we keep “breaking off” every few months! :-p

Let’s see how long we can make it through this time around! The enhanced security features should be able to give me the space I need. Besides, unlike my previous stints with this platform, this time I have decided to be very selective about my “company”… and not go about subscribing to tens of different communities and adding friends left & right!

Only the most privileged people are getting entry into my “friend list” this time, which, btw, includes all my school friends by default, ‘coz they will always have a special place in my heart… even if I’m meeting them for the first time after like 13 years now! It’s amazing how you always feel so close to your childhood buddies! Even if you have nothing common to talk about after so many years, the bond is still there! Funny really!

Anyways, I found a workaround for those awful themes too – it gives an option under the settings to “disable themes” completely. So I can view all Orkut profiles in the classic, “friendly-to-the-eyes” blue theme now. Blue, btw, is also my favorite color! :-D

Oh and you want to know what my friend replied to that relationship thing mentioned above? He said that relationships aren’t bad… only the times are! :-D Pretty philosophical, eh! :-D

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Abhiroop Banerjee said...

It feels nice and fresh to make a new beginning, doesn't it?

Welcome back. Stick around :)

I recently had a bit of a reinvention as well...deleted a hundred and twenty 'friends'....!

Kaddu said...

It sure does! Thanks for the warm welcome btw! :-D

A hundred and twenty? :-O Boy! What were u planning to do with them... raise ur own army (like the "Dumbledore's Army" in HP)???

Another question... how many are left now? :-D

Shobhit said...

I never read any blogs. I guess this is the first one for me as it is written by one of my school friends.

Yes.... The same goes for me. The only elite ones to be in my "Friends List" are my school friends. As you said, "coz they will always have a special place in my heart…"

Keep going Kadambari. Hope to hear much more on your blog. :-)

Kaddu said...

Hey Shobhit! Thanks for dropping by! :-D
Hardly any of our batchmates visit my blog... & even fewer leave any comments! So it's really good to c u here! Hope u become a regular! :-D

yetanotherblogger said...

hey kaddu... i have nothing to say except i didn't see the google option so couldn't comment earlier.
nice blog by the way , will try to visit regularly CYa

Kaddu said...

@ Akki:
sighhhhhh! I wonder why God made men!

:-D :-p Well at least they don't need to send u to a Museum now! Ha ha ha! :-) ;-)

yetanotherblogger said...

god made us so that cheeky little girls (with vegetable names ) could make fun of us :-(

Kaddu said...

Ha ha ha! U r still as much of a flirt as u were back in school! :-D I guess it's coz of ur birthday... I hv met quite a few 27ers by now who share the same traits when it comes to girls! ;-) Lage raho!

navadeep said...

wow...singhania....nevr knew u had dat power surname...actually nevr came across singhaniaS, kapoorS and malhotraS...hehe

Kaddu said...


Arre! From where did u dig up such an old post?
Power in my surname, power in my voice, and power in my words! Powerful woman! LOL! :p

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